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This is my un-day.
Wake up after noon
Sail on foggy mind
Watch void on a screen
Keep my words within.
Have a snack
Have a snooze
Dream of happy dreams
Mirror my mirror and feel out of sight.
Take a walk along the streets
See myself on shop windows
Transparent, spotted with trademarks.
Think of productivity
Think of generosity
Drown in street philosophy.
Go back home, have a drink
Write a word, but no more ink—
Get angry, feel guilty,
Forget all and laugh at me.
Watch a movie
Watch my plate
Empty my mind
Empty my day.
Starts the night
Think of now
Sink in sleep with more to howl.
That was my un-day.
:iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 2 3
Is it a bird, is it a plane ? by word-s-myth Is it a bird, is it a plane ? :iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 2 0
Aube animale
– Il y a un chat dans ma tasse, s’écria Lily, cinq ans, en désignant du doigt un minuscule animal au poil brun et blanc, pelotonné dans sa tasse Bugs Bunny préférée au lieu de son lait habituel.
– Ce matin, tu vas boire une âme animale, dit son père comme si tout était normal.
– Ce n’est pas une âme, c’est plein de poils !
– Regarde mieux, ma chérie.
Lily observa un moment ce drôle de chat endormi puis elle essaya de le toucher. Ce n’était pas solide, ce n’était pas liquide. Elle avait en fait l’impression de mettre le doigt dans un rayon de lumière.
Tout à coup, comme si une chatouille venait de le réveiller, l’animal bougea. Il déplia lentement ses petites pattes, étira son corps élastique, et se mit à danser, une étrange danse ondulante – pourtant, il n’y av
:iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 2 5
Animal dawn
“There’s a cat in my cup,” said five-year-old Lily, pointing her finger at a tiny, furry animal, brown and white, curled in her favourite Bugs-Bunny cup instead of her usual milk.
“This morning, you’re going to drink some animal soul,” her father said as if everything was normal.
“It’s not a soul, it’s hairy!”
“Look better, sweetie.”
Lily stared at the sleepy, cat-like creature for a moment and eventually tried to touch it. This was not solid, this was not liquid. Feeling it was like trying to touch a ray of light.
All of a sudden, as if tickled awake, the animal moved, slowly unfolding its little legs, stretching its supple body, and it began a pretty strange, wave-like dance—though there was no music in the kitchen.
“It’s dancing, dad!” Lily whispered.
“Drink it! Drink it before it goes away!” urged her father.
How do you drink a cat? Lily wondered for a second, and then
:iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 1 6
LooKs LiKe a second chance
Last kiss...
Lost keys!
Lust calls.
:iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 3 5
New trends in unhealthy eating habits
"Hipster pizza??!"
"It's hairy, and cool..."
:iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 2 9
Every forgetful conspiracist needs a helpful spy
Your password's 'NobodyLanded0ntheMoon', scatterbrain!
:iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 8 8
Idleness is the root of all evil
First, needed rest.
Then, needed arrest.
:iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 2 13
Which is darker, 'dark' or 'noir'?
Noir est un tourbillon de nuit ;
Dark est l’écorce sombre qui recouvre nos yeux.
Noir is a war of shadows behind a curtain spread ;
Dark is a seed of soul inside a heavy soil.
Dark ends a day of deeds that are OK.
Noir is a well of nothingness next to a park of greed.
Noir comes to make us dream,
while dark rows on the sea that flows apart where Noah’s Ark should be.
Noir a l’air négatif d’un no qui se fait ire ;
Dark a l’art de créer un silence qui attire.
O dark ! O dear !
The dogs of hell bark out of fear,
Et sur sa barque noire
Charon attend de voir sombrer les heures
Au fond du lac d’eau pure où les secondes posent leur vol sans fin.
Noir falls into darkness
– like all seas drink the sun –
And dusk and dawn
Might well be one.
:iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 3 16
Birth of happiness
What divided us
makes us one.
:iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 3 2
Worldly feelings?
Should I covet your pains,
Envy your suffering?
Should I pray night and day
To gain a rain of tears?
The rainbow-monk began to sing:
Why is man the first sin?
The answer lies in sighs,
A heavy breath of broken dreams.
The raindrop-devil sang along:
Why is our light so dim?
The answer shines in lies,
The lost quivers of shadow beams.
I, voiceless, tried to dance,
But my corpse chanted:
Mankind brought me into this world,
This soothsayers' and beggars' world.
:iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 3 8
Sleeping angle by word-s-myth
Mature content
Sleeping angle :iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 1 2
Not guilty by word-s-myth Not guilty :iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 3 0 Love is a sticky feeling by word-s-myth Love is a sticky feeling :iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 4 2 Love's Magical Locks by word-s-myth Love's Magical Locks :iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 3 2
When Hannibal Lecter met his vegan friend
"I hate meat."
"I eat mates."
:iconword-s-myth:word-s-myth 7 24

