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My dear Chennies and Chennettes,

I have some important information to transmit to all you. Basically, I have an exam coming up for my Professional Risk Manager's qualification. It's the first of 3 and I reckon the toughest to pass.

My exam is on the 17th of August, assuming I don't reschedule it.

Up until that time I think you can imagine that I will be studying very hard as it is not that easy an exam to pass. As such, I won't have time for full releases. Video-logs will also be discontinued until after that date...and I really wanted to make one last weekend, but I forgot that my birthday was coming up. I thank you ALL for the birthday wishes and will be replying to the messages slowly over time, during my study breaks ^_^

In the mean time, will I go on hiatus like I always did before? Nah hell no, fuck that. To me that would just be an excuse for laziness. Instead I thought of something a little better as a bit of a reward for everyone who is watching me directly instead of watching me through groups. This will be extended to my followers on tumblr as well.

I will basically be releasing short, untitled poems (mimicking the style of another popular deviant, you all know who she is) but instead of just writing poetry, I'll be putting my own Chennie spin on it. I'm sure you're familiar with it, that dark and dingy feeling that leaves you slightly uncomfortable. I know you all love it >:'3

Anyway, please look forward to these short DAILY releases, as they will be starting tonight. In the mean time, why not enjoy my new mask, Tokyo Ghoul fans will LOVE IT and I really have to thank my girl, Miss Zoe Hayes, for buying it for me (you know her as the co-captain of my team :'3).


Ghoulish? by WordOfChen

Yes, it's from Tokyo Ghoul!

P.S. I'm now also addicted to Heroes of the Storm, thanks for introducing it to me before my exams. You know who you are x'D E.T.C. is amazing (current main), so is Muradin, I love the Butcher, Illidin is best din and I can't afford Zeratul yet, but I'm going to hit 25 before I try to level Nova since her normal talents are crap and the fully unlocked ones are the ones I need :'P
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IdeenThePersian Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015
It's good that you will study for the exam(s).  Remember that they want the best of the best.  Also, what your potential employers offer ideally is not generosity, but opportunity.  Excel in the exam(s) and prove it to them that you are the star of the show.
loreshaper-kethal Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015
Good luck with the exam.

Heroes of the storm has a pretty good map variety.
DeeryDeerth Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Good luck on your exam! Try not to get too addicted to Heroes of the Storm now, will you? Seems like videogames are always discovered by gamers, just before the most pressing instances of life. :XD:

Still, I hope you pass it.
Ghost1lover Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015
Good luck on the exam!!
GoldenNocturna Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Student Writer
Good luck on your exam! 
IdeenThePersian Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015
It's going to be challenging for sure.  But look on the bright side.  It's hard because they want the best of the best.  It's not generosity they plan on offering, but merely opportunity.  Go get them!  Prove it that you can join their top ranks.

Good luck and best it.
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August 4, 2015