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Does anyone want to trade some artwork?

I really want to decorate my house with some artwork be it photography/drawings/paintings whatever really and was wondering if you wanted to do something for me, i can send you one of my prints or even specially make something for you!

Whos up for it?
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OK i am now part of a chain, the deal is I will feature the first ten friends who respond to this journal by selecting and featuring three images from their gallery. Now, these 10 deviants will have to do the same on their journals and feature the 10 first who replies to them. Everyones doing it! Got this from the lovely ~cosmogurl

Bring it on!

1/ ~cosmogurl

I was thinking.. by cosmogurl Be mine by cosmogurl Mondays by cosmogurl

2/ ~TalentedChild

Mummy Bride by TalentedChild Blacking Out Reality II by TalentedChild Up and Away by TalentedChild
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