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My Bio
A short introduction...
I joined DA Oct 19, 2006 (dang time flies :O ) and I never regret that I joined. :thumbsup:
There is lot of great artists around and this place got a ton off them. :excited:
Mainly watch :+devwatch: and fave :+fav: what I like and I happen to like a lot, my oversized fave list is a proof of that. lol :P

Try to throw in some comments now and then because I know feedback is like "food" for most artist.
Without feedback you don't know if it's good or not. I know that for sure working with computers and stuff.

I know some artists myself (outside DA) and I mainly support them so not spreading much "money support" around online. I support in the way of watching, favoring, commenting and try to be a good guy.

You could call me "The friendly nerdy crazy silly viking from Norway" or whatever.... :P
I'm not here 24/7 but I usually step in several times a week if I not on vacation, got lot of work or something else happening in real life outside the big web. Yeah, I actually has a real life. lol :laughing:

Well, that was the short introduction. lol :P


My main computer
Last edit: May 10th, 2016

Start build:
Early 2012 and I actually never get done with a build as I always fiddle around with it. lol :P

Specification and stuff:

Case: NZXT H2 Midi Tower Black with magnet front fan connections.
..........Gotta love those magnet powered fans, no wires or screws.
..........Can unplug them even if the machine is on. Love that. :D
Power: Corsair HX 850W
..........Powerful stuff nothing extreme but more than enough for the stuff I have.
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z77
CPU: Intel LGA1155 Core i7 3770K
..........Says it can be overclocked to 4,7GHz but I like the default and safe 3.5GHz
RAM: 16GB Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600 MHz
..........Off course can also be overclocked but again I choose default.
Graphics: XFX Radeon HD7970 3GB 1600 MHz
..........I can overclock this sky high but I just have a safe small auto overclocking with it.
..........Is cool ass hell... well not actually hell more like ice. :P
..........At the moment set to max 1600Mhz since I not do much gaming or advanced graphic these days.
HDD's: 120GB SSD + 2TB +2x 1TB +2x 500GB
..........SATA all the way. 4 disks is from previous systems. Can never have to much space. :P :D
..........Only thing is them HDD is a bit noisy.
..........Maybe change them into silent SSD or replace with a few bigger ones. Less HDD means less noise.
..........I been thinking to replace them for 2 years, might be I buy a new system before that happens. :P
Optical Drive: Optiarc Blue Ray Burner
..........Blue Ray is the way, but these days I stream more than using discs.
..........Got it sometimes connected to a big ass TV screen and that rocks for movie times.
Audio: Asus Xonar D2X/XDT
..........Bought Logitech THX surround system speakers 2014 that still kicks the hell outta everything you play.
..........Music or movies, gives you sweet sound no matter. Well there exists off course way better systems
..........with clearer and louder sound if you gonna be picky but for my use this is awesome.
OS:Windows 10 PRO 64bit Eng with Norwegian language
..........With a pro like me it gotta be a Pro OS. Tweaking it off course. lol :P
Keyboard: MS SideWinder X4
..........Very nice keyboard and I like the customized buttons.
Mouse: Logitech G500
..........With small weights for customizing the mouse weight, I like that. :D

There is a lot more stuff that I don't feel I have to mention so I don't.

Only thing I miss from my old system is that my old case was much more silent. Had more "silent" pads on the inside and thicker "shell" or cabinet walls if you like to call it that. :P Also had more space inside for wires and stuff. Was made completely of aluminum which was darn heavy but darn cool. The graphic card is tight in this case I got now, in my previous case I had lot of space around. Other than that everything else is just so much better. Damn I love this new system! :D

To all you that ain't a computer nerdy geek like me WELCOME TO MY PAGE! :D
Look around, leave a comment, give a Llama or do whatever you wanna do.

Thanks for stepping by and enjoy! :D

Favourite Visual Artist
Not any favs I kinda just go around the web and suddenly I find stuff I like. Many here on DA. Also sometimes I go to museums and watch arts I did not know existed. Fun fun fun :D
Favourite Movies
As long it is good is on my fav list. :D Well I do like some badly made movies because sometimes they so silly they get funny. :P
Favourite TV Shows
Not to much drama or romantic stuff and if it is drama it gotta be good. :P If I gotta mention some I can mention Futurama, Simpsons, McGyver, Seinfield, A-Team and a bunch of others, to small space here to mention all. :P
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I listen to about anything. Sometimes quiet music, sometimes noicy but mostly something between. It all depends about my mood and the sourroundings. :D
Favourite Books
Comic books, fact books, joke books, books with lots of pictures other than that I don't read much books. :P Well I read a lot digtal on the web both work and private. I could write a bunch but this field is limited.
Favourite Writers
The one that write little and put a bunch of pictures instead... oh wait thats comic book writers... I like comic book writers. :P
Favourite Games
I like many type off games all from the old Mario Bros to FB games. Need for speed series, RPG and bunch of others. These fields limit my writing then again I not game as much as I did.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Computer, Xbox, Playstation, SNES (in the "old days"). Mostly computers these days and some Xbox and Playstation. Mostly at friends since it more fun playing with others. Also emulators on my computer. All I can say there always a game to be played. :)
Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade? If it is work I work with computers and stuff. Mostly support to them who don't understand all the stuff in the computer or software problems. Hey I can't help with everything but I got some knowledge. :)
Other Interests
Interwebs, computers, fishing, hiking the mountains (including driving on them), my gf, friends, family, porn/sex (hey I am a man ain't I?), drinking, eating, sleeping and bunch of other stuff that is to much to mention for this limited field. :)

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