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And please enjoy the third episode of Word of Chen Live ^^ If you'd like me to talk about/answer questions during the show, please make sure to send in a note :3

This week I did a reading of 'Waking Nightmares' which is part of Liquefaction series (the poem has also been uploaded)

Enjoy your entertainment for the evening folks. Me needa resty xD

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:


First off, I'd like ye scallywags t' welcome me new crewmembers ;3

46. Jamal, The Powder Monkey :iconjamoker: - Most of you might question what a 'powder monkey' is. I personally, have absolutely no clue whatsoever; or rather that is what I would say if I was your average Captain. Instead, now that we've gotten the smart arse accent out o' th' way. A powder monkey be a kind of canonista, unique t' th' Galbin Coast. They're not rare, but they're only found on the Galbin Coast and that's where ye can hire 'em. Generally speakin' they serve on ships as both Gunners and spotters, which is extremely unique because most of the time the gunners can't see the enemy ship! Powder Monkeys on the other hand are simply so experienced with their weapons that they have absolute knowledge of everything surrounding the ship within a radius of about 3 - 4 kilometers. Hence, in skirmishes they're basically yer best bet. His proof of loyalty can be found here: and his current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

47. Zane, the Raven Guard :iconzanetheguardian: - Black wings are common amongst the mountains of Sumi'tar, here a unique race of humans, born with wings and with pearl white skin can be found; soaring amongst the peaks. The youth of the Sumi'tar are drawn into special Warbands and they exploit their advantage of aerial mobility to devastate their enemies with unique ambush strategies and powerful traps. Occasionally however, some Sumi'tar tire of the regimentation and choose a wanderer's life, walking alone and finding their own fortune. Most end up as warrior or elite guards to Pirate Kings and Queens and are often awarded prized sets of superior quality armor that can only be born by their strong frame and large wings. It is because of this tradition, and their lovely black wings, that they are known as "The Raven Guard". His proof of loyalty can be found here:, his current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

Please give em a warm welcome and show them around their new livin' quarters.

Next, we have bounties to award t' our dearest officer Lady Riddle and our crewmember Miyu


She has earned a total bounty of: 13,000 gems

For the following pieces:

