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I am a laborer of dreams and I'm building up a pyramid.
The ghosts might try to kill me but I learned to always live with it.
The fragile thoughts that draw you to the edge of your ill mind;
Believe when I say that giving up would be a true crime.
The only thing that you should do is plow ahead forward,
No stepping back because I got your back and that's a foreword
An introductory paragraph to what it means to me,
when I have always told you that we are going to be:
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 17 3
Rage Against The Machine
You insist that I don't understand--but it's rather clear to me
Your practice lies with tainted hands--your mouth spills sophistry
and I wonder where this practice ends--the director's calling me
A puppet for an angry stand--they call my penalty
And I'm naked in this foreign land--don't have a sanctuary
Protect this all with broken hands--I'll watch you label me!
And I'll live while I am half a man--but you won't cry for me
The machine has got you polished then--it's just a cog you'll be!
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 12 1
Enlarge the scales of life tonight--you'll see I'm without;
Approaching every end in sight--don't ask me about,
The slab that cites this lonely life--it's all a blowout
Machine won't even feel the knife--it's like a blackout!
And here I am in captured strife--it follows me throughout,
It squashes all that comes to life--emotions washout!
The Craftsman tries to take a bite--he cannot holdout
It's premature but he's done tonight--so watch him sell-out
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 9 1
Cold Turkey
I wade through the stream where the world had murdered me,
Strolling through the streets it's the phantom that I be.
Overcharged, supercharged, a ghost you'll never see.
Refer to all the scriptures if you choose to die for me.
Because I quit all the things that'll make my life blind
I quit all the penalties that put my life behind
I quit all the remedies current in my veins;
Hypothesize the meaning of this life filled with pain.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 8 1
Mumbling About Me
Planes flying like a fleet...
Hilarious enough to make me fucking weep!
Decorative promises that I keep,
Conductor for a symphony that cuts me deep.
Devote yourself to pain just to keep the pearl,
Depression hits me hard, shutting out the world.
Happy is a myth that I might now create,
Hide my occupation with this inner hate.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 7 1
A Fraction of Me
I've learned to start living with half a heart,
It's not quite so bad when you've been torn apart.
You learn what's vital and what's deep inside,
You learn to let go of little things like pride.
And you learn to see how little you matter...
And how much others might always matter to you.
So in end I'll learn to live with half a heart--
because my world both starts and ends with you.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 17 2
Sell Out
My words were like a razor,
cutting the ice from your inner soul.
You might think that you know the saviour,
but your eyes are still dead and cold.
And every time I tried to save ya,
It's not my hand that you wanted hold.
Because your personal pattern of behavior,
Is the one where your soul is sold.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 11 2
Not Without You
If I had to be honest with you,
this hole inside my heart hurts every single day.
Of course, I can easily pretend that I feel nothing.
I can easily fabricate a 'normal' existence.
But the truth is that the hole is there,
and I doubt it will ever be filled...
(Now read the title)
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 25 2
My meal today was a tad salty,
but I've been doing my best to watch my weight.
I've tried to stock up on the healthy things in life,
but it's difficult to do the things you hate.
Like swallowing the pain and anger inside.
Like putting on a smile because everything's 'alright'.
Like telling somoene else that you're perfectly fine.
While watching another man call that person 'mine'...
My meal today was a tad salty I think...
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 16 5
A little bit about her
What was important to me was never her age.
It wasn't the clothes she wore or the shoes she had.
It was simply the way she smiled for me,
the way she giggled and laughed, joked and played.
That was all that she needed to 'mean' to me.
And as for the future, I guess we'll see...
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 17 1
Feeling Lonely Yet?
The train rolls on by,
a hundred bodies slowly swaying.
Each one an entire world away,
but physically only inches apart.
never meeting.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 14 6
Rainbow's End
Have you ever seen the end of a rainbow?
I have and sadly it's not very pretty!
I mean, if you think about it,
you've gone past seven colours just to get here,
so all that's left for you is the black and grey...
Well I personally chased the rainbow that I saw that day,
but when I reached the end--all of my sunshine had faded away...
