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Frequently asked questions and more extended information

(List will expand. Work in progress)

1- :bulletblue: Why a deviation has been selected, even though the word is not in the title ? And aren,t they suppose to depict a theme (the word from the week) ?

The search engine use the word as a data. As long as the word is somewhere related to the deviation's page, it will appear in the results. So it might be in the description-comment, the keywords, the devious comments artists receive, even in the name of those who comment !

No, the deviations don't 'have' to be related to the theme, as a concept. A word is chosen to narrow my search. Everything that comes out from it can be selected. But... I will privilege a beautiful deviation that goes along with the word if I find 2 similar ones.
I also like the diversity it brings out.

:target: Thought about the fact that people may not use keywords properly to get more visibility. My conclusion is: I won't just add deviations found from a word in the title only. I don't have the responsability of this. I won't act as a judge, cop or whatever to make good manners being respected. Deviants are suppose to know what to do by their own. On my side, I support artists & promote art.
Also because I think that considering the words in the description comment is as important as titles. Same for good feed-back comments from other deviants.
So better keep the concept for what it is; selections made from anything the search engine is giving me from a word.
The aim, I believe, is to give people more exposure from a work they've done !

2- :bulletblue: How do you choose the words ? What are you considering ?

:bulletgreen: I choose the new word on D-day only. I never know which will be the one for next week. Except the first word that has been thought to be "First". (might happen again, once in a while). So that means I make many searches all week long.
:bulletgreen: I enter 'the' word I am thinking of for the week and check how many results I get from it. If there is a lot, I keep it. If there is not enough results to get good quality works to choose from,  I check on derivative words from it and make the total to know if there is still not enough or if there is, so I can go on with it.
* I am considering the plurial of nouns as part of the word for the week (except if both have really too much results). Also different tenses of verbs, when needed. I will never choose the same word twice
:bulletgreen: I never choose a word that is too specific (so I wouldn't get enough results). Same for words that are much more related  to one category of art.

3- :bulletblue: Do you browse through all the results ?

Most of the time, no ! I wish I could, but as words have different number of results and often way too much to see them all, I can jump pages to get to the oldest deviations and less popular ones, then I jump back.
Keep in mind that some words have millions of results ! But some having only a few thousands or less are not enough words to make many good selections.

4- :bulletblue:  What do you base your selection on ?

About everything. Yes, I want to find good quality work. But as important as this are other criterias as; creativity, originality/different/personal touch, technique, concept, interesting subject, great mood/atmosphere, harmony of colors, etc.
Finally, I do check if a deviant is still active when I want to select an older piece.
:bulletgreen:IMP: I am trying to make my selections as impartial as possible. That means, I am not more or less looking to the categories & styles I prefer, but all. I want diversity for all ! I appreciate art for art, anyway.

5- :bulletblue: Which categories & styles of art is featured ?

Anything that can be found on dA, as long as they respect dA rules and policies and are visual art (images).
I try to find quality work from all  media and styles, in each category.

6- :bulletblue:  Why not only unknown artists are featured ?

Although I try to find unknown/less known artists who deserve to be discovered a lot more, good quality work already commented and/or faved a lot are still interesting for new deviants and the ones who didn't know a particular artist exists.

It would be a huge investment of time to check on each artist's poularity (pageviews). Also, even a popular artist might have deviations with only a few comments/favs, or older ones (far back in the gallery) that are forgotten.  I am only considerig each piece of art individually. But I am very selective with popular works. I don't want journals made of them mostly. It would be easy to do !

7- :bulletblue: Why it looks sometimes as if you privileged a category ? And why there is a different number of features each week ?

As I never know where my search will lead me, I never know how many good quality enough deviations I will find, so what I will select.
And because I never know what I will find another day, I take what find interesting that day.  
Also, depending of the word for that week, there might be much less results in a specific category. A certain word can be very popular in photography, but not as much in traditional art. The reverse is also true. Finally, there is always less results (so number of deviations to choose from) in the Miscellaneous category, than photography, digital and traditional ones. Probably due to less submissions/uploads.
* Not to forget that time may be a factor too !

