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The Orchard
I am reminded of the day we wandered the orchard
You bit all the apples
Rolled their flesh around your mouth
before spitting them out.
I wonder which one was me.
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Small Crimes
You find her just so, lovely as a flower.
It isn't long before you wrap your hands around her throat.
"She loves me. She loves me not."
You pluck away her soft petals, murmuring the same chorus of madness as before; forgetting that with your coveted answer, there comes a price.
"She loves me. She loves me not," you chant, until her vitality is strewn across the grave you created, hands filthy with soil and sin.
It's only then, with withered petals littered around your crumpled figure, that you remember:
Dead things can't love anyone.
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If I Am to Be
If I am to be strong, do not make me a mountain,
left to stand tall and unyielding, a stark monument
to loneliness and unwavering stoicism.
Do not make me stone and slate, if strength is what you see.
So hard that the howling at my sides could chip away my edges
and leave me intact, but as inhabitable as a wasteland
If I am to be strong, let life paint me violet and clotted claret.
Let it make me a bruise, spread across the softness of my curves.
Let ever blow to my flesh be a badge. Let it speak not to every time I've fallen down,
but to each time I've gotten up.
Make me an ember buried deep in the ashes, waiting to be stoked
by hands who know how to unleash the phoenix inside.
A crocus who's bowed head lurks just beneath the cracked, frozen soil,
knowing that spring is coming.
(It is. Just wait, little thing.)
If I am to be strong, make me the roar of a mother protecting her young,
the sweat on a warriors brow after battle.
Make me the roiling sea, or the beating sun; a force, no dou
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You may still be adding notches to your bedpost,
but I prefer more lasting methods
to commemorate my loves.
A souvenir of sorts to carry with me.
A clotted claret badge of honour;
one to make you squirm with a repulsive regret
when you lock your gaze upon it.
"But I made it for you, my love.
I thought you said all parts of me were beautiful?"
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Headphones by workingfire Headphones :iconworkingfire:workingfire 6 0 Way Of Your World by workingfire Way Of Your World :iconworkingfire:workingfire 6 6
Consider, for a moment, that time has stopped.
At the same moment, consider also that you are an outsider. You are watching from above, something that is rarely seen. Two people, a man and woman - whose names do not matter and never will, for they are everyone - are lying together. Still. Uneventful. Brimming with something close to adoration.
But remember time. Remember that it has paused.
It has stopped. But these two are dying as it breaks in proceeding. In its stillness these souls are aging, withering away, and slowly being suffocated – though they know nothing of this.
Watch them kiss. Watch his hand reach up and touch her face like a soft wind trailing in from a window – one that will be gone in the morning. For he is a wind that is there only under the circumstance that the window is opened, and very rarely does such a miracle occur. Later – when the dawn comes – the window will have been shut. That is the way it is, with him.
Watch her smile. Take care to o
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It Explodes
ghost scent
a whisper of your skin
translucent through the air
while glowing softly
in the eyes of a memory
the color gold
with freckles of
deep brown
drifting and wrapping
swiftly around my throat
a twist and flex, heartbeat
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The End
Despite attempts to stop this insuppressible thing of which
we keep tabs on with watches and clocks,
the truth is that we are nearing the end.
It seems as if only days ago – moments, perhaps – the brush-stokes of greenery
clinging to my favorite tree in a stranger's yard
were wilting,
then throwing themselves to the ground in broken indifference.
Now, again, they are beginning to blossom into life
- and still they remain just as indifferent as before.
Tossing aside how often we quote things such as
'today is a gift'
and 'each day to the fullest',
it is undeniable that the future will slip by us
just as eagerly
as the past has already done so.
So breathe in the sweetness, exhale your life, and repeat after me:
Life is water in a sieve.
And we are slowly
But surely
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Without Wings
Without Wings
    'You just run.'
It was the only thing she could recall, in that moment. Out of all the memories of him, of all the things he had said, the great things, it was that sentence - which had been shared when they had been lying beneath the gnarled oak, its leaves being offered up as emerald sacrifice - that stuck with her.
    'Tell me things,' she had asked.
    'What kinds of things?' he answered quietly, braiding yellowed grasses into a crown fit not for a king, but for a gentle s
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Mature content
Fairy Wings vs. Mating Dances :iconworkingfire:workingfire 0 0
Hide A Hope
Wordless is as wordless does
I'm empty as I ever was
So wordless wanders through and through
The ever-greying thoughts of you
They spin and gather
Wordless dust
I'd dust it all away, I must
Have lost my voice, my song, my will again
And if wordless does as wordless is
I'm doomed to wander through the mist
Of wordless times 'tween you and I
Until the very end
So don't expect a voice
If you see me once again
That thing aged long ago
As did memories of then
Though I have a lot to say,
I won't say them anyway
'Cause I'm wordless,
Like the times you didn't call
Worthless is as worthless was
You're gone and I don't know the cause
I'd call out but I just can't speak
The wordless silence made me weak
The thoughts are there
They dimly show
And though so small, they try to glow
Through emptiness, they want to spark a sound
But if worthless was as worthless is
Then all the plans have gone amiss
For wordless worthlessness is all
I really have to give
So don't expect a smile
If you see me once agai
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Mermaiden by workingfire
Mature content
Mermaiden :iconworkingfire:workingfire 4 3
A Place
I just wanted a place to say I hate you.
A small corner, one that is dark, cobwebbed and long forgotten by anyone, everyone, any thing with eyes or ears or a heart. Just a simple small space to scream the words, and let them blood-splatter on the wall - let them turn brown in decay.
All I needed was just one small unbeknownst spot for myself to verbally vomit all the vicious ways that you make me crazy. All the times I've even had a thought of you and it's made my heart and my skin and my hunger leap up like little licking flames that I wanted to touch, weakened by desire like the tiny moth I am.
I just wanted a place to scream of how you make me sick to my stomach every time you smile, not only because you're a trickster but also because I would do anything to taste your lips with my tongue just once, and it disgusts me and intrigues me all in the same twisted little heartbeat.
What I needed was a way for me to leak out all this passion I have for you into the gutters, to be washed in
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Delicate Butterfly by workingfire Delicate Butterfly :iconworkingfire:workingfire 2 0 Gaze by workingfire Gaze :iconworkingfire:workingfire 1 0


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Current Residence: B.C, Canada
Favourite style of art: Watercolor, graphite, ink, etc


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