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Death: A Stream of Consciousness and Realization
He knew that he would die someday, but he didn't know it. It was a truth he knew, but it wasn't one that was true to him. Everyone dies, to be sure. But that did not mean that he had accepted his own death. That one day he would die. And when he died, few would grieve. In short order he would be forgotten, wiped from the pages of the book of time. Erased. Forgotten. His tombstone, should he decide to have a tombstone (he had not thought that far ahead because he did not accept his death) would be worn down by time, and even the stone of his tombstone-far longer lived than he-would be washed away. Crumbled to dust, and scattered. He had been fortunate not to lose any immediate family to death in his adult life. Faint memories of lost great aunts and great grandfathers fluttered by-the tears dabbed up and the pain dulled by the many years between childhood and adulthood. So it was not real to him. It was not fresh enough in his mind. His life spilled out before him now. The grains of san
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My grains,
Stupid word,
Stupid things,
Stupid migraines.
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Dragon Fangs
I used to dream of dragons,
Of elves, and dwarves, and men,
But now I dream of nothing,
Of tonic, whiskey, and gin.
I used to write you poems,
On lips, and hips, and love,
But now I burn my journals,
And curse the gods above.
I used to think you loved me,
I used to think you cared,
But now I see the truth, your lies,
The dragon's fangs are bared.
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I'm Raining Inside
The taps are turned,
The holes plugged up.
The dams broken,
The boards pulled up.
My heart is swollen,
Bruised and smashed,
My heart is broken,
Destroyed, trashed.
The waters aren't blue,
But red with blood,
Stained with tears,
And memories.
I close my eyes,
And think of her,
My soul wells up,
And I am drowned.
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Trouble in Gotham City
Bartholomew checked his spell pouch for the fifth time that hour. Bat guano, brimstone, a tuft of rabbit's fur, a vial of dark blue liquid…
Angrily, he stuffed the brown leather pouch back into his coat. It's all there, damn it. Now concentrate! He should be here soon…
Turning, the red robbed figure peered down the narrow street.
Nothing stirred.
Growling under his breath, the elf pulled back his hood and cocked one pointed ear to the wind.
Nothing breathed.
Neat, black hair fell around the elf's shoulders, glistening as if just recently wetted. His green eyes, sharp and alert, scanned the path for any sign of movement, occasionally darting to the sky and back.
Swearing to himself, the elf made to leave his perch when his sharp ears caught the distinct sound of flapping wings.
Reaching out a leather bound arm, a charcoal black hawk landed smartly. Tilting its head to one side, the hawk spoke inside its master's mind. He's here.
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A Deathly Beginning
Chapter One: A Deathly Beginning
It was a cool, quiet September morning when Braum Coltin awoke from his slumber. The sun, awakening with the slow commitment of a new day, peaked over the horizon and spread an eerie, orange glow over the sleepy forest below.
Braum yawned and stretched his muscular arms out above his head, shaking off the golden leaves that had fallen during the night. He smiled, his soft, blue eyes shimmering with some inside joke and his blonde hair reflecting the sun's new light. Looking about, his eyes came to rest on his longbow and quiver he had left propped against a small sapling the previous night.
Three days had passed since Braum left his home in the small village of Talon and set out on a hunting expedition. With his father gone and his older brother studying abroad in far off Yugora, Braum took the responsibility of managing the house and fending for his mother and younger brother. Winter was only a stone's throw away, and Braum wanted to stock the larder b
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An Endless Peace
An Endless Peace
The leaves have fallen,
The air gone stale,
The moon died out,
And children wail.
The ghosts fly free,
The wolves abound,
The ice grows thick,
The world shuts down.
The streets are bare,
The earth is cracked,
And corpses lay,
Forgot, unstacked.
Not long ago,
The Earth was green,
But now it's black,
Soiled, obscene.
We smote the Earth,
With flames white-hot,
Burst forth and maimed,
In fierce onslaught.
That day we fell,
And took up arms,
We shunned our gods,
And raised alarms.
The war was quick,
The button one,
A single flash,
Yet no one won.
If I went back,
To stop the bombs,
Would they listen,
Or hold up palms?
Would they sit down,
Calm and collect,
To settle things,
Proper, correct?
I want to say,
They'd do what's right,
I want to know,
They'd end this fight.
But deep inside,
I know the truth,
Even in my,
"Ignorant youth".
And now I look,
Alone, amazed,
Scarred and bleeding,
Forlorn and dazed.
It's too late now,
We've sown our doom,
All hope died out,
In that first b
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White noise floods down the stairwell,
I drop my bag, my hopes, and sigh,
I shouldn't have expected today to be different,
Grimy, gray light distorts the room, blurring the lines,
Occasionally a burst of muted color tints the haze, but only for a moment,
Glumly, dejected, I cast around for a book, a magazine, anything,
A newspaper clipping would suffice,
But there are none,
Everything is digital now,
The eerie light throws my shadow against the wall, where it hangs silently,
Watching me,
Thirsty, I go to the tap,
Not wanting them to know I'm home,
Not that they could hear me,
Not that they would hear me,
Groping blindly, I fumble for the nozzle,
Until I remember the faucet is voice activated,
I'm no longer thirsty,
Tossing the glass away, I cast around for something, anything,
All the while, flashing lights and thunder cascade down the cold, ebony stairs,
I almost go to the door,
I almost break through the webs, the chains,
Until I remember there is nothing to break o
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Means Nothing At All
(Your Love) Means Nothing At All
For years you have teased and tempted,
Your touch soft and your smiles warm,
A hug here, a blown kiss there,
Fond words and sighs hardly muffled,
Your love clear in glittering eyes,
Yet the day I turn,
With love's promise on aching lips,
You turn,
Your touch and smiles enfold another,
Your embrace now holds him,
And I stand alone,
So, so alone,
Watching you watch another,
Knowing it means nothing at all.
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Hey guys,
So I'm back... again. Hopefully for good this time, but I guess I can't make that promise based on my track record. :X

Now that summer has officially kicked in, I've had a lot more time to write lately. I work in the o chem lab on campus during the day, but I've been trying to write at night. To help me do this, I've been asking my roommates for random topics to write about-just like I did last year. So far, I've been happy with most of the results so I'll be posting some stuff soon. :D

My sincerest thanks goes out to all of you who have continued to watch me during my absence! I hope that my coming posts will make the wait (at least somewhat) worth the while. If any of you would like to post a suggestion for me to write about (it can be anything-from a single word to a detailed concept), please feel free to do so! I like to obsess over details and corrections, so it may take me awhile to post what I write, but I will do my best to write about your suggestions. :)

I hope the summer is going well for you all, and I will be sure to post something soon. I think I'll start with the story that evolved from the "Batman" suggestion I got last year.

  • Listening to: My roommate playing the guitar.
  • Reading: Research articles... yuck!


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