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The Word of Chen \(*w*)/


News Section:

Alrighty everyone, how was your V-day? Was it good? I know mine was ^^

Anyway, I'm posting a poetry update tonight, since I've had a few administrative matters to worry about, but what I am going to do is to update this journal as promised, because the Word has been spread and we have some LUCKY WINNERS!

Scroll through each of the event sections and find out which of your fellow artists have joined the front line (you wanna be Kirito don't you (*w*) ) :iconkiritoplz:



:iconbloodymary626: just got :iconqueenofmagic1998: to watch the Word of Chen. The Word is spreading my friends. As a courtesy, take a look at the works of these artists and remember to spread the word.

:iconbiscuitedi: just got :iconjusttheel: to watch the Word of Chen and so the Word shall grow. Don't forget to check them out as well and please feel free to keep spreading the WORD!

Want to be a part of the features? Here is how:

Get 1 new person to watch me. All you need is 1. If you want to get more, save them for other days.

All you have to do, is send me a note telling me who the new watcher is and I'll check it out according to the DA alert. If that person is watching me, then the BOTH of you get featured in my journal, like the people above.

Each time you get a watcher, both you and that watcher will be featured in my journal until my next update (which should be daily or every two days). Essentially, I want to help people using the traffic that I get on my account to help others get seen as well.

Is this the end of the event? No, there's more (O3O) Read on folks!


LOVE THE WORD! these people have done...

For the poem "Undying" - UndyingUndying:
How many days do you spend now, putting me down?
The coffin call for a dead man waiting around
"He's just an underground laughing stock, never to rise"
But on the seventh day I'm coming back; these are my ties!
The kind of promise that you made with the devil inside
You try to take away my soul, but I take it in stride
I ain't a doll that is crushed by the weight of his pride
I am the real and the raw of the things you denied!
You're playing snake games, selling oil, pass it off strong
You're just a pot head, weed dead, smoking your bong.
You try to look away, play and hide; apathy's best
But I'm the kind of bad boy you don't put to the test!

-Chen Yuan Wen, 7th February 2013

The following individuals have won a feature:

:iconmiamoreno: A lovely artist who's done a few funny assassin creed pictures. Honestly, they're pretty hilarious and since I've enjoyed the creed myself though I'm not a super fan (I much prefer having magic and all that and demons coming out the wazoo) I definitely found it worth while. Especially the glomp. Here are her featured art pieces:


:iconargentum-lupae-luna: A fellow poet with a number of interesting pieces. If you've enjoyed my works you'll enjoy hers ^^ Please have a browse of her gallery. It will be worth your time. Do it or I shall loose the hypno-toads upon thee! Gah am I speaking in medieval english. Dear lord, reading poetry always gets me into this particular accent. Perhaps a smattering of a King's remains upon this piratite tongue of mine (and yes I just invented that word xD):

The Written WordThe written word is wondrous in it's prime
The glory of the ages past abound
For ink and paper forming wit and rhyme
To spring from open lips as soulful sound
An art perfected in the days of yore
Blank canvas soon adorned in blackest ink
A siren song that sings of those before
As deep into the realms of lore you sink
When man and woman first began to write
Their wisdom was preserved for us to know
As changing, yet unchanging as the night
The echoes of the past forever show
But to the pen a blade cannot compare
As instrument of chaos and despair
The DragonRoar, o child of wind and fire
Spread thy wings, soar ever higher
Thine enemy clasped within death's jaws
By sulfrous breath, sharp fangs and claws
A hide of gem-bright gleaming scales
Wings unfold like living sails
All heed to the mighty dragon's call
Before thy might, the world doth fall
Eyes filled with terror, they flee thy wrath
And e're to follow fear's dark path
A thousand years, mere blink of thine eye
Kings rise and fall as time flies by
Destroyer of empires past
Against you, no power is vast
Harbinger of death and raging war
Almighty, worshipped and abhorred
Yet slowly, thine strength begins to wane
Like blazing fire 'neath the rain
Alone, you lie within treasures won
Thy heart as dark as deadened sun
Shall they forget you, forsake their fear?
Leave you to die, abandoned here?
Cursed one, to fade from all memories
Vanished, thy pain to never ease
A world renewed, exchanged for the lost
Yet none alive know of the cost
They shall never hear the dragon's roar
Erased by time fore
Lullaby of the Mother and ChildO tiny child, my heart's delight,
Crying in this unyielding night
Among the shades beneath bright stars
So far, untouched by worldly scars
Adorned in light, a yearning shows,
Like crocus born of winter's snows
By angel's wings, be borne away
Before the dawn of this new day
Where could you be, beloved one?
Have you flown far beyond the sun?
Escaped, away from truths and lies,
Or have you fallen from burning skies?
Should you return someday, I fear
I would not know you then, my dear
And yet, your thirst be finally quenched,
Would you wish then to return, hopes drenched?
Like angels perched on crumbling ledges
Wishes race to plunge past safety's edges
Explore fresh worlds, with minds renewed,
Like opened buds, with light bedewed
And whether you would rise or fall,
You leave, and seek to know it all
To flee, or take your final stand?
Be razed or lifted by Fate's white hand
Remember child, whether you be near
Or not, I'll always hold you dear
See wide eyes in your upturned face
And lie with
AutumnLeaves fall, amber, red, gold, and brown
Cold, yet still the sun beats down
As summer's warm grasp fades away
And winter comes closer every day
Halloween is coming soon,
And then Thanksgiving and the orange moon
Before the white frosts come to call
While still within the time of Fall

