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Alright ye lot,

Time fer you to meet our newest rookies. Here they be:

51.  Mouse, the Hawk-eyed Navigator :iconyugijak: - Since the loss of our previous navigator. Quite frankly the ship has been bouncing around into all sorts of troubles. Coral reefs, lighthouses, a desert, a mountain. You really can't question who it is has the worse sense of direction in the world when it comes to Captain Chen. Once upon a time, he was looking for the bathroom and warped time and space so severely by getting lost in a straight hallway that he caused the entire hallway's reality to reconstruct itself, putting in a slight bend so he could tell which way was forward and back. No one knows exactly how severe the consequences of this time warp happen to be, but let's just say there are very few straight lines anywhere except the ocean. That's where Mouse comes in, he's a bit of a cursed lad and possibly a latent psyker owing to his mental abilities that seem to summon storms; but overall he's a right fit for the crew. His hawk-eyed abilities and in-born clairvoyance should assist the ship in steering clear of danger. At least for the time being. His proof of loyalty can be found here: and his current bounty be UNDISCLOSED

52. Xexn'i, the Observer :iconxenxi-the-observer: - Observers are a pretty rare breed around the Galbin coast, there's always talk of them being hunted like Witches by troops of Exorcists. Unlike psykers they don't however pose a great threat, but their ability to learn and remember things can sometimes be put to extremely potent use by dark organisations. The thieves guild of Kusalin in the east of Galbador, is known to make use of many observers, mostly to remember the nature, mannerisms, behaviour and appearance of their marks before assassinating them and imitating them for a time (in order to confuse the authorities of when the killing took place). As such, the underworld of Eastern Galbador is much more powerful and frightening than the guilds and gangs that spring up along the Galbin coast, which is in the West. Luckily, not all observers are drawn into the dark power struggles and occasionally one might join up with the marines; or the ultimate pirate crew ever known to sail the seven seas. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

53. Amy, the Hero :iconstories-of-lives: - Quite honestly you get these people popping up every now and then. I mean when you live in a world of dragons and pirates and ninjas (OH MY!) you often find knights and princesses and of course heroes. Unfortunately most heroes have been out of work for the past six decades since the last Maou was killed. Without a demon king to actually threaten the world, heroes became quite useless. Knights had more armor and often better brutality, discipline and training. Mages and Wizards had a greater spell range and of course Healers could cure diseases both magical and biological. As such heroes, who tend to be a right mix of a warrior, basic mage and basic healer, became jack of all trades party fill-ins. However, that's only if you think of them in a linear sense. Theory is very different to practice and in practice is where heroes shine. Since heroes often fight up close, they do not suffer from having to chant their spells before casting, often raw willpower is sufficient allowing them to strike more quickly (though they lack the wide-area artillery power of a proper mage) similarly if a comrade is hurt on the battlefield, a healer can't just rush out and get themselves duffed by a lucky strike, their place will be at the rearline and until you get the injured person there, the rudimentary healing magic of a hero works quite well. Having noticed this from his numerous travels and battle experiences, Captain Chen was quite eager to recruit the young hero, even if her proof could use a little more substance. Here proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

So you lot, WELCOME yer new mates and remember this backstory is unique, you can create your own and you have no need to use this one, it's just my way of sharing my writing and bringing ye inta our...warm piratey family. HYAR HAR!

Now that we're done with the rookie introductions. Listen up you lot! We've got to slap on some BOUNTIES now and let these members be an example to the rest of ye because they're showin' their stuff. Let's hear some cheers for the following people:

:icondragon-demygod: for DepressionAnother useless morning dawns,
Another tiresome creature yawns.
Lost I am in the depth of thought,
People can't  see the battle I've fought.
My scars are hidden by a harden face,
No smile has been found, I have no grace.
I look upon the work I've done,
And find that it is helpful to all of none.
I hate the flesh I'm bound to,
The words I weave I do but rue.
Rueful and spiteful I wish to cry,
But no tears will help me on the inside.
Who will help me to live without pain?
Will anyone try to keep me sane?
Am I lost to the grave?
PainDesire does burn inside my chest,
Sink that knife into my vest.
Hold it tight and don't let go,
Blood will spew and burn the rose.
Arctic ice runs through my veins,
The sun will rise and thaw my pains.
This knife will be my blessed sun,
And from it's love my pain will run.
I award her 2,000 gems her openin' bounty. I hope she'll continue to improve her works and reach even greater heights.

