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Quick Reminder:

My dear co-captain has informed me that some people aren't quite understanding the concept of the filler releases.

Essentially, I am currently no active on DA. My co-captain :iconlugialuvr13: is running my account for me and she is posting rejected work or poems that we've left unreleased (for whatever reason stated in the author's comment) as a way of bridging the entertainment gap, until I officially return to DA (once my schoolwork is settled).

For this reason, it is HIGHLY recommended that you read the author's comment section of the poem, before posting a comment on any poem released. Chances are, the problems you pick out with the piece, would have already been identified by the both of us at Word of Chen and it is for that reason that the piece would have been unreleased during the themed week it may have been intended for.

So please, just take one moment to check the author's comment and take note of why the piece is a filler. Thank you ^^

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:

Extra Feature:

:iconaograi:, my uncles have produced a new piece of werewolf concept art. Have a look ^^

The WolfLord leaps into the Cauldron of Mayhem! by AOGRAI

Lit Love:

Arrr maties, as I promised, I will be posting various pieces from the pop 8, in order to give them more exposure. This was supposed to be done yesterday, but unfortunately I lacked the time t' do so. Anyway, let me first begin by introducing the features:

:thumb318978141: - A poem about the past, ah, now that hit close t' home it does.

:thumb319071960: - A basic love poem, it's your general teenage love story, but I felt that this might actually be a little better than the usual.

AsphodelAsphodel: flower of the underworld
I drank from the river and forgot everything,
I don't even remember I'm dead,
Worthless, I never did anything,
Never fought, Never killed, Never bled.
Nothing like
Achilles, the brave
and the damned
I don't even remember I'm dead,
Left as a repeating shadow,
Never fought, never killed never bled,
No Elysium fields, just the Asphodel Meadow
Brave and Damned,
Leonidas, he
spit on me.
Left as a repeating shadow ,
worthless, I never did anything,
No Elysium Fields, just the Asphodel Meadow
I drank from the river and forgot everything.
- An interesting poem, done in the Eastern style, worth a look if ye enjoy the more technical aspects of writing.

Sonnet for Danielle no. Ipropogator, I rarely even hush thy name,
but here we are again, you fan the flames
coals now, but breathing hearts
blown upon, a jump-start
I bleed, bled and will continue to bleed,
for you, I find solace in it again to spread the seeds
a friendship renewed a ship re-float,
stick me with another knife. I'll fetch your coat
my patience is not ill mannered, it is temperance
it is patience, a semblance of what once was love, but not ill timed entrance
not another chance, not another go
we are gone, you were too slow
your name is again idle, I forgot, I forgave
I quit, I caved.
- A poem made for another, it is apparently a sonnet and bein' a pirate I have no idea whether or not it really is one, but I enjoyed the read regardless.

PolitenessCherry girl, sweet cherry girl
she has a kiss for everyone
mistrust to her is vile and cold
when the daunting day is done
But words like needles glances blows
hit and prod and poke and cut
behind her lips the kisses fester
she has venom in her gut
Acid erosive explosive angry
boils bubbles in a pit
sweet words and simple smiles are
the deceitful other end of it.
- This poem has an interestin' basic idea, I found the flow lacking, but if ye have ideas for improvement, I am sure the artist would appreciate it.

Garden Of SorrowA glistening night,
A moon so bright,
A garden swathed blood,
A ridiculous fight,
She lost her might,
Thought she left behind no one,
Laying now in a bed of grass,
Finally peace has come,
But only to her mind,
Her loved one runs,
And comes undone,
When he discovers her body,
There she lay,
As if alseep
Surrounded by white roses,
All bathed in blood.
- A basic morbid poem, form could use a bit of work, but still worth a read. It doesn't have a fixed flow so readers used to my traditional style will find it jerky.

A Wonderful DiscoveryBroken rubble littering the floor,
Shadows slither and dance,
Following the broken path,
A trail of soot leads the way,
Abandoned and forgotten,
There lies a world of serenity,
Sweeping away the dust and gravel,discovering,
Small and fragile, but very much there,
A flower beginging to bloom.
- Now this one I liked, good imagery use and the flow is fairly decent.

