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Wookiestock: Almighty Plunger

Wallace and his smart-ass comments

Link back to either this image post or my page in the description.
Give proper credit where it is due.
Let me know so I can see the finished work.
If you use it in a print I ask that I get one as thanks.
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Image size
1692x2868px 2.45 MB
Canon PowerShot G6
Shutter Speed
1/30 second
Focal Length
8 mm
Date Taken
Nov 22, 2006, 8:45:53 PM
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crilleb50's avatar
I used your beautiful stock here: [link]

Thanks for sharing :rose: :heart:
chaossmum's avatar
thank you ,amazing stock! i used here [link]
al-maari's avatar
It's the Super-plumber of Justice! *in Mighty Mouse voice* Heeeere I come to save your draaaain! :superman:
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This stock resource is featured in this dA article: Stock Features A to Z - February 2009.
(Sorry for the copy/paste message; it helps me save time.)
Ormspryde's avatar
*blinkblink* 'And the mighty plumber lifted his plunger, only to realize that he'd forgotten his bow on the bus.'
wookiestock's avatar
It happens more often than it really should. :(
Ormspryde's avatar
I can't tell you how many times I've walked out of my house and completely and utterly forgotten my spear. *sigh* Oh, well...

(p.s., thanks for posting all these wonderful photos; they're most inspiring)
wookiestock's avatar
And thank you for the wonderfull comment. :D
Ormspryde's avatar
Well, thank *you* for sharing your photos with us!
sheila-elfinchild's avatar
that must have been one hell of a poo
SNAK-stock's avatar
-falls out of chair and has a seizure-

Jesus, I need to catch my breath. Aw man...this is awesome. Too awesome.
wookiestock's avatar
Glad to hear it, thankyou muchly! :D
jo-the-phoenix's avatar
:laughing: I can hear heroic-type music in the background... Dah da da daaaa!!!
HECA's avatar
:rofl: Both of these are great!
wookiestock's avatar
That's good to hear! :D
Thankyou very much!
Slylock-Stock's avatar
Have I told you that I love you recently?

Because I totally love you. I can see us having the world's craziest babies. Imagine little boys in clown makeup and tights OF THEIR OWN VOLITION while their sisters run around in shorts, wielding brooms and plungers like swords?

wookiestock's avatar
I can't hardly wait. So what do you think? 6? 8?
We gotta have lots of property so they can run around and hide and such. :D
Love you too Artie. :hug:
Slylock-Stock's avatar
Kickass. We should live on a ranch.

Hybridclaw's avatar
Long ago a great hero banished the mighty brown sausage forever....
rosesnthorns65's avatar
Nice. Reeeeaaaal nice.
rosesnthorns65's avatar
Where'd you get the idea, again?
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