Animal rights group? More like animal abuse group.
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I'd no sooner donate money to Trump's campaign than to donate to these lying, hypocritically abusive fuckers. Trump's a spoiled blowhard racist, sexist, homophobic idiot, but at least he's never actually murdered healthy animals.

I will never support a group that kills perfectly healthy animals as a "necessary evil," within minutes of getting their hands on them. I will gladly tell them outright to go fuck themselves if they ever appear on my doorstep. They're nothing more than a slaughterhouse masquerading as an "animal rights group."

For fuck's sake, their own founder even admitted on a postcard that they don't advocate a "right to life" for animals. And they once stole a dog off a front porch, euthanized it, and sent a "sorry" basket to the family. Their excuse? They "mistook" it for a stray dog because they were apparently hunting down stray dogs in the neighborhood.
...If you truly thought the dog didn't belong to anyone, then why did you send a family a condolence basket?

Oh, and to pour salt onto their wound? PETA gets off with that incident...with just a fucking $500 fine.
Of course, they fired the employee responsible for the theft, but they still got off too easily.

Their other atrocities:

Other sources:


"People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," my fucking ass...They should change that to People Euthanizing Treatable Animals.

They're the animal activist equivalent of the WBC. I mean, really...dressing in KKK robes?! :stare: The only people who do that are the KKK themselves...or anyone else who's just as inhumane and mentally deranged.

I will celebrate the day these fuckers are shut down and/or officially blacklisted worldwide as an animal cruelty group. Because I wouldn't want them within 500 yards of my dog.

If you're a vegan or a vegetarian, fine. I don't give a fuck. Just don't ever fucking try to convince me that PETA saves animals. Liberating perfectly healthy animals by killing them as a "necessary evil" is not saving them.
Fuck PETA. I hope they all get painfully explosive diarrhea so bad that they can't go out and kill healthy animals. :stare:

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