Mature Content

30. RainIt's this time of year again
When the sky is forever gray
And the muffled light can't tell
If it's already night or still day
It's the time of year again
When the cold rain forever falls
And all the colours of joy
Are taken away by rainy squalls
It's that time of year I hate
When there' s nothing but autumn rain
Tapping on my window and
Making me blue, ev'ry year again
Oh you singing chimesOh, you sad sad chimes stop singing
This awful tune of grief
For him the bell tolled and now's ringing
You mourn for my fiancé's thief
He paid for his crime with his life
My gun took his away
The woman I love will be my wife
So sad chimes, sing joyfully today
Oh you mourning chimes do sing on
And I will sing along
For him to grim death's sad melody
The victim of jelousy
My love for him became his doom
By the gun of my groom
Like the smoke his life faded away
Oh, you sad sad chimes sing on today
Oh you sad sad chimes will you fade
Today's a day of joy
Since at dawn two men met at the glade
And dead is who me does cloy
Roots entwine his corpse from now on
And women's arms no more
It's the righteous fate for this Don Juan
Whom I did so very much abhore
Oh you happy chimes stop your song
Joy is so very wrong
I can't forgive, can't forget the crimes
My groom committed, oh happy chimes
Hear my pleas, my cries, take my oath
My husband will lose both
His enemy as well as his wife
When tom
To my sisterLike a sister I do love you
The sister who never was mine
Older sister I look up to
My younger sister fair and fine
And you're more than a friend to me
My twin sister with diff'rent blood
We're seperated by the sea
But to you my heart does still spud
Sometimes I curse all of the miles
You and me thousands do divide
I want to witness all your smiles
Those which are born from deep inside
I cannot hold you when you cry
And I really wish that I could
Still a dreamer's mind does fly
And it'll be with you for good
And it brought this few lines to you
Written from deep within the heart
And each single word here is true
A wish from somewhere far apart
To my sister so far away:
I wish you a happy birthday
Art Trade - RaisinThe sun had already crossed the horizon and the light illuminated a vast forest. There were only few clouds in the blue sky and the air smelled fresh and young. Pearls of dew covered every plant and spiderweb of the undergrowth.
The singing of birds grew louder and louder each time another one awoke and joined.
Somewhere in this forest, there was the den of a lone wolf.
Inside of it laid the huge body of a brown wolf. The eyes were closed and only the soft movement of the chest indicated breathing.
The ears began to wiggle as the birds' choir outside gahtered more and more participants of whom every single one try to sing louder and a more different melody than the others.
The wolf opened her raisin brown eyes and lifted her head. Quickly she got on her legs and stretched herself.
It was spring time, her favourite season. The air was filled with a lot of different scents, alluring her to come out.
The brown wolf called Raisin left her den and again stretched herself with a yawn.
Her st
Epic Tale - Chapter 1 - Part 1The mighty bow of the Sangue-Padre divided the waves. While every other ship would have been in a calm, Sarah Grace ensured the ship of the black fedora pirates moved on. Still, only the main sail was hoisted. There was no need to rush and most of the crew members were not on duty.
And this was Kris' big problem. Somehwere on this ship was Aslansa and he was bored for sure. She couldn't spot him now, but that did not mean she was safe.
He always managed to find her. Even when she hid in Abbey's cupboard. But he would not find her here, right?
"Hello there, Lyra.", Kris heard his voice from above and her heart sank. Just a moment later Aslansa climbed into the crow's nest.
"Gotcha.", he grinned at Kris who had laid there on the ground. "Guess what time it is."
"No! No. No, no nono nonono nononono!", Kris screamed and tried to escape. But Alsansa had already picked her up and flew high in the sky. Kris did not dare to open her eyes. Knowing the Sangue-Padre was only a small spot in the d
DoubtsI failed and tried so hard in vain
To keep you safe from hurt and pain
My promise to put myself in harm's way
For you was twisted right around that day
I was too weak to keep it right
I was too weak and did not fight
Now you left and how could you not
When suffering is all you've got
A hunt breaks loose, a pursuit out of love
Your chasers don't see you run above
All from the love they want to show
While you seek just loneliness now
Can I dare to help you again
When I brought you nothing but pain
Will they understand why I hold them back
Or simply think love for you I do lack?
I want to help you but don't dare
Since all might think that I don't care
43. DieYour tears glister like drops of dew
On a spider web at dawn
I'm sure mine do the same
Underneath closed eyes
"I'm sorry to
Leave without you."
A faint whisper cries
"I'm glad that you all came."
I press your hands without brawn
Before I leave, bidding my adieu.
Road To Forgiveness - PrologueAs if a thick curtain was lifted, Lady Riddle heard mumbling growing louder. Finally she was able to hear something, but her eyes were still to heavy to open. There were familiar voices.
"As far as I can tell, Riddle is weakened by drugs of some sort and ze loss of a lot of blood. Luckily most wounds were superfical. Several hours of rest wizout any interruptions will do her some good.", she heard someone sounding like Frederic say and protests by others who were forced to leave his patient alone.
Then the sounds faded and Lady Riddle drifted back into sleep.
She dreamed of a strange creature. It looked like an angel. The skin was chalk white, the hair coal black and the eyes... one was black and the other white. It was impossible to tell the gender of the person as well. All feathers were half black and half white, but the colour sheme of each feather was unique.
"My child," the angel said with an androgynous voice.
"Who are you?" the dream version of Lady Riddle asked. If it was a dr
What's Left To Do?Sometimes it is easier to walk away
Especially when filled with sorrow and pain
From innocent words spoken from the heart
unknown to one, it tears you apart
Running away may seem easier first
than facing the oncoming storm so dark
but you leave behind much more
than pain, you leave behind love, too

You don't understand how I feel
I tried so hard, but it seems in vain
A veil of love blinds who I used to love
So I'll leave for their happiness
And a veil of tears is blinding you
Why else don't you see me fighting, too?
I gave you words, within them my heart
Don't let in be in vain, it'd tear me apart

I can't stay here where I don't belong
To have tales told, I would become undone
It would drown me in my sea of tears
I know this is something that I can't bear
And still I'm begging you not to leave
My tired hand will raise once more
the shield and sword I wield for you
It's not over yet, please don't give up

I am tired and worn to the bone
My wings have no life as I fal


She has earned a total of: 7,500 gems

For the following pieces:

Please congratulate them both on the wonderful work done ^^

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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Nice episode, Sencho! Nice message at the beginning. And interesting to know that you're going to be working out.xD I'm also a fan of One Piece.:iconluffyplz: You sure know how to put a smile on my face.:D
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Omg! I love your videos! I just wish I had a youtube account to comment ;~; They always make me smile :iconloveloveplz:
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Congratulations to you both for the bounty. ^^
We have such talented and wonderful people in our crew, me Capetian. It is an honor to have them with us. I have also greeted the newest members as well. Now I am off to listen to the 3rd episode of "Live"

~Angel :blackrose:
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