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:pumpkin: Welcome to WordCount's Feature #14! Halloween may be weeks away yet, but that doesn't mean we can't start the celebration early, especially when we have 17 new pieces to brighten up the season.

If you're new to the WordCount project and want to know what it's all about, head over to our WordCount FAQ to get all your questions answered.

While you're at it, check out our Call For Applications and see if you're interested in joining the crew! Did we mention that we're looking for Occult & Spiritual and Horror & Mystery staff members? What better time to apply?

If your thirst for prose isn't quenched by all that, we present you with our work-in-progress: the 2008 Prose Daily Deviations listing. In this journal entry we have compiled all the prose DDs from the past year, and won't stop until the year is through!

:fear: What're you so scared of? Get reading!

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:pumpkin: 300 words or less

:bulletorange: Insomnia by Verticae

Fictional Perspectives: Insomnia in a shade of red.

:bulletorange: The Chewing Turned Chattering by Senoy

General Fiction: An unusual criminal and an even more unusual victim...

:bulletorange: The Tinder and the Flame by otterski

Children's Fiction: This fablesque little story is a work in progress. It can boast the rare gift of taking an overused scenario and changing it to something fresh and new.

:pumpkin: 301-500 words

:bulletorange: Sleeping Beauty by ladygekko

Horror: Is it really okay to make a move on a girl while she's asleep?

:bulletorange: Confrontation by tubaterry

Sociopolitical Fiction: In the wake of a toppled government, two figures consider their futures.

:pumpkin: 501-1,000 words

:bulletorange: Chicken banana theory by Durkee341

Humorous Fiction: This insane stab at philosophy attempts to explain the how we perceive ourselves and others. It may leave you unsure whether you be man, chicken or banana.

:bulletorange: Living with A.D.D. by EverRoxas

Editorial: EverRoxas gives us a brief but poignant account of life with Attention Deficit Disorder.

:bulletorange: Kiss of An Angel by Mithgariel

General Romantic Fiction: Written with imagination, tenderness, and with an interesting plot to keep the readers guessing all the way toward the end.

:pumpkin: 1,001-1,500 words

:bulletorange: Creepy Bus Guy by Yukinoko

Theatre & Scripts: Sometimes a stranger knows us better than we would like. This story is about a meeting with a guy on a bus who may or may not be creepy.

:bulletorange: Cheating by Dhes-of-Yuggoth

Occult: Meet Japheth Williams: he has cheated death, and so much more--only he doesn't see it that way.

:pumpkin: 1,501 - 3,000 Words

:bulletorange: Weightless by xonlyindreamsx

Nonfiction Biographies: Without ever saying the word, this story tackles the difficult subject of eating disorders through the heartwarming true story of the author's own experience.

:bulletorange: How to Understand Nothing by XavierMontague

Philosophical Nonfiction: A thought provoking piece that tackles the subject of murder from every philosophical standpoint imagineable.

:bulletorange: Day in the Life by lefrenchninja

Fictional Perspectives: Many of us can relate to the everyday droll of this author's words. One too many days have began, happened, and ended in this manner.

:pumpkin: 3,001 - 5,000 words

:bulletorange: Hope's Fortitude by 7eve7

Science Fiction: This tells the tale of a strong-willed woman in a world where determination is a requirement for survival.

:bulletorange: The Green Dragon: Chapter 11 by BlueShadowM

Children's Fiction: It's impressive enough that the author of Green Dragon translated this chapter to share with English-speakers. When you read this snippet of epic fantasy, you'll find yourself wishing she would translate the rest!

:pumpkin: 5,001+ words

:bulletorange: Shades of Glory by Ebony-Snow

Fantasy: In this four-part piece, follow one man's ascension from nameless prisoner to shadow warrior.

:reading: revamp by humpy77 Published Works

:pumpkin: gstepl (Paperback) by q365

Expressing yourself is never easy: for some, it's a downright painful task. The narrator of gstepl struggles with his love for two high school peers; as he does, his writings grow more frantic and more diverse, ranging from snippets of writing all in gray to lengthy stories featuring an absurd mafia to tales of Jewish folklore to Spanish conjugations.

Currently available at Amazon and Scribd!


:resume: Looking Back: August and September's Prose DDs

Couldn't catch all the prose Daily Deviations that were featured the past two months? (Well, we couldn't either. ;)) Here's a recap pulled straight from our 2008 Prose Daily Deviations journal.




Fella Loves dA by NovaDuck Meet Our Contributors: CrimsonThrenody

CrimsonThrenody joined the WordCount staff in April 2008 and has been supplying wonderful Life Stories & Perspectives features ever since! And like a lot of deviants in the literature community, she is an avid writer as well as a photographer.

CrimsonThrenody's Literature

:bulletorange: Pink Bundle (464 words)

General Fiction: Is the world about to end or begin?

:bulletorange: Phantasmical Mirror (1,727 words)

Fantasy: This short piece brings words, quite literally, to life.

:bulletorange: Frosted Field of Memories (2,594 words)

Life Stories: A son prepares to bury his father by gathering together memories.

VioletsLament's Photography

Boulder Lake Mountains by VioletsLament Lake View Mountains by VioletsLament :thumb91611477:


---| :postit:

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