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My dear Chennies and Chennettes,

I present to you - Fractured

My third poem in the masquerade series.

I'm really happy to be gaining just one or two watchers per poem. Feels like the old days, I'm challenging the top from the bottom up, but this time I ain't gonna fuck it up.

Anyway if you'd like to support me as an artist. I just ask that you view the youtube video at least once ^_^

Anyway, here are zee thumbs:

FracturedWe are puzzle pieces you and I,
Ill-fitting yet fitted. Misshapen yet unshaped.
What could we be if we were not fractured?
Would we be whole without knowing doubt?
If so then I ask why we are such glittering shards,
Fragmented and jagged, yet holding these glimmering threads of light.
So broken are we that we have a bejeweled quality.
Shining like clear sand beneath the luminescence of our misery.
- Written by Word of Chen, Masquerade series - Poem 3
Fractured by WordOfChen

Youtube Video Link: 


This particular poem was more conceptual in nature and I think I might do more like this in future :'D

Also, I still require a new slave to assist me with my creative processes

Info is below!


*Same post as last time*

Right now, I happen to require a fresh slave to assist in my creative process .3. no jokes.

If you are willing to sacrifice your body and soul for my creativity (and if you have cripplingly low self-esteem) then you are welcome to apply.

Come be a slave today!

Human females are preferred but Elves and Dwarves are also welcome. Gnomes, Orcs and Faerlings may be considered.

Just add me on skype (my Skype name is Semshol) and let me know you’d like to help out.

Adun Toridas my friends!

Your boy, Chennie

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Submitted on
June 5, 2016