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Ten Minute Write-It Exercise
In a hurry? Still need to flex those creative muscles?
Skim down the sets of questions below and answer them as fast as you can! Some of them can be read in reverse and remember, there's no right or wrong answers- only ideas. Try them all! You might churn out a great piece of work.
1: Who is coming round the corner?
2: What is their secret?
3: What are they carrying?
1: Why did Gary lose his temper with Tiffany?
2: Where did he go after he stormed out?
3: What happened to him when he got there?
1: Who murdered the rich man?
2: Who saw them?
3: What did they do about it?
1: What scares Beth?
2: Who finds it funny?
3: What makes Beth feel better?
1: Who's listening to death metal?
2: What happens when they turn it off?
3: What stains the floor?
:iconnurturing-narratives:Nurturing-Narratives 11 5
Bloody Innocent Angel - Poem for my Lil Girl
My amazing little angel,
Most beautiful, pure one I’ve ever seen,
Spends a huge amount of her time,
Trying to understand the extent to which she is tainted.
She can’t understand why…
Why she is loathed,
Why she is hurt,
Why she can’t keep herself safe.
Hidden away in a metaphorical cage,
She lives in fear of her guardian’s rage,
And the neglect that seems to follow her
Wherever she runs.
Always a victim to others,
Who I believe are jealous of her,
Keep filling her head with lies
That she’s too afraid to reject.
My little angel, I know, has wings like snow,
But whenever I ask her,
She says they’re not angel wings…
They’re red: tainted by blood and tears.
Her hair, soft like feathers,
Has now been burned in places,
Because when I tell her she’s beautiful,
She finds reasons to show she’s not.
Her hands are like porcelain,
Delicate, like a doll,
And I don't care
That they’re laden with old scars.
When she spins and s
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 4 32
The Final Hour (a cento poem)
Disclaimer: See the "author's comments" below this.
A great while ago the world begun,
Except the times should alter.
Dropping December shall come weeping in:
Snow fell until dawn.
Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December:
The hour when earth’s foundations fled.
How drear, on a planet redundant with woes.
What freezings I felt, what dark days seen.
The bleak and awful chaos of the night,
The flashes of guns, the thunder of cannon.
Suppose my fellow man extinct.
Myself I feel a dark despair
That such a doom endures
Upon this very scene.
The shrieks of the slain.
For them I battle ‘til the end,
Hoping to cease not til death.
How soon unaccountable I became tired and sick.
I float this carol with joy, with joy to thee O death,
This monstrous thing distorted and soul-quenched.
The wakeful trump of doom must thunder through the deep.
Who for can endure the stings?
No rest can be found.
Til then I salute you with a significant look that you do not forget me.
:iconthe-observant-nerd:The-Observant-Nerd 1 6
The End
The End  
Through the matted haze
A silhouette, man or monster?
Are you there?
A trick of blackened mind?
You’d think my intended liberation cruelly selfish.
You’d ask -
What of the children? What of you? What of us?
These come as gifts to cling to.
I try to tell you.
I walk on the edge of an abyss.
But I am ignorant of it.
I am a fool to feel safe. A fool, unaware.
I walk for a while, and everything is okay.
There’s a path I follow, it leads straight, it seems wide.
The abyss always looms and I have to notice it.
It’s always waiting now. Always in the corner of my mind.
I trick myself sometimes into thinking it’s not there.
I distract myself along the path.
But one little stumble, the smallest of stones, and I am falling into it.
To start with I can catch myself, and drag myself back up.
Always I fall a little further.
Until one day I fall in completely.
I hit the depths and my body shatters.
The pain renders me incapable.
The darkness and fog
:iconche-crawford:Che-Crawford 301 152
I Want a World
I want a world,
Without all the hating
Why can't we try,
To relate to the people that we see?
I want a world,
Where everybody dances
Why can't we all,
Just raise our voices and sing?
I want a world,
Full of second chances
Because we don't know,
Just what tomorrow might bring
I want a world!
Full of opportunity,
Where how high you go,
Can only be measured by the sky!
If for one second,
We could stop screaming,
I really think,
That everyone could fly!
I want a world,
Where joy runs rampant
Because everyone can see,
The light of love that's in our eyes
I want a world,
Without all the pleading
Because it hurts,
To see how many need
I want a world,
Full of passion and beauty
But that won't be because,
We are destroying everything
I! Want a world...
That gives more than it takes!
There are too many lessons to be learned,
How long before all our hearts break?!
The base desires,
That drive us to our knees,
Are taking over,
Won't somebody stop all this please...?
I want a world,
Where nobody di
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 124 166
Vertige en mon sein
Je tourbillonne lento
Sur un adagio
On an adagio
High dizziness in my breast
I'm sliding lento
:iconbreamgappy:breamgappy 5 20
   Don't hate me because I'm
   Love me because I'll never be
:iconmikaioalani:Mikaioalani 8 14
What Do You Want From Me?
I sit in my bed
rolling back & forth
while you whisper to my head
unspoken words
I don't want you here
leave me alone
for you I cried tears
yet you didn't care
You continue the torture
and constant taunt
why do you do this?
I have nothing you want...
Scratching at the walls
till I bleed my nails out
biting at my lip
to leave scars on my mouth
What do you want from me?
I gave you all I had
now I'm as dead as I can be
thanks to you
Girl turned into a monster
over someone who didn't give a shit
now she lives at the asylum
where screaming's a habit
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 24 18
She can't let you see
How broken she is
For fear of losing you
The earth will keep turning
The tides will keep changing
And her love for you
Will never cease

So she dones her mask
So you will never see
All the pain she is in
for loving thee,
For in her heart,
She knows,
She will love you eternally
:iconsoul-reader:Soul-Reader 15 35

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Possibly the last prompts for a long time or maybe even period. I've got some debating and contemplating to do on that and I'm hoping to send out for feedback.

Please note, EVERYONE is welcome to give feedback on the prompts or how the group is in general. ALL FEEDBACK IS WELCOMED I just ask that it is directed to me. My contact information is on my page here on dA or you can always drop me a Note here as I get those quickly thanks to the DeviantART mobile app. Sadly the app doesn't work well with groups, but hey, it's a good connection to reach me and for me to reach others.

I was not going to have a prompt for November because it's chaotic enough to begin with.

The prompt for December is: What's the weather like where you are? Show us your world with words.

If you don't feel comfortable with that for whatever reason an alternate prompt is: Describe your favorite or ideal scene for this time of year.

If I don't see you between now and the end of next month I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Founder, WIOV
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Hope everyone is having a good life and has tons of inspiration and creativity for their works of art, whether it be drawing OR writing!!! Keep it up and never stop being you!!


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