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Knowabunga Logo by workshop Knowabunga Logo by workshop
Created this logo together with Erik Forsberg (at tretton37) who art directed me. The story behind this was that tretton37, the company I work at, has several knowledge sharing days a year. To get a better visual representation of this, it was decided to create a logo and I was contacted to do so which I did freely.

The logo contains a motif of a dragon that is about to eat it's own tail, which is reminiscent of the Ouroboros, a sign of a cycle. It was created in a cartoony style to break off from tretton37's usual hardcore ninja style. The book in the middle contains the japanese letters "Kai" and "Zen". Kaizen is about the principle of continuous improvement, closely related to cycles as with the dragon motif, and is something we take at heart at tretton37.

Other motifs include keyboard and mouse (because we're computer software consultants) and kunai (throwing daggers because we see ourselves as elite ninjas). There is also the shield in the background, which is reminiscent of Croatian flag's shield because I was at the time watching Mästarnas Mästare, a Swedish TV show, that took place in Croatia in the latest season.

The logo debuted on stickers (to adorn your laptop) and t-shirts during the third knowledge sharing day 2014. The design was completed several weeks in advance (it's been really difficult to keep quiet about it). It had some attention on Twitter, (see #knowabunga) with some folks wanting the stickers (which tretton37 did give away).
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