8- :bulletblue: How much visibility people get ?

4 ways.
:bulletgreen:from weekly News (with all the features of the week).
:bulletgreen:from this project account. The features of the week are on the mainpage. Past features are linked to previous journals. All the features are added in the favorites, so can always be seen there.
:bulletgreen:from links of Word-worth-1000-pics people put on their journal, promoting/supporting the project.
:bulletgreen: from people who spread the word around this project exists, so they can come here and discover all the great artists that have been featured from the beginning.

9- :bulletgreen: Why don't you search & select the best deviations before the week for it and then just expose it ?

Because people knowing what the word is can make a revision on some deviations they have in the gallery, adding the word in the keyword list, title or description-comment if it applies and it is missing.
Also because it can inspire people to create something new and add it to the gallery within the week, so I could see it and select it.

* The word given to you weeks before it will be used for a search is for the same reason, except it is giving everybody more time, so more chance to come with a new deviation (It will start when this project will be watched enough, so it can stimulate the inspiration of many deviants, hopefully).

10- :bulletblue: : Why are you doing this ?

For many reasons...
:bulletgreen: Because I really am an art appreciator, as much as an artist from the soul myself. So I would spend this time browsing (from words!) for myself anyway... so better share with all.
:bulletgreen:Because I like to find older deviations that are forgotten and put them back on tracks and unknown artists that really deserve much more visit !
:bulletgreen: Finally, because I think it is important to have a community spirit and help eachother to get more exposure. We are working hard on our art, there is people enough here, on dA, to know some of them will appreciate our art, or make constructive comments so we can improve our skills. Aren't there the reasons why we are exposing on dA ? :)

11- :bulletblue: Can someone be featured more than once ?

Yes. Even if I would note everyone who has been featured, it would be a fastidious work to go through the list to check if a deviant has already been featured. There is way too much features each week.
So let's enjoy each piece of art, for itself.


If you have any question, don't hesitate to note me.
Questions that might be helpful to more deviants could be added to this list.
Thank you for your interest :hug:

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Such an ambitious Project,

Many Thanks :hug:

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Thank' mille thousands:)
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Cool. I'm honored to be featured :O
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sorry¡ ¡¡ La verdad que no entiendo ¡¡¡¡¡ si me lo podrías traducir de verdad te quedaría muy agradecida ¡¡ no sé si es un grupo que quereis hacer o es una idea que quereis promover ¡¡¡¡ Si me lo explicas de verdad que te contesto ( mi traductor es malisimo ). Gracias de todas maneras )A greeting ¡¡
Word-worth-1000-pics's avatar
mi traductor es malisimo tambén :(

es simplemente por las " preguntas pedidas frecuentemente " que respondo para este proyecto

o ... ¿qué traducción es mejor? ¿más exacta?

pero es ello simplemente "las preguntas con frecuencia hechas" explico, para este proyecto de comunidad

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Pués ¡¡¡ de verdad que lo siento muchisimo pero todavía no sé qué me dices ¡¡¡¡ Si quieres volvermelo a explicar te lo agradezco ¡¡¡¡¡:frustrated:
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hablo francés e inglés solamente triste :(
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it is worth now I have a new translator, I believe that it is better, if you want and it is not nuisance for you, says what you wrote me to see again if now I understand it well I sit down It, I would like English a lot of knowledge .:please::frustrated:
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Bueno, es una communidad y no un grupo que quiere promover el arte..Cada semana escogen una palabra y luego hacen una busqueda con el search y escogen las piezas de arte que más les guste y las añaden en el journal, como noticia, etc..

Por ejemplo, esta semana la palabra es "lines", entonces ponen en el search engine de DA "lines" y luego escogen de lo que les salga y así sucesivamente.

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ok. muchisimas gracias por traducirmelo en español !!!:hug:
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This is a great format for answering questions!
You go girl!
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aww.. and I now see so many mistakes ! :blushes:
but thank you Mark :hug: glad to know I can make it decently in english anyway ;p
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