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H0i everyone :'D

I am here with the second poem of the Psychosomatic series - Happy People

It's just a niiiiiice experience of insanity and I hope you'll all enjoy it.

By the way, here's something NEW:

I'm working with a few folks to preview poems that I'll be releasing. Unlike the series they won't have a lot of work done on them, it's basically just write, fire and forget. I planned for them to be tumblr exclusive, but I will release whatever I can remember to release on DA as well :'3

Please enjoy them, they'll just be a bunch of one-shots...mostly angry and edgy too because why not :'P

Anyway, without further adieu, here are the thumbs for tonight:

Happy PeopleTheir smiles seems so much like razors
Fit only to lacerate my insides.
Why, oh why, do I endure this bitterness?
When it would be so much simpler for them to die.
If I could put my knife to their throat;
Watch cold air as it squeezes from petrified lungs
See the look of confusion and terror in their eyes--
Whet the blade as they plead for their lives.
Such a sensation is the closest
You'll ever get to the feeling of pleasure.
Especially when your insides
Are as dead as this fresh cadaver.

Happy People by WordOfChen

Also if you'd like to support me as an artist, please just watch the video once (^_^)/ That's all I ask!

This video was done using my usual accent and only the image is new. I figured it'd be nice to smile for once :'D.

Btw if you watch it in full screen apparently the picture of me breathes O3O

Now then, onto the usual matters:

As high-lord of the Tal'Darim, I still a first ascendant to assist me...but hopefully without challenging me to Rak'Shir, details below o3o


As I've mentioned in previous journals I still need a slave to assist me in my creative process, info is below as usual :

*Same post as last time*

Right now, I happen to require a fresh slave to assist in my creative process .3. no jokes.

If you are willing to sacrifice your body and soul for my creativity (and if you have cripplingly low self-esteem) then you are welcome to apply.

Come be a slave today!

Human females are preferred but Elves and Dwarves are also welcome. Gnomes, Orcs and Faerlings may be considered.

Just add me on skype (my Skype name is Semshol) and let me know you’d like to help out.

Your boy, Chennie  (Your will is MINE!)

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June 21, 2016


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