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Patreon: November Update! by Wooled Patreon: November Update! by Wooled
Updated November 9th, 2018: Updated sheet to reflect November rewards! Art giveaway has been added, details below!

Hey guys! I had meant to update this closer to the beginning of November, but as some of you know I ended up getting a little wrapped up in antibiotics and illness, so I didn't really get around to doing it until now! I have lots of exciting things planned this month for my Patrons, and I hope you all are just as excited as I am! Patrons are what help keep me afloat during the really tough times, and every shift I don't have to take is more time spent on the comic! So really, thanks to all of you for your help in supporting OBT! And of course, if you aren't in any financial position to help, I appreciate the lovely comments you all leave. They make my day, and the emotional support is just as wonderful.

More info about some old and new features below!

Previous Features:
-Donor Credit: Regardless of what tier you decide to go with, you will get credit as one of my donors on OBT's main website host, Smackjeeves!
-Commission Discounts: Depending on your tier, you can get a variety of discounts on your commissions! Just be sure to remind me when ordering a commission.
-Cameo Priority/Interactive Cameos: You get bumped to the top of the list for a cameo submission of your choice! Interactive cameos get a slightly more prominent role than being a background character, and may chat things up with our heroes. While I can't give characters major roles in the story because of creative conflict, you will get to see them in action! May take some time to appear since I want characters to appear in the story organically.
-Trivia Tuesdays ($5+): Get access to little factoids about characters and the world that you never knew, accompanied by illustrations!
-Pre-Release Pages ($5+): You can get access to up to 5 pages ahead of the public schedule!
-Early Bird Pages ($20+): For a bump up in cost, you get access to all pages as they're completed, past the previous 5 page limit!
-Monthly Postcards ($10+): On the 5th of each month, I'll be ordering postcards for all of my current Patrons! I decided to order a little after the beginning of the month and just so any stragglers who want to pledge can have some time to do so before I start ordering. For the time-being, these postcards are limited edition, so don't miss out!
-Speedpaints ($10+): Every Monday, I'll be posting a new speedpaint! These can be from streams, pages, or warmups that I've done. A must-have for an exclusive look into my process!

New Features:
-Art Giveaway: On the 15th of this month, I will randomly select two lucky supporters of OBT to win free art! You can read more here on how to enter. There will be two prizes this month, a full painted, complex background commission with up to 2 characters (at a $90 value), and a single painted character commission (at a $30 value)! If you want to participate, make sure you follow the instructions on the post there for a chance to win!

Stretch Goals:
-$50- Reached!: OBT can finally stop being a financial strain for me! Hiatuses usually happen because I have to put the comic aside and work to afford paid subscriptions to art programs and advertising. By reaching this goal, the comic is no longer a financial burden.
-$100: For $100 a month, I'll begin hosting Patron-exclusive streams where I'll regularly stream future pages of OBT as well as other bonus content! If I have the time and energy, after each stream I am willing to take requests as well. Streams will occur at least twice a month as long as my irl life gives me the time/resources to.
-$150: At $150 a month, OBT will update on a Tues/Thurs schedule! As it currently stands, OBT is looking to take 10-15 years to get completed as it's only a hobby for me, but if we updated twice a week, that cuts that time in half to 5-8 years!
-$500: Once we reach $500 a month, I'll be able to update OBT on a Mon/Wed/Fri schedule! That cuts projected time to complete OBT down to 3-5 years!
-$600: The first time we hit this goal, it will trigger an automatic Monster House Marathon! The MHM is an event in which I publicly update OBT on a daily basis for a whole month while also sprinkling in a bunch of extra content! These are always really fun, I hope to do another one soon!
-$700: At $700 a month, I can quit my job to update OBT on a Sun/Tues/Thurs/Sat schedule! That cuts projected time to completion down to 2-4 years!

Patreon Link Here!
AlchemySylv Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i hope you get that 700 a month goal uwu
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