:iconzanetheguardian: for Source of my everythingThe source of my everything;
My energy, my love, my inspiration.
My pain, my sadness and my loneliness,
Is you.
You are my energy,
Who needs sleep,
When I have you?
You keep me awake thinking of you,
And join me in my dreams.
My love is you,
Even if you don't love me back,
I will still love you from the shadows,
Where you left me.
Each day I see you,
A new thought comes to mind.
Using that I spin the pain and the joy,
Into a poem for you to never see.
I love you,
So much it hurts.
You are impervious to the pain,
You don't see how it hurts.
To be ignored by the one you love the most.
My tears are ink,
I sob through the nights.
Turning sadness into hope,
That we can be together.
Left alone to my pain,
I think of you and letting go.
As the words flow,
I draw closer to you.
Waiting for when we can be together again.
Wanting you to be mine.
But, I love you too much,
To pull you away from him.
Using the pain and the tears,
I craft words.
Using the joy,
I share my thoughts,
So I sit in my sad
I award him 1,000 gems his openin' bounty as well. I'm very pleased with his progress and hope he continues to demonstrate it. Get more of 'em to check you out lad and that goes for the lass above too. I hope ye both hit the 10,000+ arena soon in terms of gems ^^

:iconanunfoldedpapertiger: for Threads of CrimsonPaper lanterns filled the night sky of Gongmeng City, setting the waves above the city ablaze with their colors. Brush strokes of yellows, oranges and burning reds spread all across the city, painting a masterpiece across the sky as the stars laid obscured by the blinding but beautiful light of the lanterns. And with the fireworks that the city was well renowned for filling the skies with hues of green, purple and bright blue, simply because they could, merriment was abound and feasting on the citizens like a disease.
The Paper Lantern Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, had come full-swing for Gongmeng City. Red Dragons dances, Mooncake kiosks and tea shops were all thriving with activity as the festival brought animals from all walks of life to celebrate the soon-to-come harvest. Nothing less than a joyous occasion for every man, woman and child to take part in.
Unfortunately, as impossible as it may seem, a lone, reclusive few let the festivities proceed without them. For som
I award him 1,000 gems, his openin' bounty. I accidentally forgot to include this here earlier, but now it's here so enjoy it. Keep it up lad, more awaits ya!

:iconmaj0rmaremolester: for :thumb335404833::thumb335211990: I award him 6,000 gems, bringing his total up to 8,000. They're both artistic nudes but since he has a mature filter on, I see no problems with accepting them. You'd better show me more o' stuff lad and not just on the the nude ladies eh?

And last but not least our heavy hitter of the evenin' :icondiluculi: for Frightful MeetingShe ran into the woods alone
Until she reached an ancient stone
A forgotten giant's ashen bone
Overgrown by moss and firs
Where there was the love of hers
But not joy guided her today
Not happiness showed her the way
As rain fell from a sky led gray
Saltwater ran down her face
When she reached their meeting place
Adorned with a ruby red stain
A body awaited her slain
Causing such unbearable pain
Whom she'd given her heart to
Now had his own cut in two
Jelousy, the bitter passion
This cruel scenery did fashion
Where he ended up as ashen
and cold as the stone and sky
Made the loved girl want to die

Mature Content

Crying with you by Diluculi Warm Me"The world is big and I am small,
I am short and the world is tall.
The world is cruel and I am hurt,
The world is cold and full of dirt."