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 13 9
Kisses to Kings
I see the smile on their faces,
they're happy for real.
Yet I can't be a part of that,
because I simply can't deal.
With the fact that you left us,
You took glory over gain,
And the fact that you betrayed me,
will always be your shame.
So now I sit here coldly,
writing kisses to kings.
All the while tolerating,
the wound in my heart strings.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 22 1
The Me Inside
To write my thoughts is to write my mind,
because I have enough to feed my psychosis for a lifetime!
And even when you're here with me holding my hand,
It takes all that I have not to scatter like sand.
And I'll blow in the wind like a thousand pieces of me,
Each one an insane fragment of the man that couldn't be.
Who was lost in the wind as his shell lived it's life,
A ghost in the machine, buried in ice.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 21 2
Refusing Reality
There are times when I might be happy,
but those are few and far between.
I leave myself caught in the embrace of debauchery,
because to face reality is to admit that I am unclean.
And I chase my problems with sex and wine,
Hoping that the haze might never lift.
Because if I were to open my eyes this day.
I would finally see all the life that I've missed.
And that would probably break me...
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 19 1
Little Rose
I wished to put my flower,
into a shell of glass.
I wished to keep her forever,
but I knew she would not last.
So instead I would leave her,
in the garden where she was green.
for even if someone picked her,
my heart would remain serene.
"For at least she is free..."
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 24 0


So Damned Alone
So Damned Alone
Isolation mixed with anxiety
All alone in these four walls,
Which I learned to call my home;
Silence so thick that my breath
Echoes and rebounds.
Once I had imagined how good it feels
To be left so alone;
But now the stillness in the air
Is like a pall, and death.
There is nobody else around. 
No calls on my telephone;
No mails for me to read.
No friends, old or new, come by;
Perhaps they think that I am dead?
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 6 9
A Sight to See
A Sight to See
I wandered the streets of the city1
Like the beggars I have met;
So many eyes fell upon me,
Until I found  a spot to rest.
They all wondered how a fireng2
Had the same fate as all of them.
But so I had, and for so long;
Looking about for a place to lie,
When the sun begins to set.
I begged for shelter, sometimes for food;
Most gave to me with few words.
So I lay back to wait;
But no new news had I heard.
Then, one day, a friend had said
That, if I should move further south*
I might find the help I sought.
So, I moved.
Slowly things began to happen
That should have happened at the start.
1. Pune, Maharashtra, India
2. Hindi, for foreigner
*Bangalore, Karnataka, India
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 4 2
Fever Dream
Fever Dream
For WordofChen
Midst the slow, growing burn
Deep down, inside my throat,
The flesh within turns red;
I really have to wonder, Is it my turn?
Will I soon be dead?
I close my eyes,
I try to sleep;
But finally, and instead
Of dreaming of my getting well,
I dream of a fate of torment and of pain
In my own hell.
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 6 2
Not My Day
Not My Day
What a way to spend the Fourth of July!
Today is just not my day;
Nothing good seems to come my way.
I received an eviction warning at my door;
I have five days left to pay,
Or find a new room in which to stay.
And to make things worse,
It is the fourth of July.
Don't count on my embassy in any way.
Just be good enough
And stay away.
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 8 8
The Light Of Darkness
Never nocturnal, yet the yore lingered in dark.
Perhaps the pain, eternal. No scintilla of spark.
Neither spark nor a glow. Just the void beside.
Nor a facade, in view, behind which I could hide.
Possessed oblivion, but nihility. But a sole pen.
Helpless and feeble, without a single friend.
Pondered if my life was worthless in a blink.
The saviour from the agony: just a speck of ink.
The darkness provided the light for me.
The verses developed the fight for me.
Each line, each rhyme, each word an anodyne.
Vented the asinine, heeded by the divine.
Intended not for fame, but alleviate the pain.
Against the devil at every level of life's hellish games.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 4 1
Mature content
When I Look in the Mirror :iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 18 6
Come and watch this pyre burn,
flames of bright bright red.
Come and listen to stories told,
when the darkness descends.
From truths birth tales,
what do you think fuels this fire?
