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My dear Chennies and Chennettes,

I am happy to present the third poem of the Psychosomatic series - Smile 

It's basically one huge reference to the Joker with a touch of my own insanity added into the mix and of course I hope you'll enjoy it.

I'll just say it early btw, the video is SLIIIIGHTLY different to the poem itself in order to make the experience just a little bit more entertaining. Where possible I will be offering these little tweaks and extras because I want to make sure that the poetry readings aren't just readings of the poems, but little experiences that I can bring to life.

Anyway, I won't waste anymore time, here are the thumbs and video:

SmileImagine if you will the moment where
You can see a man walking down the alley
And you can taste him on your tongue,
Like the subway sandwich he had for lunch.
You've been following this guy for weeks now
So you know the way he walks, the way he speaks
The way he breathes--You breathe him;
Along with the scent of bulgari mixed with bad body odor...
You grab the man, likely before he even realizes it
Drunk as he is you brain him with a home-made blackjack.
And watch that fat body practically bouncing off the floor.
You smile to yourself, it's a BIG RED ONE
And you remember what he did to your family.
Was it the unpaid insurance money for your crippled wife?
Or the fake policy he sold you with a phony company stamp?
Or was it the bad donut you ate this morning?
It gets a little foggy I'm afraid.
But what matters is that you smile.
You smile as you mount his still-body.
And in this position, power and money
That doesn't matter anymore...
In any case, I do w

Smile by WordOfChen

If you'd like to support me as an artist, please just watch the video once (^_^)/ That's all I ask!

Don't forget to watch in full screen because apparently it makes me breathe LOL.

Other than that:

I can see everyone is enjoying the random one-shots I'm releasing. I'm happy with that (^_^)/ I planned for them to be tumblr exclusive, but meh, why have exclusives. They'll just be released randomly as and when I remember to.

And of course, no journal is complete without my slave ad (Seeing this ad unfilled fills you with determination!):

Ahem, onto the usual post:


As I've mentioned in previous journals I still need a slave to assist me in my creative process, info is below as usual :

*Same post as last time*

Right now, I happen to require a fresh slave to assist in my creative process .3. no jokes.

If you are willing to sacrifice your body and soul for my creativity (and if you have cripplingly low self-esteem) then you are welcome to apply.

Come be a slave today!

Human females are preferred but Elves and Dwarves are also welcome. Gnomes, Orcs and Faerlings may be considered.

Just add me on skype (my Skype name is Semshol) and let me know you’d like to help out.

Your boy, C̶h̶e̶n̶n̶i̶e̶ Chara  (Let us erase this pointless world)

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It brings up all joy :'D

- Chennie
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June 23, 2016