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Commissions: Closed by Wooled Commissions: Closed by Wooled

Commissions are currently closed!

They will return once I update example art on the sheet and complete any currently outstanding commissions. If we spoke previously about commissions that I have not started, you still are on my list for completion!

(List of updates and changes at bottom)


I have the right to refuse any commission.


-Illegal Content

I am able to draw the following, but might suggest you seek other artists if you want:
-Realistic Portraits
-Full Pixel Art

Feel free to look at my gallery to see what my stronger points are!


(Note: The smaller figures next to commission prices are the cost of adding an extra character)

Commission Types:
Icon: A 150 x 150 icon of your character, headshots only.
Fullbody: A full and complete body pose for your character.
Sketch: Usually done in one sitting, likely will be messy with minor cleanup.
Lineart: Refined sketch, looks much cleaner and you have the option to choose if you want line weight. Available transparent or filled.
Basic Color: Mostly flat coloring, may have a gradient applied.
Painterly: Dynamic coloring and shading.

Basic Background: Usually abstract or minimalistic, color selection is carefully chosen.
Simple Background: Fields and other easy-to-draw landscapes fall into this category.
Complex Background: More realistic, usually more dynamic than the simple option. Cities, indoor settings, or complex outdoor scenery falls into this category.
Rush Order: Order will be added to a separate "priority" list. This means that it will be put above normal commissions, but still will be completed in whoever ordered priority first. (As a note, in the event that I have more than 5 rush orders, one normal commission will be completed after every 5 rush orders.)
NSFW: You have the option to make your order NSFW. This costs extra as I am not able to work on the commission in public areas, and private time to work is limited. NSFW counts as extreme gore or sexual content. (Example artwork can be found on e621 under the username "Woo" or by private request.)
Speedpaint: After completing the commission, you can get a sped up process video that details the work that goes into the piece. This costs extra due to screencap software slowing down my computer and making completion take more time.
High Resolution: High resolution artwork is worked on on a larger canvas, which may look crisper upon zooming in. This costs extra due to having to develop new brushes to accommodate for the larger resolution.
Style Study: If desired, I can attempt to mimic another artist's work. Costs extra due to time and effort dedicated to mimicking the style.

Other Commission Types:
Pixel Icon: A 50 x 50 icon with pixel art.
Shimeji: Shimejis are benign computer avatars that walk around on your computer desktop. Chibi with over 40 frames.
Comic Page: Average around 9 panels with individual frames of artwork and dialogue. This cost is for colored pages, if you're interested in monochrome or line-art only, message me for a quote.
Character Sheet: A full reference for a character. Will include a colored ref, as well as a character turnaround.


-Send me a note or an email with the following information:
Type of Commission
Reference(s) for Character(s)
Description of What You Want
Your Paypal Email Address

-For all types of commissions, I will send you a sketch before payment (except for sketch commissions). You can pay prior to receiving the sketch if you want, and you still will be a part of the following steps.
-Any revisions, such as pose, expression, character design, etc. must be made during the sketch stage. Each client gets 3 free changes during this stage, additional changes will cost $5 per change. Major modifications are not allowed upon commission completion.
-Once you approve of the sketch, pay in full via Paypal.
-Work on the commission will not begin until the commission is paid in full. Once it is processed, work will begin.
-While you wait for your commission, you can ask for progress reports. Large-scale changes will not be made during this time.
-Once the commission is completed, you may choose to have me post it publicly on my websites for self-advertisement, or to give it to you privately. Unless you explicitly state otherwise, I will assume the former.

-All personal data (such as email, real name, home address, etc.) that may be processed through Paypal will be kept in my personal records as proof of purchase. Your information will never be given out to any third party entities or mailing lists, and you have the right to ask that I terminate any of your records that are not related to financial needs.
-I have the right to use the finished piece in self-advertisement unless explicitly instructed otherwise by the client. Likewise, the client has the right to do what they wish with the piece within the following terms:
      a. The client MAY NOT resell the piece. I, the seller, must also abide by this rule.
      b. The client MAY repost the finished work if proper credit is given to me.


Updated November 9th 2018! Changes made are...
-Closing commissions temporarily!

 All necessary information should be above, but if you have questions, please note me! At this time commissions on DA are Paypal exclusive.

If you're a Patreon backer, you can get access to discounts up to 25% off! With this, not only do you get exclusive sneak peeks of my work, but you also lower your commission costs! How nifty!
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