Week 32 - Word: AWAY

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Word-worth-1000-pics is not a group, but a community project  featuring all visual art medias from a word, each week.
:bulletgreen: Features are added all week long
:bulletblue: Words are not a theme, but a tool to help us find amazing work hidden into the big dA world.


:new: Hello dear deviants

Word-worth-1000-pics is now a team composed of 17 deviants
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(you can also read about the new interactive section of this community project ! and how You can now participate in finding great art from the word of the week and get featured :)
:target: sorry, we will get to this section as soon as possible

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Presentation & info

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:new: A word from which I will make a search in weeks to come is PURE
Get you camera, tablet, pencils, paintbrushes,... and upload ! :boogie:

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way, so more people can benefit from discovering new artists.
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:boing: against less than 50 :+fav: pieces

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:boing: A Ruddy King by garion   A Happy Family by garion :boing:

Not Fade Away... by Ytzeek   Million Miles Away From Home by XtraVagAnT

:boing: millisles away by billycrow   Far Away by Behindmyblueeyes

:thumb30663927:   Dead tree by godintraining

Away From Home by immortal91  :thumb63075769:

Desert Bloodstream by PhilipMatthews   Scary by didumdidum

:boing: Fly Away by AsbeMaister   Out Of Exile-Get On Top by gin3k0l0g :boing:

:boing: far away from home by blacksheepwall   Another day is gone... by Pytheas :boing:

:boing: Roseate Spoonbill by Saca   splash away by pekthong :boing:

   Wrapped in a Fog Blanket by the-shutterbug :boing:

:boing: Take Me Away by Ameera   love has gone away from me by nimgalad

Keep the doctor Away III by DaffodilLament   untitled 00138 by KORELYAN

Let Freedom Reign by ExquisiteDistraction   Hidden Away by PastyGuy :boing:

running away. by freckledmystery  

Mature Content

If You run away by Maurycywaw

:boing: Running Nowhere by bekahasaurus   Mission Top Secret by DMcRae :boing:

Everything pass away only I... by BlasphemedSoldier   Swept Away by nasser

I only fly away by roge-photo  :thumb60069578: :boing:

SPRING CHALLENGER 2 by guyfromczech    Fly away ... by MOSREDNA  

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:thumb50408268:   Bridal Flowers by PimpcessTyna

For Vince-V: Lucy by Mikutashi   Summer is miles and miles away by Nambroth

Walking Away From Everything by juliatrotti  :thumb38178707:

Shelter by MayYeo Rising Water by ursulav TWBT 1 - Flames of the Horizon by ekster  

:boing: Almost Real by Dae-ekleN Spring by The-name1ess:thumb32764364:

Jungle Venture Concept by Zureul Going away by oloferla

Music lesson interrupted by YagaK   Children of the Damned by ChrisRawlins  :boing:

:boing: Funeral for the Ancestors by DaveWhitlam

Mature Content

SILENCE AND AWAY by luciddreams
This is not a dream by LuckiTTy  

:boing::thumb56111608::thumb62927059: Soar Away by ladylydian  

Only an ocean away.. by NaBHaN   Goodbye Sadness by NaBHaN

Cast Away by 3DD13M14M1   Home and Away by The-Fairywitch  

Far Away From Home by silvestris:thumb44474297: .showering.petals. by noah-kh

:boing:  :thumb6174235:  :thumb63318771:

:boing: Away With The Fairies by nikurashii   They dance away by agios

:boing: Carried Away by ChristopherPayne  :thumb38155514:

:boing: The Crane Bride II by RHPotter   Flying away by aresa :boing:

lotus consumed away by ASHILOVEANI  

Ultra Hyper Chibi by Einwegherz   Bound to read by JohndeLano

:boing: :thumb24336447:  

:boing: :thumb65238667: End by Adelaida:thumb65277027: :boing:

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Goodnight Kiss by Cataclysm-X   Please my wings, take me away by Zindy

Fairy Girl ll by Zindy   The past is far away by emaghrabi :boing:  

   on the way home from the pub by 8025glome

:boing: Break Away by Reowyn:thumb44222964:

:boing: 5 o'clock runaway... by SoLbizaRk  :thumb63483250: :boing:

Running away by Bea-Gonzalez   Baltimore by equusrevelrous

:boing: Fly Away by LegoVasavouchi   .:The Esoteric of Despondency: by CrescentMoonlight :boing:

:boing: :thumb65575568:   The Little Cottage by the Pond by AnnaKirsten

:thumb65091738:   SELF ON SELF by artstruggle :boing:

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(Including Artisan Crafts, Resources, etc.)
:bulletgreen: dA has moved from the traditional Art category the ARTISAN CRAFTS to be one of its own.

Artisan crafts

:boing: Precious time... by nenne


generous deviants joined me to help me make this community project still possible and a success ! :)

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:iconasclaire: :icon4dreamer: :iconla-fleur: :iconblue-whisper: :iconbmcpereira:
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Aimelle (admin/founder)
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DaffodilLament's avatar
Thanks for the feature keep the docter away :]
BeehiveStudio's avatar
Hey all this features are amezing, from the photographies to the traditional art :clap: you are doing a great job
Word-worth-1000-pics's avatar
thank you ! glad you like :)
6elfwitch9's avatar
:bow: I find myself flattered in this moment, thanks for deciding to put me in here

AnnaKirsten's avatar
what a fascinating project! The other day when I was featuring red, I typed in red, and came up with works of artists who had hundreds of :+fav:'s - I was amazed, but didn't make use of the search at that time, as I was trying to feature people who were generally not so well known or recognised.

Thanks for including my Little Cottage from the Pond (with all its windows facing away from the elements!!!) :)
immortal91's avatar
i feel really proud seeing one of my photos next to masterpieces like the other features!
thank you very much!
PhilipMatthews's avatar
Thanks so much for the feature!! And what a marvelous selection of works! it´s a honor to be included ;)
emaghrabi's avatar
many thnaks for the feature.

Honored to have my work among all these great pics, paintings and drawings.
mmenathalie's avatar
Thanks people for feature!
juliatrotti's avatar
This is a great community project you are running here =) Thank you so much for featuring me! I really appreciate it.
Word-worth-1000-pics's avatar
glad you like :) you're welcome
XtraVagAnT's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature.
You have done a great work getting all that great deviations all together and I feel honored to be there too.
Congratulations for your effort.
Word-worth-1000-pics's avatar
thank you :) and you're much welcome
equusrevelrous's avatar
wow thank you for the feature! I really appreciate it! :hug:

vcrimson's avatar
:love: what more can i say????
Word-worth-1000-pics's avatar
you said it all ;) thank you for being there always :hug:
Dae-ekleN's avatar
thanks for featuring :aww: :hug:
onnenruikku's avatar
Thank you so so so much for the feature <3
freckledmystery's avatar
wow, thank you so much for the feature :heart:
Ancient-Hoofbeats's avatar
what about literature?
Word-worth-1000-pics's avatar
this is a project featuring visual art only. That's what it says "word-worth a 1000 pictures" :aww:
There is the contrary already (a picture is worth a 1000 words) on dA where deviants write from a picture :)
Ancient-Hoofbeats's avatar
ahh ok ...i thought I had seen a poem on here once...oops..I must have mixed you up w/the other one...oh well
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