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:relax: Summertime is finally here! If you need a break from those last few assignments--or better yet, if you're already done!--then find a nice cool spot and settle in for some leisure reading. Not only do we have a spectacular assortment of staff picks to share with you, but we at WordCount have a special surprise for this Feature #11.

In lieu of a Published Works section we are pleased to present the two First Place Winners of ThornyEnglishRose and batousaijin's Tots and Teens Contest. The winning pieces in the two prose categories, 12 and Under and Teen Fiction, both exhibit a balance of charming appeal and refreshing creativity; both are certain to impress you, readers, as much as they have the judges and staff at WordCount.

Therefore, without further ado, we bring you the winners: ElectroBaby and RockerLane1110!

:winner: Tots and Teens Contest Winners! :winner:

:trophy: Magic by ElectroBaby (2,623 words)

12 and Under Fiction: The line between fantasy and reality gets increasingly sharper as we grow up. In this story, ElectroBaby beautifully explores that timeless theme.

:trophy: Because... by RockerLane1110 (1,161 words)

Teen Fiction: Did you ever really think about who else might have sat at your desk at school? In only a little over 1,500 words, RockerLane1110 develops so many three-dimensional characters and captures so many aspects of teenage life.

Psst! If you haven't read the entire article and seen all the winners, you're missing out!


:resume: 100 words or less

:bulletblue: Drabble by IfrozenspiritI

Contest Fiction: Is it an allegorical tale about the state of the world and the people who try to escape, or...?

:bulletblue: Manfred by IndigoJane

Fictional Life Stories:  Manfred dreams of having intimate relations. Too bad he's all fluff.

:resume: 101-300 words

:bulletblue: hunger by ladygekko

Humor:  Bringing new meaning to false pregnancy.

:bulletblue: DarkNight Audition Monologue by ivyautumn

Theatre & Scripts:  This monologue is the perfect example of a piece that does not waste words.

:resume: 301-500 words

:bulletblue: Mister monster by Archaeismus

Horror: An atypical perspective piece that heightens childhood fears to deep cerebral analysis.

:bulletblue: Scared by piratesecho

Fictional Perspectives: Sometimes we'd rather not make our stop.

:bulletblue: The Taming by littleboylogic

Erotic Fiction: A short, yet touchingly erotic tale with a clever twist.

:resume: 501-1,000 words

:bulletblue: This Is My Body by quentinwrites

General Non-Fiction:  A piece about cherising and respecting the real holy vessel.

:bulletblue: I.Am.The.Storm by drop-asd

Spiritual:  This tale about Slavic ancient gods will surely raise your interest in mythology.

:bulletblue: Broken Record by Jurobei

Fictional Perspectives: Imagine a pianist able to melt away the hardest of emotions.

:resume: 1,001 - 3,000 Words

:bulletblue: illuminaughty text by iamabee

Non-Fiction Biographies: Follow this stream-of-consciousness reflection on life and see where it leads you.

:bulletblue: shooting the muse by 00SpaceOddity00

General Fiction: In this powerful piece, 00SpaceOddity00 tackles a touch subject: what happens when your muse is a chemical?

:resume: 3,001 - 5,000 Words

:bulletblue: Helen and the Hours of Death by jack-cade

Fantasy: This story can only be described an archaeological find pulled from the archive of a great writer.

:bulletblue: A Most Inconvenient Occurance by RoseEyedPariah

Science Fiction:  
This story leaves enough to the imagination to keep the reader curious, while giving enough information to keep the reader engaged.

:resume: 5,001+ words

:bulletblue: History of the World by CharlieAG

Historical Fiction:  This roll-on-the-floor laughing parody of the history of the world is more than worth the time it takes to get to the end.


:deviation: Looking Back: May's Prose DDs

With free time on the horizon, what better way to spend it than to revisit all the prose DD's you missed?

