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Dear Car,

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(I posted this on facebook, but I thought I would share with you fine people as well just so you know I am not dead and am still busy living.) Dear Nissan Maxima, You are the first vehicle I have ever hated. You smell weird no matter how much I clean you, have some of the most inexplicable holes I have ever seen in very random places of the floor, and you make a great many noises that make me wonder if you have car cancer. The serious kind, not like a questionable mole, but the for real this-shit-is-fucking-terminal Cancer. As much as I like shiny blinking things, your constant engine light flashing is giving me brain damage and Eye AIDS
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On yesterdays

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It's funny how nostalgia creeps up on you... One day you're just updating metadata in your music/video library... then BAM! Suddenly you're immersed in the photos of your past... Your birthday is creeping slowly closer and you have no idea how you got from there to here.
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It officially feels like winter here in Ohio. I've been long absent from these parts and sometimes, I'm no longer sure why. So much has changed. Trying to figure out how to post this journal entry made me feel like I was 200 years old and visiting a self-checkout line at the grocery store for the first time. Mind you, my first experience with those abominations was a mere 4 years ago and they continue to torment me to this day. Sometime soon I think I'll start posting some art, but for now I want to relearn the community. Maybe say hello again, reach out, find something to inspire me again. So... I guess that leaves me with hello. Hi. How
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Soon, it's going to be yet another regular day. Birds will sing...cats will meow...dogs will bark...geese will honk and steal peoples stuff.  

A typical, simple, regular day.

However, there is a small, tiny, exception.  The exception is for you, for that is the time when lightning was thrown from above by Zeus to herald your appearance.  Cast in the molten fires of Mount Olympus, and granted with a great creative power, you have been released upon the world to conquer it in whatever manner you see fit!  For it has been foretold by those who can see the future that you are great and true, and that it is your time to shout your joy to the heavens, and revel in the knowledge that on that day, it is written for you to have a Happy Birthday, with many more to come to increase your power and complete your creative conquest!

Also there's hand made cake and ice cream from down the street.  Those folks make some mighty fine cake indeed. Yum! :D (Big Grin) Have your cake and eat it too
In a few days, it is going to be a relatively normal day...for most.  But not for you.  For on that day...it will be a good day to revel in the moment that you were cast down upon this Earth, summoned and placed here by the mighty Odin to share your talents and your creativity with all.  Let thee rejoice and enjoy this time, and know you are wished a Happy Birthday!  May many more follow!

Also, Odin sends cake, blessed by King Kong and delivered by Godzilla! :D (Big Grin) Have your cake and eat it too
Hi, have an awesome day :happybounce:
Happy Birthday!! XD :highfive: :dalove: :party: :cake:
Happy Birthday!