:iconcharaluvachocolate:CharaLuvaChocolate 5 3
Ace of Hearts
How’s it feel,
always being second best?
Just a step too late,
You couldn’t save anyone,
not one single person,
always a second or two late.
You’re never in the spotlight,
but so close you could feel the heat.
Second best it is.
:iconcharaluvachocolate:CharaLuvaChocolate 5 0
A Dangerously Idled Mindset
Here I am in front of my laptop once again…
Trying to construct poems for my well-being
But it seems I can’t think straight these days
I can’t clutch new ideas properly, oh how annoying!
Not to mention my inspiration kept slipping away…
I can’t seem to think why I can’t grasp a new concept
Must be from all of the activities that forcefully choke us?
I know that, but what else? I kept making assumptions…
Maybe because of all the adversity I had to clench on?
Or maybe my emotions draining like blood from a cut?
Or the thought of trying to breathe despite difficulty?
Or maybe due to the idea of looped sins from naive people?
So many possibilities, as if they’re just whispering endlessly
It happens too many at once, but it seems it’ll come to me soon
Even if I try to think a new one, it’s going to be the usual, I’m sure.
It won’t be finished, just like how the despair corrupts my mind…
:icondj-despair:Dj-Despair 8 1
Mature content
Ce Sera, Sera :iconlonejedi100:Lonejedi100 3 1
Earth to ashes,
Ashes to dust,
Dust to earth once more.
The cycle repeats.
:icondcheng886:dcheng886 12 5
O, won't you take me out unto
the battlefield?
if I was young and strong I'd be
your sword and shield
if I was brave and bold I'd 
fight for you the world
but darling
I am growing old 
I'm growing weak
And every day this war is
gifting me new scars
and maybe we're not as strong
as we think we are
I'd run away from you but I'll
never get too far
(a wanderer is lost until he finds 
his northern star).
:iconjimmiebee:JimmieBee 8 6
Road to Nowhere
Part 1:
Verse 1 –
You’re standing at a crossroads
somewhere between here and there.
Your shoes are slowly crumbling,
and your scalp is bleached and bare.
The autumn wind is whistling
like a scythe borne from the sky.
Your eyes are raw and bloodshot,
though your tears have long run dry.
Chorus –
You can keep marching, but
you’re on the road to nowhere.
You can keep marching, but
you’re on the road to nowhere.
Verse 2 –
You’re standing on the border
somewhere between then and now.
You’re leaving bloody footprints
and sweat freezes on your brow.
The icy winds are lashing
like a horsewhip at your skin.
Each step is a pitched battle
and your lines are razor-thin.
Chorus –
You can keep marching, but
you’re on the road to nowhere.
You can keep marching, but
you’re on the road to nowhere.
- | - | -
Part 2:
Verse 1 –
There’s a long dark road
at the edge of the wild
:iconjames-polymer:James-Polymer 4 6
A little bit mad? Yep
Just giggle
and laugh,
as the mind
begins to decay.
:icondcheng886:dcheng886 10 3
Not me
This stone white skin
Is not mine
This flesh and arteries
These moving mechanisms
These lungs and breathing
Are not mine
These thoughts emerging
This mind convulsing
These felt sensations
Are not mine
These neural signals
Generated by receptors
Propagated and realized
Not by me
This instance of reality
This state of actuality
This immediate moment
Does not belong
To what seems to be me
To what seems to exist
This creature can grasp
All but itself
This apparent selfness
It is not me
It is not anyone
:iconelendurwen:Elendurwen 20 12
Verse 1 –
It’s the calm after the storm,
all the embers cooled to gray.
As empty as a hero's grave
once the gold leaf wears away.
Under the eyes of Mars
with a one thousand-yard stare.
The pawns stumble from the board,
numb to the cool, night air.
Verse 2 –
It’s the calm before the storm,
black clouds stretched far away.
Rusty sabers are rattling
their scabbards weep and pray.
Under the eyes of Mars;
under his blood-red glare.
The pawns scream in their boxes,
eyes fixed upon their squares.
:iconjames-polymer:James-Polymer 4 7