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On Borrowed Time: Chapter 2, Page 1



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Have a lot of fun things to say about this page! I guess starting with the obvious, Rune has a new look! I'm glad I don't have to draw her mangy long hair any more, she finally is starting to actually resemble a normal looking Vulpix. Some of you might notice something's a little different about Malachi, too! Like most cats irl, his pupils slit or dilate depending on the light around him. The nice sunny day makes him look 3% more intimidating.

Friendly reminder that $5 patrons get access to up to 5 pages ahead of schedule, and $20 patrons get to see pages as they're completed! Patreon support helps keep this comic running smoothly so we don't bump into a bunch of hiatuses. Any and all support is appreciated, though! Just seeing a nice comment makes my day!

Now that we're in town I can unleash a bunch of cameos!

•Matt the Raichu from The Stars Shine Bright
•Xola the Elgyem by Critic
•Joseph the Sylveon by SirIntelligence
•Shady the Litten by Gator-The-Greater
•Pika the Hakamo-o by Kiwiflame
•Woo the Whimsicott by me
•Fienne the Runner Starly from old OBT

Thanks to my very good friend Kiwiflame for beta reading chapters 1 and 2!

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art is still awesome...

I am still a fan...

hope there's still more to come.