Week 33 - Word: TREE/s

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Word-worth-1000-pics is not a group, but a community project  featuring all visual art medias from a word, each week.
:bulletgreen: Features are added all week long
:bulletblue: Words are not a theme, but a tool to help us find amazing work hidden into the big dA world.


:new: Hello dear deviants

Word-worth-1000-pics is now a team composed of 16 deviants
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(you can also read about the new interactive section of this community project !
and how You can now participate in finding great art from the word of the week and get featured :)

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Send some great pictures found browsing from the word
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Presentation & info

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:new: A word from which I will make a search in weeks to come is PURE
Get you camera, tablet, pencils, paintbrushes,... and upload ! :boogie:

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:boing: = for less than 50 :+fav: pieces

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Cherry-tree by NoDate

:boing: :thumb24890511:   the secret tree. by lucias-tears

:boing: :thumb17179615:  :thumb31121218:  

Gele by jjuuhhaa   a Tree in a Night by jjuuhhaa

under_red_tree by JuliaDunin    AUTUMN. by YuriBonder

breathe by fahrmboy  :thumb51394687:  

:boing: Under the fading trees by ladyayne   firestarter by detail24

The Weed by kelc

:thumb60267006:  :thumb22914845:

DREAMSCAPE IX by Karezoid   DREAMLAND by Marcio

:boing: :thumb17900338::thumb57569804::thumb52741128::boing:

Treebute 3 - T'h'ree in One by lxrichbirdsf Treebute 02 - DirecTREE by lxrichbirdsf easy spring by asianrabbit

:boing: The Red Tree by isaacster39  :thumb49029330: :boing:

:boing: :thumb66494095:  :thumb66505418: :boing:

:boing: Autumns Pathway by JRose-Photography  :thumb43157913:

Family Tree by gilad   The white tree by Anrold :boing:

:boing: :thumb64961337:   Solitude by Eycewolf

In A Tilted World by gilad   snow white by werol

Moon Tree by paikan07  :thumb14499535:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

:boing: The Last Naiad by Onanymous   something by LimKis

:boing: Get off my branch by Cado Tree by gomedia:thumb21426733:

:boing: Over the apple tree by archizero   A Tree with Leaves by ersi

:boing: Just dreaming by Sagitarii life tree by yonaz As if the life... by Drezdany :boing:

Magic Forest by camilkuo:thumb61328920:


Mature Content

exlibris1 by emrekunt
   The red tree by Birthmark :boing:

:boing: Peace by emilieleger   Autumn Wanderer by Prasa

:boing: Tree Tops by aspy  :thumb55967130:

Leap of Faith by BillCorbett:thumb11737947: Shade of Autumn by treijim :boing:

:thumb53776012:   The Tree 1.4 by JessicaBader

:boing: knock at the door by JenaDellaGrottaglia   Red Leaves RELOADED by Saber1705 :boing:

:boing: :thumb45135627: :thumb22574410:

The Falling Leafs Girl by pesare   winter flower - Apple tree by DejiNyucu

A Tree with Flowerdrops by ersi   Living Trees by Bakenius

:boing: Atop the Grassy Knoll by Sweet3D  :thumb49357545: :boing:

:boing: -the happy tree- by Wictorian-Art   The face by OdiousEnnui :boing:

:boing: Tree House by raterio   End of the Branch Line by DaveWhitlam :boing:

:boing: Camouflage by PAtScHWOrK   Fruit From The Poison Tree by MelissaGriffin

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

:boing: :thumb35227448:  :thumb31257265:

Mature Content

Melancholy of the Butterfly by zancan
   +The Tree Face+ by Vegetka :boing:

:boing: Tree Spirits by astral-phoenix   tree of the beast by nicktheartisticfreak :boing:

:boing: Hangmen tree by annick   

Tree of Light   SOLD by graemeb   Tall Trees by RalphHorsley

:boing: Triptych Part II by Scrybe:thumb30389045: Aloisia Peregrina by Atanasio

TOM WAITS- Strange Tree by TrevorGrove   Butterflies in the banyon tree by Katie-O

:boing: care by amoroustak   cheerful by amoroustak :boing:

:boing: The Tree by Amotion Tree of Life by graemeb The Tree of Sorrow by innuendo :boing:

:boing: Tree Face by Hydrart The lost golden tree by lorlandchain The Fruitful Tree by Flyttamouse:boing:

Tree Goddess by shadowgirl lollipop trees by Baphomiss The Family Tree by nosurprises :boing:

Ma'altet by Nambroth   wrong perspective? by Acrylicdreams

Ent lovers by delfee Cherry-picking Mice by Red-Clover:thumb55827383:  

''ColoredPencil Tree'' by arghavan   Enchanted Tree by jackieocean

:boing: Christmas Otters by Red-Clover   Blue-Faced Phoenix by Alkahla


tree by rob1095

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(Including Artisan Crafts, Resources, etc.)
:bulletgreen: dA has moved from the traditional Art category the ARTISAN CRAFTS to be one of its own.

Artisan crafts

:boing: Be Still by KeelyB   Telperion and Laurelin by Faeriedivine

:boing: Bonsai Tree of Life by GomoDucky   Enchanted Twig by namoaj :boing:

:boing: tree in silver by dunadair   Crionnacht The Sheecrann 5 by Boggleboy :boing:

:boing: Tree Spirit-The Weaver by mysticalis



Tree brushes by lorylinn-stock   6 Photoshop Tree Brushes by DigitalPhenom

Leaves Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock

wallpapers / desktop Windows, etc.

:boing: :thumb56312903:   Cherry Blossom by snawmana

Growing Pains: final animation by Bakenius

:boing: Moonlight Shadow by JaJuJi

generous deviants joined me to help me make this community project still possible and a success ! :)

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