That's all I've got fer lit love this week, we'll have more features comin' up next week ^^.

My rules for lit. love are:
- I feature ONLY original content
- I don't feature works that use a cover image (because I believe words can hold their own)
- I don't feature works that are already popular (I mean, they made it already right?)

So if ye don't see a piece up here in lit. love, chances are it fell into one of the categories above. Next Saturday there will be more lit. love, so don't forget t' spread tha love fer the words we live and breathe

Important Annoucements:

Alright maties, I've got a serious problem at the mo'

College be crazy...seriously, me timetable this semester is all well and dandy, but every lecturer seems ta suddenly think that crammin' three chapters in the first week of school is a grand and fine idea fer all of us students. So as ye can see, I've completely dropped the ball on updates and such (since I've been tryin' ta get all me work done before the weekly tests)

For this reason, I'll have to make a few I.O.Us:
1st I.O.U. Lady Riddle :icondiluculi: has A LOT of bounties which I owe her. They will all be featured on the coming THURSDAY. Why thursday? Because I'm out of time, so much so that I'm force t' speak in rhyme. Seriously though, I don't want t' do a half-arsed job featurin' her work (which is magnificent by the way) so I'll do it right and proper on thursday. I think I've delayed this about three times now, so I wanted to give her a formal I.O.U

2nd I.O.U. There are three new crew-members waiting for acceptance. Unfortunately, same drill, you'll have to wait till THURSDAY to be accepted inta the crew. I do apologise, but I don't have the time t' write a good backstory and that's part of the whole initiation. I'm sorry for the wait and I hope ye won't mind bein' patient.

3rd I.O.U. Comments and replies will have to wait until I am actually free to respond to them. I will do so as soon as I have time and if you need something done urgently, send a note. Me co-captain will bring it t' my attention

Now then, last but MOST important of all. While I get me school work sorted, co-captain Hayes will run me account for me. Effective immediately! She'll be clearin' out me favourites (that is to say, givin' thank yous) and just handling basic administration.  In the mean time, she will also be posting filler content for me in my stead.

You see, what you normally see on my DA is the product of many hours worth of work. I usually get inspiration at odd hours of the day and I often post these beginnings or skeleton pieces into a notepad and we review it and get it ready for release if it is decided that it is worthwhile showin' t' ye all.

That said, it means I have a LARGE body of unfinished work that will never see the light o' day. So what should I do with it all? Post it as filler content of course.

Startin' today, Hayes will start posting six-word stories, unfinished poems and basic filler content that we've chucked into the dark abyss of my memory banks. Some of it will be humour, some fantasy, some morbid stuff, some stuff that makes no sense at all. She will also take over replyin' to the comments for all these filler pieces so please don't think I've suddenly turned into a girl when you see this signature at the bottom of a reply:

-Co-captain Hayes :iconlugialuvr13:

That be me co-captain's signature and until I return, she'll be runnin' the ship fer me. You all play nice and after I'm done with all this audit prep, I'll come back and resume doin' the good works.

(Please note, there will be no group submissions during this time, as I don't believe that filler content is worthy of groups. if you want it in your group, you are free to request it and my co-captain will auto-accept it ^^)

That's all maties, until me schoolwork be done, I'll be sayin' goodbye :3

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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20Tourniquet02 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The poems are sill great!:)
I don't care if they are fillers or not!
o0SHeeP0o Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012
good luck i've got exams too
little-blind-mouse Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
Awww~ We have to play nice? Oh alright. rofl Anyway, good luck with all the school work and etc you have to get done. ^^
DarlingAngel0565 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Professional Writer
Good luck me Capetian with school, though I know you will do great as always (that is my faith in you ). As for our Co-Capetian, I shall help her in anyway I can. ^^
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Good luck with everything, both Cap'n and Co-Cap'n! I enjoyed reading this journal, on most part. x)
Mossstar10 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, always take your time, it gets things done way better!

Good luck with school! I'm heading back to school soon myself.
Ivylis Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Good luck with your school work Captain ! Hehe, I somewhat know how that feels when I was drowning in my projects :/
LPeebles Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know how things can be with school. Don't sweat it!
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