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Ghost + other stuff = Last Entry (edit at bottom)

3 min read
Due to complications in life and those around me, I will be basically a ghost here on dA.  I may log on every now and then to check stuff, but I wont be able to ever reply, and this is my last journal entry for a while.
I may come on to read stuff, or just look at art, but I wont comment/reply/post journals, or interact in any way other than silently giving llama badges or something. This will be due to some moral dilemmas and clashing opinions between me and my family about online 'friends' and what it means to be online.

I'll be here silently (sometimes) so I'm not totally gone!

The last SHARING TIME for a while. . .

Me shoveling snow. Every single time I go outside and shovel snow, a crow will follow me around and caw at me.
Me: Oh it's you again.
Crow: CAW!
Me: Wow, a conversation with a crow *sarcastic*
Crow: CAW!
Me: I'm not feeding you.
Crow is silent. Ruffles its feathers and puffs up.
Me: That was a strangely appropriate response
*I continue to shovel snow for a while, and at the end when I heading back in, the crow caws at me again*
Me: Dude, no food.
Crow: CAW! *takes off and lands on the nearby fence*
Me: Someone would thing theres a steven king movie being filmed with how you stick around.
Crow shits and then flies away.
Me: Well I guess thats his opinion of a steven king movie. . .


Creepy page www.mangafox.com/manga/dengeki…
Yes, thats a giant haunter called the "Black Fog" and thats Ash and Brock running at it.

Farewell for now guys!

:bulletorange: EDIT! :bulletorange:

Ahhh, it seems that instead of just being silently lurking, I will just plain be gone from the internet, as in, I will not have access of any internet whatsoever for a very, very long time. So this is a second, more permanent goodbye!
Keep up the awesome stuff everyone, and never give up!
I hate long goodbyes, and in general I never know what to say to sum it all up. . .so farewell for now!

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1 min read
We have two little dogs, and one always nibbles her own tail and stuff, so now she has a cone. . .I now call her: Radar.

And the other seemed to want the cone >.< Wierdo dogs.

For once, I'll be abel to go to a pokemon event thing and get a Celebi! A store around here has the Celebi event going on, a total first for the entire area. I plan on getting Celebi on the 21st on my Soulsilver and Platinum. Then on the 6th is the last day of the event, and also the day that Black and White come out. . .I plan on getting Black. I kinda want white, since it has an area where you can catch a lot more pokemon than Black, but the version exclusives make me want Black more.

Soon I'll be trying to upload some of my coloured pencil drawings (of pokemon only, no original stuff to be uploaded on dA).
So expect some senseless and cute pokemon pictures.

To mah watchers, whats your favourite pokemon (or two)?
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The pokemans! +other stuff

3 min read
In pokemon Soulsilver, I still haven't beaten the E4, though I haven't had much chance to play. My team was all levels 40-43 once I reached Lance, and I was one-hit-ko'ed every single turn, so I'm gonna go grind levels until everyone is at least 47-ish.
If I remember to wear the pokewalker, I would accumulate over 12k steps every day. My walking pokemon is usually a Caterpie called Kitty, or a Magnemite called Jonhy-05.

Because of my deafness/Hard of hearing, no matter how loud the TV is turned, I still can't hear certain tones, and thus would need the Captions on.
He left! Out the back door, hurry!
would be
H left out the back hurry!
Obviously it's not like that on all shows, but a good number of things I watch with the captions on are like that. Its almost more annoying than not being able to hear whats going on.

This time it's a real life scenario! I was in a store with my mom and dad, pushing the shopping cart while mom and dad were ahead of me looking at the labels of some stuff. There were two girls talking near me (on the side of my 'hearing' ear that has better hearing). One will be Pasty, the other, Palor (for good reason, they looked like twilight movie rejects trying to be goth at the same time)

Pasty: Man, I wish this place was opened at night. I'd never go out in the sun if it was.
Palor: I swapped to night school so that I wouldn't have to be out in the day unless I had to.
Pasty: Really? I should do that. I'm also trying to go nocturnal, but my mom wont let me.
Palor: That sucks. I'm almost totally nocturnal now except for when I have to go out in the day.
Pasty: I wish we could drink blood for real and not get in trouble.
Palor: That would be so awesome

(No I am not making this up, and yes they are that wierd. Wierdest people I've come across in my whole life I think)

I notice mom and dad start moving, so I look over at them, give a massive retarded grin, cross my eyes and say in a very stupid voice:
"I'm a UNICORN!"

