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Wookiestock: Lemme Hug Yall

Come here dA, lemme give a hug!
For all of you wonderfull people who watch me and support me for no aparent reason. It's pretty amazing to see so much appreciation for what I do on spare time, you're all awsome.

Link back to either this image post or my page in the description.
Give proper credit where it is due.
Let me know so I can see the finished work.
If you use it in a print I ask that I get one as thanks.
Image details
Image size
1139x2711px 2.4 MB
Canon PowerShot G6
Shutter Speed
1/30 second
Focal Length
9 mm
Date Taken
Aug 29, 2006, 7:43:05 PM
© 2006 - 2021 wookiestock
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layerZero's avatar
Thanks so much for this awesome shot!

It has been featured in my Illustrator tutorial on [link]
wookiestock's avatar
You're very welcome!
Thankyou for the notice, nice tutorial by the way, good job on the finished label.
MadamEve's avatar
I used your stock here: [link]
Thanks for the great work, keep it up!
Rachastock's avatar
Hi there. :D Your stock has been featured in my Happy Stock News Article
wookiestock's avatar
Thankyou for the feature!
Scribblez-stock's avatar
GAHHH!!!!! GLOMP!!!! :glomp:........................there's your hug from meh. :aww: ^^;

R.I.P. Mom. I :heart: you.
dangerous-stock's avatar
This photo is cute and funny and amuses me enough to garner you a new watcher. :)
wookiestock's avatar
Woooo! Thankya much!
ToygerCat's avatar
I was in dire need of a good full bodey male stock, but had a hard time finding anything that could fitt my use....

When I found this... it's just so sherfull =D
You look just so over happy with that pose and smile =^_^=

And to top it all of you're super cute :love:

I will defenitely use this for anatomy refferance on my next cg
I hope you don't mind turning in to a blue furry demon dressed as a Angel for Halloween (Nightcrawler from the X-Men, for a Halloween contest here on DA ;) )
wookiestock's avatar
Glad you could find my work so helpfull, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
Thankya much for the wonderfull comments. :hug:
ToygerCat's avatar
You're welcome =)

It might take a bit time, but I'll send you a note when it's done =^_^=
asukakanzaki's avatar
AWWW!!! :glomp: you back! Much :love: too! :blowkiss:
Trounced's avatar
Aww, a great way to thank your watchers! =D I'm a brand-new watcher, but I'll hug you anyway! :giggle: :hug:
wookiestock's avatar
Gotta love dem hugs, feel the love! lol. :hug:
Kinu-Neko's avatar
aw, we love you too! :hug:
wookiestock's avatar
Feel the love!
Florayne's avatar
Psh, of course I appreciate stock... people.
Whatever the right noun to put there would be. I can totally speak english today. Really.
Anyway, I dunno where I'd be without stock....people (Blah that noun again!) Id probably be drawing horribly unproportional people. And well...that would just suck.
You keep me from suckage! Yay! =D
Lit-Stock's avatar
haha you're too fun ^_~
wookiestock's avatar
Ha, well thankya, it's nice to try. :)
DiyaDeathwalker's avatar
I want to run up and hug ya!!! :glomp: Wheeee!!!
wookiestock's avatar
DiyaDeathwalker's avatar
Hooray!! :giggle: Thanks for keeping me cheery.
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