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Updated!: Maties I've included crew member 49 as well, so don't ferget t' scroll down and greet the new crewmember. There are TWO in total now, not just one ^^

Alright maties,

Here's th' latest news I've got fer ya.

Today's program will be:

-New Crewmembers
-Chibi entries

Now, first off, I'd like ye t' welcome th' new crewmember:

48. Aza'Zen "Alean" Ae'Glaeca, The Black Swan :iconkiddo0526: - The Winged Elves of the Madralin have often been a mystery to most men. The Black Swan, Aza'Zan Ae'Glaeca was no exception. She was young, but powerful and it was specifically for that reason that the Dread Morgana commanded her servant Chenbeard to seek her out. In the games of both Heaven and Hell the Elves of the Madralin have always played a critical part and it is likely that Morgana wishes to use her as a pawn or betting piece in the coming war. That said, with the world in turmoil it is a much better fate to be a pawn of the strong than to be a general amongst the weak. Even so, it is unlikely that her fate will be poor; for Chenbeard, amongst all mortals, knows much more of the whims of fate than he lets on. Perhaps the victor in the conflict will be an unlikely party, but the winning condition remains the same; He who controls the Madralin, wields the mana of the world itself... Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED.

49. Katty the Beastmaster, with Ace the Cerebus :iconsunsfall24: - The Beastmasters of the Osman Ocean are essentially the same as the Druids from the Galbin Coast, with one major difference: Druids shape-shift into animals and are usually accompanied by a single spirit companion, but Beastmasters, while lacking a shape-shifting capability, can command entire armies of fierce creatures. Most Beastmasters are well known for disliking society, preferring to stay in the forests and jungles where they hone their craft; eventually becoming one with the land itself. Furthermore, those Beastmasters that attain full mastery of their craft can even summon powerful Nature elementals to do their bidding, commanding earth, water, fire and air with ease. A Beastmaster is a rare but powerful addition to any pirate crew, as they can speak to animals from both land and sea, which is another capability that the druids lack; yet one should note that they also lack a druid's prowess with celestial and healing arts instead focusing on their combat abilities. This particular beastmaster, although she is young, will probably be a valuable member of the crew; mostly because it means we don't have to walk anywhere anymore... Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

Everyone please welcome 'er aboard.

Now then, i've also got BOUNTIES t' issue.

First off, t' :icontheamericanrealist:, I award 2,000 gems for the followin' pieces:


Please be sure t' check em out ^^

Next t'  our regular LADY RIDDLE, :icondiluculi:, I award 24,000 gems fer the followin works:

Commission - Dirty SecretA house so splendid and fine
A house you proudly call "Mine"
Yet I spy with my little eye ...
But behind the facade: rotten wood
Skeletons in closets shut for good
At heart you are oh so pure
The just's sleep is your's for sure
But still my little eye does spy...
Do you have sweet dreams, my dear, at night
While you did leave me with hurt and fright?
A gentleman and a sir
You believe that's what you are
And I hear with my little ear...
All of the silent cries you blocked out
So long you don't even hear me shout
Keep pretending, go ahead
Yet your secret still isn't dead
I'm alive and won't disappear
A haunting ghost I don't want to be
I rather take the life you owe me
Riddle 8An evil sends the chills of fright
Hiding itself in the shadow's veil
A sinister creature of the night
Lurking in darkness it's such a bale
The evil spirit keeps you awake
Torturing you with a certain sound
It came the thirst for your blood to slake
On your skin its kiss leaves a red wound.
This bane exists and it is no myth
Luckily it can be killed forthwith
All it takes is a bit of luck and
The quick and well aimed slap of a hand.
The GameTo me it's nothing but a game
Ensure me for you it is the same
Before you go on and tell me your name
So what's wrong with a date among friends
Without feelings no bitter ends
So can you play along with me
No falling in love, can you agree
But enjoying the lovely company
Now that you know my rules, can we play
Is there anything left to say
they call me bitch and slut and whore
And other names, oh so many more
Give me a list I never have asked for
Just because they cannot play like me
And assume like them I must be
I don't take money for a start
And never play with a fragile heart
Unrequited feeling can break apart
Sticking to my rules I draw a line
So ev'rybody should be fine
34. MoonOne night I was aked by the moon
If I am happy
I could not reply too soon
the answer's not easy
I should have simply said "yes" and leave the moon alone up there
But instead  I said "I don't know" and the moon began to stare
All I had wanted was to dream
And gaze at the sky
But now there was the moon's gleam
Demanding reasons why
Maybe I should have turned away, ignoring the bright moon, but
Its light filled my bedroom and my window blind refused to shut
So many time you looked at me
Longing in your eyes
I wonder if you're happy
Or if you need advise
But since you never said a word I finally did ask
Say, are you happy or are you sad? It is a simple task

I could not answer with yes or no
It's far too complex
Therefore I said "I don't know.
Can we please change subjects?"
Since then we never talked again about my state of mind
I doubt the moon did really care for the answer I did find

Please make sure t' check em out


Here be the Chibis that have been entered inta me draw Chenbeard request thingy. Everyone is featured but not everyone's Chibi will be used (especially if I can't come up with a new idea ^^;):

:thumb334006442: - by :iconplease-not-last:

Chibi Chenbeard by Diluculi - by :icondiluculi:

Captain Chibi Chenbeard by Leelu - by :iconleelu:

Chibi Chenbeard by Zephyras-Lied - by :iconzephyras-lied:

:thumb334789497: - by :icontwotigermoon:

Now if ye want yer Chibi t' be featured here and possibly used fer a poem. Just do a chibi of Chenbeard either POSIN', in a particular SETTING, or DOIN' / FIGHTIN' somethin' :3 The better the artwork the higher the chance of use and also the better the opportunity fer you as an artist ^^.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Twotigermoon is an exception artist. Ye need t' check out her work NOW! Captain's orders, she's great :3 :icontwotigermoon:

-Captain Chenbeard o' th' Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
  • Listening to: Some rather angry soundin' raps
  • Reading: The vast resevoir of literature on DA
  • Watching: Every wave on the sea fer a hint o' treasure
  • Playing: Grand Fantasia...always wanted t' be a Necromancer
  • Eating: Cup Ramen - Even Pirates love Ramen
  • Drinking: Grape juice, I don't drink lad...
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