I wish so much I had a camera for their reactions. It took a lot of willpower to not bust out laughing at them, though I had a hell of a laugh afterwards.
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BUBBLES! +other stuff +other stuff

2 min read
I'm drawing a speedpaint. . .basically it's just an excuse to draw some epic shiny bubbles. And the picture makes no sense.

I noticed that in pokemon stadium (nintendo 64 game, it's fuckin' awesome) the attack Bubble and Bubblebeam look really nicely animated compared to most other attacks.

A bottle of hypoalergenic bubble mix costs nearly twice as much as normal bubble mix here.

A bottle of baby-friendly bubble mix costs only a third as much as normal bubble mix, and it says on it that it's hypoalergenic, the only difference is that it's a pale yellow bottle and it has a baby face on it.

Baby shampoo+conditioner is hypoalergenic, has no sulfites and wierd crap in it, smells better, makes your hair softer, and is cheaper than normal hair shampoos.

More people get heart attacks around here from shoveling snow than any other cause. More even than the other top two causes COMBINED.
It snowed so much that I shoveled twice yesterday, and my bro shoveled once. Today I shoveled once again, and also made an army of mini snowmen (like 20 of them) that stood on our truck and beside our LONG driveway. We have a dirt driveway thats 100 feet long, and a yard just as long. I shoveled around the house, part of the yard for the dogs, and the whole driveway. DIFFICULT WITH TWO FEET OF WET SNOW.

(We kinda live out of town so the only people to admire my army is us >.<)

It'll be my Bro's birthday on the 17th. My birthday is in March (I'm getting Pokemon Black version ;p)

In my soulsilver game, I'm progressing decently and nearly at the E4. I have an all normal team (well, half of them is part flying).
Lord and Lady the Noctowls.
Slave the furret.
Prince the persian, Princess the raticate.
And Sunspot the togetic. . .
Susnpot is kinda the odd one out >.<

This journal has to be the most oddest collection of other stuff I've ever written.
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Not what I thought +other stuff

3 min read
. . . Just when I said I'd be away and have no computer time, I get lots of computer time! And. . .I got through all my stacked up messages! But I kinda sorta deleted some by accident, but I don't know what it was. . .
Playing Soulsilver with my Normal team. Lord and Lady, Prince the persian, and Princesss the raticate. I also have a Togetic I'm training but I may swap it out for a Tauros or a Ursaring. And Slave. . .Guess what shes for!

I'm drawing a short manga/doujin thing, of my battle against Whitney. It would be ages and ages before I could upload it thought since I need to scan and clean it. It's actually turning out decent, despite my serious dislike of drawing humans.


This time from World of Warcraft. I was leveling up as a druid in Cat form, and I came across a group of lower-levels in the area being chased by a lot of monsters. I leap off a cliff and start killing the monsters.

Nooblet: Yay! Now we can quest here!
*I kill the last enemy*
Me: If you can't even kill these three monsters you can't quest here.
Noobtard: Yes we can. You'll help us.
Me: What? No, I just saved you, I got other stuff to do, so I'll be leaving.
Nooblet: You can't leave us!
Newbie: You HAVE to quest with us!
Me: No I don't.
Noobtard: If I tame you, then you'll have to stay around.
Me: What?
Noobtard releases his pet*
Noobtard: Why isn't the taming working? Your a cat, and I can tame cats. . .
Newbie: Maybe shes too high a level?
Me:. . .Crap, the taming worked! Now I have to stay with you!
Noobtard: HA! IT WORKED! Now go attack that monster!
*I play along and stay by Noobtards side and attack stuff. After a few minutes I stop*
Me: Now you have to do a special quest.
Noobtard: Really? Where do I get it?
Me: From me. Since you manage to tame me, you have to go into the enemy city to prove you tame me, and then you will be immune to all enemy attacks for life.
Noobtard: AWESOME!
Newbie and Nooblet: Do we get to do it too.
Me: Yes. Go into the biggest enemy city, and if you make it to their castle, you complete the quest by talking to the enemy leader.

*Nooblet, Newbie, And Noobtard proceed to run into the enemy city, dying over and over and over again for literally hours*
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