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Writing emoticon by eburt
Hello and welcome to our August feature! It's hard to believe that summer is nearly over, but we've got the perfect way for you to enjoy what's left: 16 pieces of deviantART prose and a new Published Work, care of your fellow community members.

We would also like to hear one final "Hurrah!" for our former Gallery Director, GeneratingHype, who returns to the ranks of Lit Seniors as of today. We're sure he'll continue to serve the community as steadfastly as always, but if you've a moment to spare, do stop over to his little corner of dA and thank him for all that he has done during his six-month tenure as GD.

GeneratingHype is the Creator and Doomlord Commander of the WordCount Project.

:resume: 100 words or less

:bulletblue: Letting go by MSJames

Fictional Life Stories: If you love someone, let him go--unless he's hanging from a rope.

:bulletblue: Drabble 2: Grandfather by TakodaVega

General Fiction: A clever wordplay covering the subject of age and time.

:resume: 101-300 words

:bulletblue: tonight by kury-bop

General Romantic Fiction:  This is a short tale of a long-distance relationship.

:bulletblue: Fright by LynnSnow

Sociopolitical Fiction:  In this piece, humanity is seen as an inhuman force.

:resume: 301-500 words

:bulletblue: A Writer's Manifesto by AGoddessFinch

General Nonfiction: This deviation is quickly gaining popularity here on dA; it just goes to show that writers do understand.

:bulletblue: Notebook by wastelandsofthemind

Occult: A chance encounter with a prophetic notebook?

:bulletblue: This is Teddy Bear by neurotype

Children's: Children under five are so hard to write for, but neurotype clearly has a knack for it!

:resume: 501-1,000 words

:bulletblue: Mightier Than the Sword by Ruadre

Humorous Fantasy: The pen is mighty, indeed, but the paper shredder is even mightier.

:bulletblue: Answerphone Monologue by conorschild

Theatre & Scripts: A woman returns home from grocery shopping and finds an emotional message waiting for her.

:bulletblue: I am woman by bruisedapple

Humor: Hot, cold, passionate, neurotic: a woman sends her lover on an emotional roller-coaster with an utterly zany letter.

:resume: 1,001-3,000 words

:bulletblue: Recreate 68 by Crazy-Diam0nd

Essays: This informative article provides much food for thought in preparation for the events of Recreate 68 coming up in August.

:bulletblue: Peace in Suspense by AluminumHeart

Science Fiction: This is a story of the end of the world, for one person at least.

:bulletblue: losing a few years v.2 by general-lostbear

Horror: Long live beauty! Miss Jan's about to find out just how long that may be.

:resume: 3,001 - 5,000 Words

:bulletblue: The End of the World by animatedpunk

General Fiction: Three childhood friends unwittingly stumble upon the end of the world.

:bulletblue: Young Soseki by vix0r

Philosophical Fiction: Well researched and well written, this is a piece both educational and entertaining.

:reading: revamp by humpy77 Published Works

:pointr: Diary of a Lonely Demon by Zeartist

Morgalla is a young woman with a dark secret: She's a demon from Hell. Nobody's perfect. Upon one of her many visits to Earth disguised as a human, she meets a young man who shows her kindness she has never known. Does she dare to show her true self? Can a human being love a demon? At the same time a plot unfolds that will put the human race in jeopardy. An epic battle of good versus evil ensues, and the meaning of true love is revealed.

Currently available at Barnes&!


:freakout: by LeoLeonardo Looking Back: July's Prose DDs

Couldn't catch all the prose Daily Deviations that were featured in July? Well, we've got good news: here they are!

:bulletblue:General Fiction: The Cloud Seekers by Katieyangg (586)
:bulletgreen:General Fiction: The Indian driver by Remedies (1,097)
:bulletpurple:General Nonfiction: I heard you were a rose by Ghost-of-Ink (1,367)
:bulletblue:Transgressive Fiction: Sleeping Beauty by SadisticIceCream (3,015) Previously featured!
:bulletgreen:General Fiction: The Tempo by SlickFiction (2,941)
:bulletpurple:Children's Fiction: never grow up by Pretty-As-A-Picture (401)
:bulletblue:Philosophical Fiction: TRRS by smoking-mirrors (329)
:bulletgreen:Transgressive Fiction: regardless by Barnaby (1,933)
:bulletpurple:Transgressive Fiction: To Be A Woman: Part Two by starlightofdawn (471)
:bulletblue:Theatre & Scripts: Phone Play 1 by sovegna-vos (245)
:bulletgreen:Horror: they never quite do by jimboistic (1,461)
:bulletpurple:General Fiction: This Organized Life by are-bee-s (814)
:bulletblue:Nonfiction Essay: Guide to Advanced Critiques by exarobibliologist (2,564)


Fella Loves dA by NovaDuck Meet Our Contributors: raheel07

raheel07 is one of our original team members, and like a lot of our core staff, we bid him a fond farewell only to welcome him back again in July 2008! raheel07 ambitiously began as our Sociopolitical, Philosophical & Transgressive staff member, and now contributes to our Life Stories & Perspectives section. He is energetic, enthusiastic, and above all, raheel07 is devoted to prose.

Not only is raheel07 a writer himself...

:bulletpurple: SMILE (137 words)

Philosophical Nonfiction: A smile is a powerful thing!

:bulletpurple: Remembering the Seasons (188 words)

General Fiction: Seasons intersect in this short evocative piece.

...but he is also a budding photographer:

Vintage Memories by raheel07 Constructing Lives by raheel07 Bangles and Beauties by raheel07


---| :postit:

For more information about WordCount, be sure to check out the following links:

:bulletgreen: Categories Explained
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This month's article included features suggested by:

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raheel07 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2008
Thank u so much for featuring me and that in my bday month.. yaay!! :hug: all the word counters!!
TakodaVega Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Why thanks for the feature <3 never actually been featured in something before ^^; so it motivates me to do more. :) thank you!
animatedpunk Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2008
wow, thanks for the feature :)
clownscape Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Enjoyed many of those. Keep quenching my thirst.

AGoddessFinch Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2008   Writer
Woah, thanks for featuring me beside all these great writers. I feel so small compared to everyone else. :D

TheMooseOfMayhem Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2008
Go wastelandofthemind! WOOT!
Iscariot-Priest Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2008
So it's official, Bill's put down his hat :noes:

Great round of features, gals and guys.
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