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Welcome to World-Deviants. A group dedicated to Deviants from all over the globe. We're here to help artists showcase their art to the DeviantART community and to support them.

Anyone can join, doesn't matter about your skill or what type of art media you practice, we accept it all!

8 deviations per day!

Very rarely declined

Anyone can join

The rules here are pretty simple:
:bulletred: No submissions with large amounts of nudity - *mature content filter required*

:bulletgreen: No excessive amounts of gore.

:bulletgreen: Members can also submit proposed art to favourites. - Cannot be your own art.

:bulletred: Please only submit your best works to the featured folder.

Other than that anything and everything is accepted.

As the group grows rules may change and/or new rules may be enforced.
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Gallery Folders

Golden Jaws by MorkelErasmus
No Man's Sky - Beyond#3 by Minaem1
the heart in Lindos town by ele93
Featured art
Feather Helm by Vanleith
Calm yet relentless by Benniinator
Looking Up by littlemangademon
Death Kingdom by AlMaNeGrA
Digital Art 16
Spider Gwen x Mary Jane by Flowerxl
Felicia Pinup by WillowValens
bear by Ururuty
Untitled by LENCHIK1978
Featured II
Andrea -KGB- Lee / ICONS by micku-kun

Mature Content

Elastic Hearts / Coloring PSD by micku-kun
(Kaitlyn) - Celestial Body by micku-kun
BAT by Inprismed
Digital Fanart 9
Bella Swan Redraw 2020 by makaomi
Six Fanarts #5: Diana Ross by Cra-ZShaker
The Truth Bearers by Galder
Overwatch Mei Bunny by Flow4Master
Digital landscapes
Naeyla [C] by SUOMAR
Fresh Air [COMMISSION] by Surover
Stardust by Hel1x
Garden of serenity (Unfinished) by PatriciaArtflow
Traditional 12
[Owed] Imperium 3/3 by VileKeyKeeper
The hill house by untuox
Sarah Pirate Of the Seas by JUMBOLA

Mature Content

Johanna the 'Pear Shaped' by MrSmuttyDoodles
Traditional Fanart 5
[OPEN-Auction] Sci-fi girl by CreativeCookie777
Dolly Fox by MarcoM-art
Jeff Buckley  by bizdikbirt
Cloud Strife by Jade-Viper
Traditional landscapes
Red tree by Brysiaa
Hollow [Speedpaint!] by NightyART
Abandoned House by a Highway by JoshByer
watercolor sketch by SaintBee
Photography 10
312 - Solitude by CarlaSophia
Clouds - bw by NunoPires
Adela reaumurella by sumie--dh
Saint Nikolaos 7 by BillyNikoll
Photomanipulation 2
Don't kill my vibe by Irishmellow
Literature 3
The Voice - Prologue
Prologue“Dom, where are we going?” She giggled.“Well, just be patient and you’ll see.” I say as I cover her eyes while leading her through the forest.I was going to my girlfriend, Scarlette, today. We’ve been together for a solid 3 years and I felt like, maybe, it was time to tie the knot. I had one hand over her gorgeous, pale blue eyes, and an arm wrapped around her petite figure. Just to make it easier to lead her through the beautiful forest we were walking through. We are both nature freaks, so I wanted to pop the question in a special place. So a week ago, I just aimlessly walked through the forest in hopes of finding a magical area. And, I had found one. One that literally looked like it had jumped out of a fantasy novel. It had a small waterfall that fell into one of the bluest ponds I’ve ever seen. Surrounded by the greenest grass and the brightest colored flowers and mushrooms. At night the fireflies fly through the area, like they knew it made the area look just that much more magical. I just knew Scar would absolutely love the area, so untouched by humans. It almost seemed like it had protection over the area, and it had let me into it. “We are almost there Scar.” I mumbled into her ear.“I hope so, we’ve been walking for so long.”I knelt down and rested my chin on her head full of long black hair while I carefully helped her over a fallen tree. A smile broke into my face at hearing the water flowing. “Do you hear that?” I asked as she made sure to keep her hands on my arm.“Oh Dominik I do. Now what do you have planned you naughty boy?” She questioned curiously.“Naughty? I’m the naughty one? Ha, you must be mistaken. Just be patient hun.”She gave a light slap on my arm at that, but stayed silent as I led her on. Right then we broke through the barrier of the trees, and I gave her waist one last squeeze before I let her go. Immediately a gasp filled the air as her eyes widen in amazement. “Wha-.....what is this place Dom?”“I want this to be our new special place. I went wandering through this forest last week in hopes of finding something like this.” I explained.“This place is beautiful straight out of a fairy tail.”“I know.” I stared at her fascinated face knowing all the love I have for her is showing on my face. I knelt down on one knee beside her, grabbing her hand to get her attention back on me.“Wha...?”“Will you marry me Scarlette?” I simply asked. She gasped again as her eyes widen. “YES! I’ve been waiting so long for you to pop the question. I was starting to wonder if you didn’t want to do it.”With a huge smile on my face I gently slipped the ring on her finger. “I’m the kind of guy who wants to learn everything about his lover before giving the ring. I wanted to make 100% sure this was gonna work out.” I stood back up and gave her a huge kiss to seal the deal.
“Oh I can’t believe this is happening!”Oh I can’t believe it either my little Dominik...“Hello?” I asked confused.
“Dom? Everything ok?” Confusion slid into her face.“Did you hear someone say something?” I looked around.
“No...there’s nobody else here Dom. I think your mind is just playing tricks on you from all the excitement.”“’re right. Come on, I got a little picnic planned.” I decided to ignore it for now and lead her deeper into the clearing where I had set everything up. But I swear i someone....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brand new story! I think I got a really strong start going here, I’m really liking so far. Hope you guys like it and I hope I can stick with it....
Spanish literature
RED by omarhassan913
Portuguese Literature
Quarentenas - Carona by TioKlippel
Manga and Comics 3
Unknown/ For adoption by PuddleBuddy
Manga and Comics 2
COMM MHA Style: Indigo Stardrop+Purple Poltergei by NinaLife31
Ami - Weiss and Blake by CherryInTheSun
Food and drink
Camilla by DelTerris
Miku pom! (F2U) by Bai-Jiu
Craft 2
Heart by themindisright
Summer in the village by CaanDrawing
Other 6
Jessica opens the parade by ChrisEvg
Digital Art 18
On burdock leaves by VivisArt
Cosplay 2
Commission - Vagril by point-maitimo
Traditional 13

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