The melody of a children's song
Echoed through the empty floor
When the shadow of a former self
Marched towards that certain door.
Behind that door there was a short shelf,
Drawers unlocked by a key
Agile fingers had stolen before.
The lighter was found with glee.
"The world is big and I am small,
The world is too deaf for my call.
The world is cruel and turned away,
The world is cold and has to pay!"

Like ice the darkened walls did glisten
On the floor there was a lake.
The last canister soon was empty
And the pale hand did not shake.
With a soft hiss the flame's brought to life.
It stretched and began to dance.
A hand tried touching it tenderly
Staring eyes entered a trance.
"The world is big and I was small,
It never did love me at all.
But with you the tables will turn!
But with you my friend, it will
Winter BluesA blanket fallen from the clouds
Covers the land as snow falls down,
So white, white as a wedding gown,
White, white as the burial shrouds.
The firs wear coats made of snow,
The solemn silence like mist soars
To mountain tops from valley floors,
Silence of graves does follow.
Lonely cart tracks slowly fade,
Now they only lead to nowhere,
Their origin is no longer there,
Soon they are but a white shade
A blanket fallen from the sky
Covers the peaceful land below
With the innocently white snow
Comes the cold that lets us die.
About HateWhen hate is a fire, then it's burning cold.
All consuming, raging uncontrolled.
Hot tears are burning in eyes and on skin,
Unable to calm the storm within.
The consumptive flame turns from red to white.
Burns down borders between wrong and right,
Disoriented reason leads astray.
Lined with ash and debris is the way.
Beneath the heat of raging fire is ice,
For firstly the cold did heat entice.
When freezing the heart in its icy grip.
The shell won't melt, won't break or rip.
Obituary Of A FriendshipAfter all this time we finally meet again.
I'm excited to hear how you've been, my friend.
But when you start to talk I start to abstain.
While I smile, secretly I wish for this to end.
We're thrown back into a time that ended long ago.
What we had in common does not matter anymore.
Again you want a shoulder so you can have a good cry.
I am diplomatic though I sense this friendship does die.
About all the tragedies that happend to you I shall know
While I cannot tell you why my smile becomes so sore.
I am really sorry that things have come to this.
We used to be good friends but we both have changed.
I treasure what we had, but you I won't miss,
Once we parted ways and the goodbyes are exchanged.
We've grown apart and the distance between us is vast.
You talk so much and more yet still nothing has been said.
The conversation runs dry, as it dies we start to brag
About what we achieved, but that's just hoisting the white flag.
There is no sense in trying to keep alive what's dead.
so wh
Please ... Don't ...The sun's shining and the sky is clear
and you wish that you weren't here
Anymore, no part of this world, of this life
You're trapped in darkness and the way out
Of it is death, there's no doubt
But the alluring whispers of the sharp knife
When you drive in your car down the road
You dream of your last abode
And your eyes search for a tree to crash into
Every bridge's a chance to jump down
Each river tempts you to drown
In it, you climb high buildings not for the view
How can I make you stay here with me
When you try so hard to flee
From life's pain and the darkness and the sorrow?
Still I'm begging at your feet to stay
Not to throw your life away
Because without you I couldn't face tomorrow
You say you're born alone and you'll die
All alone, but that's a lie
When you leave this world you leave me behind, too
I need you to carry on, my friend
'Friends until the bitter end.'
We promised each other, tell me it's still true
Dearest friend, remember what we swore
Don't make me attend at yo
a total of 8,500 gems, bringing her total up to 321,500 gems. As always she's impressed me and I hope she becomes an example to all of ye (did ye know she's been interviewed multiple times by art groups? Even I've only been interviewed once. In lit. she's a veteran).

That brings our bounties for the evenin' to a close. I'll be revamping the system soon so more claims can be made and altering the prizes.

If I missed any o' ye, remind me. Me pirate accent comes out when I'm more excited as ye can see and I've had enough excitement fer th' night.

Now off ye go, greet the rookies and go get a bounty or two >:3

-Captain Chen of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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