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Swing Cat - Jazz Dance

By workshop
So I managed to draw a character for RL friend that I've known for several years now but mostly keep contact now a days via instant messaging. She's been nagging at me lately to draw her as a cat, which I did at last.

Her character is a regular house cat and she mentioned that she used to doodle black cats but she'd rather be colored in another way. I found a rather interesting color variation on the net of a cat that I thought would fit her excellently. It was a black cat that still had interesting pattern of tortie.

The pose is pretty much a copy on a picture I found on the internetz while looking for jazz dancing. Reference used: [link]

Dancing sure is fun. And the actual amiga loved the color sketches that I made in the end.
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I love this, everything about it. You've got the pose just perfectly (one of my pet hates about dance-art is people getting the actual placing wrong, but you've got it so completely right).
And the cat's just beautiful :) definite thumbs up!
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Yay for jazz dance!! I love doing jazz dance so much.

woot woot!
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Awesome pose, looks beautiful.
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Love her dance pose! So natural! :D
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Oooo, very nice! That's a hard pose to draw.

I love the colours; didn't know torties could be grey. The ones I've known have always been black mottled w/ white & tan.
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It is supposed to be black-ish... but I made it gray instead.

I dunno, poses from references aren't that hard to draw for me anymore. I just look at the contours and the negative space and I can usually draw it instantly.
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Ah. I don't usually use references anymore except for some landscapes or sketches of more realistic animals.
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I need references because my memory fails to serve me well for these kinds of details. ;P
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I would need one too for a complex position like that. It's just that I'm nearly blind, so I usually can't see to draw from life or references, so I learned to draw from memory. I refer to photos the first time I draw something, but after that it's usually all memory.
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