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Years Ago

I never had you. by originalsophie, literature

Stratus by One-Of-A-Kinnd, literature

Once upon a time... by Oilux, literature

teenage love stories by originalsophie, literature

The World is Falling by masvida, literature

DISTORTED by Lady-Marjulie, literature

keep me in today-- by straybutterflies, literature

To You by ZayTheMagnificent, literature

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I'm looking for writers to come join my forum and help bring it some life or light. lol
Link: www.taintedonez.taintedwingz.x…
can't submit into 2015 poetry..?
Where do I submit 2015 poetry? The folder doesn't have a submit button. Sorry if I'm just blind.
my submissions keep expiring, if his stays the same I will leave you guys ^^
i just wanted to say that the poetry folder is full. if you could, please make a new one. thank you!