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He awoke to find himself asleep.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez 2013
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Voilà... euh... mon premier roman vient de paraître : / This is my first published novel:

La Couverture3 by word-s-myth

4e de couverture : Nouvelle au lycée Camille-Claudel, Léa, quinze ans, se sent un peu perdue. Mais pour le cours d'art visuel, des groupes se constituent. Chacun doit réaliser un court-métrage avec son téléphone portable. Léa, la sauvage au grand coeur, se retrouve ainsi avec les parias de la classe : Moussa, le Black zen protecteur qui lui a parlé en premier, Quentin, un grand maigre aux allures de vampire, Pauline, une fille un peu "space", et Jennifer, la bombe qui se croit mieux que tout le monde et hypnotise tous les mecs, à commencer par Quentin... À sa façon, Léa, avec sa franchise, sa soif de justice et son envie d'aider les autres, va bouleverser la vie de chacun et trouver enfin celui à qui elle pourra confier son secret.
(Dis-moi qu'il y a un ouragan, Gallimard Jeunesse, 264 pages.)

The title means: "Tell me there's a hurricane" or "Tell me a hurricane is coming"
February 2012. Léa, 15, is new to her school. Don't ask her why her family suddenly had to move to a new town: she's too scared to share this secret. All she wants is to start a new life.
The "visual art" teacher gives an assignment to her class: writing and shooting a short film, using a mobile phone as a camera. Teams are made. That's how Léa joins the freaks of the class: Moussa, a meditative black boy, far from any teenage angst; Quentin, aka "the Vampire", who isolates in his own dark strangeness; and Pauline, aka "Space Girl", a shy and obsessive girl. But the teacher makes a fifth member join the team: Jennifer, the scornful and beautiful "queen bee", who mesmerises everyone, especially Quentin. She is the exact opposite of boyish (though romantic), friendly (though tactless) and fairness-loving Léa.
In a light-hearted, sensitive and biting tone, Léa tells the story of her ill-assorted team: how she changes their lives and how they change hers, how secrets and delusions can hurt or unite, how art and poetry can heal and reveal... And how love is actually a tricky thing.

Une playlist est associée au roman (80 titres) — An 80-title playlist is available (where you can hear Bach and Aretha Franklin as well as Regina Spektor, Avril Lavigne or even Marilyn Manson)
 On Spotify
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word-s-myth's Profile Picture

Artist | Professional | Literature
Usually working with words (in French, rarely in Latin or English), for my job and for my pleasure, I'm sometimes taken by an urge to draw or take a picture.
I wish I could catch Truth or Beauty, but I'm afraid they run faster than me :-)

N.B.: If you fave/comment one of my deviations, you can be sure that I'll have a look at your gallery. If I like/fave a deviation, I (often) try to explain why or tell what it evokes in me. I invite you to do the same, if you feel like it ;-)

Lecteur-correcteur, parfois traducteur, et vaguement écrivain, il m'arrive parfois d'avoir envie de dessiner ou de saisir un instant, un sentiment, en photo. Le résultat est ici.

N.B. : Si vous sélectionnez/commentez une de mes deviations, j'irai sûrement visiter votre galerie. Si j'aime/sélectionne une deviation, j'essaie (souvent) d'expliquer pourquoi ou de dire ce qu'elle m'évoque. Merci de faire de même, si le cœur vous en dit :-)

Favorite visual artists: Renoir, Manet, Hopper, Rossetti, Botticelli

Favorite movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Before Sunrise, When Harry met Sally, Forrest Gump, Le Président, Juno, Ratatouille, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Il Postino, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Coraline, Annie Hall...

Favorite TV shows: Doctor Who, Girls, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Community, The Newsroom ; Lost, Gilmore Girls, Rome, Friends, Medium, Pushing Daisies, Due South, BTWS ; Fais pas ci, fais pas ça.

Favorite bands / musical artists: The Beatles, Bach, Brel, The Rolling Stones, Simon and Garfunkel, Mayumi Kojima, Birdy, Adele, Satie, Beethoven, Aretha Franklin, Sinatra, Ray Charles, Green Day, God Help the Girl, Leonard Cohen, Led Zeppelin, K's Choice, Boris Vian, Miles Davis, Ravi Shankar, Blur, Bob Dylan, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor...

Favorite books: Madame Bovary, Revenge of the Lawn, Les Nourritures terrestres, Les Fleurs du mal, Ulysses, The Catcher in the Rye, Why we broke up (D. Handler), The Eyre Affair (J. Fforde), Alex in Numberland...

Favorite writers: Gustave Flaubert, André Gide, William Shakespeare, Richard Brautigan, Charles Baudelaire, Nick Hornby, Ralph W. Emerson, Woody Allen, Pablo Neruda, Louis Aragon, Ray Bradbury, Emily Dickinson...

Other Interests: creative writing, meditation/buddhism, Japan, Ancient Rome.

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