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    Abandonment. That was what Saeran feared most. Every night, before he fell asleep at your side, he always feared he would wake up one morning and you would just be… gone. Gone without a single word, without even a warning. He feared the love you always proclaimed to him was only fleeting and that one day, you would realize he wasn’t good enough. That he wasn’t worthy of your kindness.

    In every dream, he woke up to an empty bed. You were nowhere to be seen in the room the two of you shared together. The warmth he always felt in your presence was missing as well. All Saeran felt was the freezing cold of loneliness that took his breath away. His panic nearly suffocated him.

    The only person he loved, the only person he 
trusted was gone. You ran away from him like every other person in his life. You abandoned him because he wasn’t good enough for you. He wasn’t good enough for anyone.

    With tears in his eyes, he looked over at your empty spot. In your place sat a single flower: a purple hyacinth. Sorrow and regret. The two emotions he knew you must have felt after deciding to be his.

    Saeran shot up from the bed, sweat rolling down his body. His breaths were ragged as he tried to recover from that repeating nightmare of his. He looked over at your usual spot in his bed in an attempt to reassure himself that it was only just a nightmare, but his breath hitched when he noticed your body missing. Unlike the dream, though, there was no flower in your empty spot. There was nothing; no sign that you were even there to begin with.

    Have you been a figment of his imagination all along? Was this just some cruel joke his mind was playing on him to remind him just how useless and unworthy he truly is? As horrified as he was by this realization, he couldn’t be angry. After all, it was his fault that someone could actually love him.

    There was a faint knock on his door and before he could respond, you walked inside with your hands behind your back. A small smile appeared on your face the second you noticed that he was awake.

    He felt as if he was in a daze as he walked over to where you stood by the door. You sent him a worried look when you noticed the tears pooling in the corner of his mint-colored eyes. Before you could say anything to him, Saeran wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a tight hug. The sudden affection completely threw you off guard, but you quickly hugged him back.

    He cupped your face in his hands and stared into your [eye color] eyes. This was really you. You weren’t a figment of his imagination; no, you couldn’t be. He could feel the warmth of your skin as he touched you and the pulse of your beating heart. You were an actual person who loved him.

    “Happy Valentine’s Day, Saeran,” you whispered. You slowly moved your arms into his view to reveal the bouquet of small, white flowers you held. It only took a moment for him to realize just what flowers they were.

    Coriander: hidden worth.

Coding by SimplySilent
Happy Valentine's Day everyone <33 Man, I love Saeran so much now it's not even funny. His route is killing my heart so much D:
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This was so beautiful! i literally started crying cause it was so sweet and beautiful. you did an amazing job on this, I feel as if I could read this a million times and still tear up at how beautiful this story is every single time. I do not believe I have ever seen a piece of writing as touching, emotional, well written, and perfect as this story. the way that it started out so solemn and depressing then ended on such touching and amazing note was just amazing. I would personally like to thank you for making this story because it is so lovely.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to critique my fic and leaving such kind words! It honestly means a lot to me <33
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you're welcome! :)
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awwwhhhhhh precious boy! *CRYINGGGG*
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beautiful story, senpai!!! Saeran needs more love Panda LOVE 
Words-Of-Fate's avatar
Ahh you make me blush every time you call me that >.<
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awe, ur so cute
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This is beautiful Q_Q bless
Words-Of-Fate's avatar
Ahh thank you so much <33
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Saeran's route stole my heart and hasn't given it back T-T
Saeran Choi deserves so much love. Thank you for this story, I want to give him all the bouquets in the world
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Sameee oml. MM has never made me cry until playing his route.
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He's so precious - this fic is precious - omg I love it xx
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Saeran's route is murdering my heart I can't even-
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ikr????? Cheritz is out to target all of us why
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Ahhh I love this so much! Ray <3 Beautiful job Fate!
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Aww thank you so much! <33
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~~First~~ So sad ;; I can tell the feels are getting to you ahha 
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He’s such a precious smol I want to protect him ;-;
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