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Right the hell now!

My dear Chennies and Chennettes,

I present to you - Life's Road

My fourth poem in the Masquerade series.

Please do enjoy it and I'm really happy to have those one or two regular readers out there. Really touches the heart (T3T)/ Poet Pride!

Also sorry to the Tumblr guys, they are getting their release later because I scheduled it yesterday but set the wrong date (=3=). I phail

Anyway, keep enjoying the series and I'm already working on the next one to follow up from this. The idea was finalized today and the creation work starts tomorrow.

I'm still job hunting, but ah well, c'est la vie.

Here are the thumbs as usual:

Life's RoadI find it interesting really
How the world decides that it can give up on us.
Never giving us true instruction 
Instead throwing vague guidance to define our boundaries.
And even when we do try to follow the ever twisting road
We are merely spat back onto a parallel section of street
Once again driving without direction or purpose
Simply following the dim signs in the hopes we'll reach...
- Written by Word of Chen, Masquerade series - Poem 4
Life's Road by WordOfChen

Also if you'd like to support me as an artist, please just watch the video once (^_^)/ That's all I ask!


As I've mentioned in previous journals I still need a slave to assist me in my creative process, info is below as usual :

*Same post as last time*

Right now, I happen to require a fresh slave to assist in my creative process .3. no jokes.

If you are willing to sacrifice your body and soul for my creativity (and if you have cripplingly low self-esteem) then you are welcome to apply.

Come be a slave today!

Human females are preferred but Elves and Dwarves are also welcome. Gnomes, Orcs and Faerlings may be considered.

Just add me on skype (my Skype name is Semshol) and let me know you’d like to help out.

Your boy, Chennie

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Submitted on
June 7, 2016