:bulletblue: Wooden Crates by LeonieSainteVire (514 words)
:bulletgreen: Death of Charity by BlueDannyLew (559 words)
:bulletpurple: TWo Paths: Prologue by Memnalar (1,641 words)
:bulletblue: I Found One by raspil (2,348 words)
:bulletgreen: The Court of Life by mormonchick1005 (1,066 words)
:bulletpurple: Break by frankieofthehills (275 words)
:bulletblue: Uncle Danny by Skyen (574 words)
:bulletgreen: Panties and Pistols by NLY (1,292 words)
:bulletpurple: My Lion by tricksyriver (2,003 words) Previously featured!
:bulletblue: LOOK, FOOL by wrenwatcher (228 words)
:bulletgreen: Murdering Mary Sue by Cei-Ellem (2,753 words)
:bulletpurple: Crayons by Boxymoron (194 words)
:bulletblue: The Writing Process by LaMonaca (2,311 words) Highly Recommended by WordCount
:bulletgreen: Coping with OCD by TerrorCookie (1,356 words)
:bulletpurple: memento mori by livingcomforteagle (9,131 words)
:bulletblue: Decayed Earth: The First Days by distortified (4,769 words)
:bulletgreen: Hell's Kitchen by Zhinggibiis (853 words)
:bulletpurple: Run drabble by 365-leap (100 words)
:bulletblue: Not a Typical Morning by DarcKnyt (2,031 words)


Fella Loves dA by NovaDuck Meet Our Contributors: oneangstychick

oneangstychick is one of our oldest and most dependable WordCount staff members. She has been our go-to girl for General Fiction since this project first set sail in May 2007, and even though she may have parted ways from our project for a short time, we're happy to have oneangstychick back on our staff.

Trekking through the General Fiction gallery for prose is no easy task, but oneangstychick manages time and again to locate outstanding pieces (like the one in this month's feature) and turn out some great work of her own:

:bulletpurple: Dreams of Mint (1,072 words)

General Fiction: Explore the sibling dynamic and what it means to love.

:bulletpurple: Faust</i> (155 words)

Fictional Perspectives: This piece of flash fiction is certain to leave you in smoke.

Magpie and Robin (3,683 words)

Teen Romance: Magpie and Robin: probably the most interesting pair you'll ever meet.


---| :postit:

For more information about WordCount, be sure to check out the following links:

:bulletgreen: Categories Explained
:bulletgreen: Frequently Asked Questions
:bulletgreen: Staff Requirements and Application
:bulletgreen: WordCount Feature Archive
:bulletgreen: Make a Prose Suggestion


This month's article included features suggested by:

:iconjessamar: :iconcrimsonthrenody: :iconcut-devil4: :icondreamgirl303: :iconiscariot-priest: :iconladylincoln: :iconmadeleine-da: :iconnihilio: :icononeangstychick: :iconpunknera: :iconthornyenglishrose: :iconwordworks:

And a special thanks to fallenidle for donating a 3-month subscription to the account.  We :heart: you for your dedication and support.


(This article has less than 1,100 words.)
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iamabee Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2008
thank you so much for the inclusion. i apologize for the delay, but ive been away in the headlands battling demons and sometimes i lose and disappaer for a bit.

but i am smiling as big as the painted sky after seeing this. my writing is "stream-of-consciousness" as you put it. after i install the art portion at my site, i just start writing about whatever im thinking about at that moment until im done. and that becomes the text to the art panels. its like therapy for me, i drain the wound as i can. and then rebandage it with a couple of stoli martinis. so im glad you caught that.

once again thanks a lot. its great to see someone out here that reads and sees. i am honored. you are swellness on a stick. m
damina Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2008  Professional Writer
So someone rejected the article. Nice. I wish I knew why... they don't agree that you shouldn't belittle someone for doing art?
damina Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2008  Professional Writer
i'm being stupid today. Ignore this lol. Wrong article ;P
RockerLane1110 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
:glomp: Thanks!
quentinwrites Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, thanks very much! :)
ThornyEnglishRose Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Oooh, a special section all for our contest! :excited:
neonxaos Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Hmm, better get reading and learn something.
ElectroBaby Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2008
:blushes: :hug:
lauxierre Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2008
:w00t: Awesomeness!
YumeAkuma Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2008
Awesome! Can't wait to read all of these works now :)
Br0wnnie Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
good stuff :thumbsup:
*starts up with the reading*
streetmilo Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2008
Unali Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2008
cool. when I want something good to read I'll check back here :D
raspil Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2008   Writer
what a great article -- must save for later :boogie:
00SpaceOddity00 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2008
Thanks again for the feature. I read most of them, but I guess I'll finish when it's not 1 am.

This is gonna sound nitpicky and all, but since it's a writing group...

100 words or fewer. :blush:
Gibah Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2008
CrimsonThrenody Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2008
Awesome features! Can't wait to read all of them!
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