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The Thing amongst the ruins...

I don't think there has been a submission yet in :iconchriss2d: 's gallery that I haven't thought was incredible but I can only colour one at a time.

This time it's the loveable blue eyed boy Ben Grimm.
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It's clobbering time!
Poor Thing, he lost his pants and had to destroy the whole city just to find them Waaaah! .

but anyway, good art 
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look away kids ben grimms thing is sticking out! lol

nice art
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it looks like he's not wearing pants
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He likes the fresh air against his... rocky bits?
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Great job... But does he have pants on or can you just not see them with this pose?
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I can assure you that his arm is covering his pants!
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Maaan, JP, you keep getting better and better!!! This is awesome!

I wish there was a Mosaic I could do for you to color...

Oh wait... *rolls eyes*

Seriously though. Incredible job here, bro.
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Thanks mate!

Looking forward to our collaboration!
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Very Nicely done buddy. Love the technique you used!
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amazing image, beautiful colour work, really fantastic
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wow! this is a whole new level of good! awesome! love the textures and the golden feel of the whole piece!
you rokk more than usual!!
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Pure excellence.
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For a second I totally thought this was a Cory Nord piece, wonderful stuff
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Thank you, Chris's outstanding work makes anything I do look good!
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your. BEST. work. EVER.

Just amazing, man.
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Thank you buddy!
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