:iconcressalia242: The spirits of poetry seem strong today and rather whimsical as random fate has chosen poets from amongst hundreds of names. This lovely lady often attaches a visual to the poetry that she does and though it was once a technique I frowned upon, deviant art has now made it clear that the image is merely a visual by displaying the deviation as a clear text document. As such, I would like to show you some of her works:

you thinkYou think
you think your clever
by saying things that
you think will hurt me
but I won't let them
ever get to me, not now
you think your a good friend
but really your just a bully
you nothing but someone with
a dying broken dream that fades
away with noting but brokeness
you think your really smart
but you fail to see clearly
with those dumb blind eyes
and constant fading vision
you try to bring people
down to your stupid
pathetic level of harshness
but you fail to really see
someone for who they really are
you think you know me well
enough to know how I react
but you'll never know me
well enough to get past my
defences, which are put always
put into action if i'm in danger
you think you can get away
with anything you see fit
but you'll never learn anything
if you don't sit and listen
only listen for awhile
who knows maybe you'll learn
something helpful and new
My favourite weather
My favourite weather
I hate the shining sun
as it burns me and
it's too hot for me
I hate the cold snow
as it's too cold for
me and to wet
I hate the glittering ice
as it's too slippery and
hurt if you fall on it
I hate the fierce winds
because they mess up
my hair and can be quite cold
My favourite weather is
the rain, I may not like
walking in it, But I like
listening to it's song
and watching it too splash
on thes solid ground
Forever alone
Forever alone
On dark path i wander
under the watchful eye of the moon
I walk and ponder
I hope to see a end to the eternal darkness soon
Forever alone in the darkest hole
my only companion is the moon
With no here with me
i walk the path of depression
on a dark path i watch in wonder
At the nothingness ahead of me
the silence is sad and nothing is heard
accept the pounding of my heart
and the gental thumping of my footsteps
Forever alone in the darkest hole
my only companion is the moon
my heart has a hole where love should go
But i'm all alone in a world of emptiness
Music is my everything
Music is my everything
Music is my soul, my life
I listen intently, feeling
as calm as the oceans surface
Music is my friends, My family
its my lullaby, our loving song
I will die saving those people
who I regaurd close to in my life
Music saves me, never lets me go
I sing along, to unknown words
Bu the makes me feel real
Im not a dream, like a person
Music saves my soul, my life,
I live for my friends, my family,
they are my everything,
they are my life, my soul,
my headphoneless music,
I will protect them
with my own life.
Music is the soul,
I will listen intently,
singing along to unknown words

:iconcopperfawn: A wonderful artist with a style that strangely...reaches me. I don't know how or why but honestly it does O_O and so I would like to share with you a few of her pieces. I can't say why I like them in particular (as I know not the reason), but something about them is just nice xD:

Claudia Vandel Gertrude by CopperFawn A smile for you by CopperFawn Have we met? by CopperFawn Expressions by CopperFawn

Wanna get featured like them? Here's how:

Whenever I post a new piece. Click the fave button on it. 2 people from the first 200 favourites will win and 2 will be chosen from the rest. It's random so you can win multiple times and best of all its free. Just click the fave button to show some love for the Word and you are immediately placed in the draw.



...The Word of Chen...

Alrighty, so here's the big event. This one isn't just a short feature. Basically if you buy a Word of Chen product, I will feature your account here for two weeks (sometimes more). If you get a buddy to buy a product as well then both of you get featured for a month (but both of you need to send me a note to confirm it).

Once you've made a purchase, you simply have to tell me which product you purchased and I will feature you up here. Here's the example:

:iconfluttershyyayplz: and :iconapplejackplz: just purchased a Pirate Greeting Card from Word of Chen on the 15th of Catember. Fluttershy specialises in talking to animals and cheering, while Applejack is a more or less a very hard working pony who does some traditional apple art. You can check out their works here:

:iconhandsomeonionplz: <--- This onion will be replaced with thumbnails of your work

Those who have bought e-books from me, send me a note to claim your slot :3.

Now, you probably think the event types are at an end right? WRONG! There is one more event :3



:iconanunfoldedpapertiger: has drawn the FIRST OF FIRST BLOOD BY SUPPORTING THE WORD EVEN BEFORE THIS FEATURE HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED xD Please check out his works he's an amazing writer and well worth your time.

...This event is still in progress ^^; however you can read the details below...

For those of you who don't have money or a lot of points to buy items. You can still help me get bills paid by supporting the Word of Chen. Essentially I will be offering poems for download (in PDF format with a nice visual attached) for about 10 points (lowest). You just have to click the button beneath the fave button to get it :3.

Those who support the word by doing this, will be featured on this page until the next update.

Note: Don't donate to the page, if you want to give more than 10 points, just download new pieces that come out, that way it's worthwhile for you and I actually earn that way ^^

Here's an example of how the feature will occur:

:iconkiritoplz: has just supported the Word of Chen. He is soloing the frontline!
:iconasuna-plz: has joined him in supporting the Word of Chen. Support has doubled!
:iconklein-plz: is totally supporting the Word of Chen. This is SUPTACULAR!
:iconmasterchiefplz: has joined the support. Chen is mixing games and anime! OWNAGE!
:iconkratosplz: has pawned Ares's head for 250 gold. Supporters are owning!
:iconmeggriffinplz: was banned from supporting...
:iconquagmireplz: has shown support, All-right! :3

And so on and so forth ^^.

So ladies and gentlemen, the campaign begins now. Heaven or Hell, Let's ROCK!

-Captain Chen of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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