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In pokemon Soulsilver, I still haven't beaten the E4, though I haven't had much chance to play. My team was all levels 40-43 once I reached Lance, and I was one-hit-ko'ed every single turn, so I'm gonna go grind levels until everyone is at least 47-ish.
If I remember to wear the pokewalker, I would accumulate over 12k steps every day. My walking pokemon is usually a Caterpie called Kitty, or a Magnemite called Jonhy-05.

Because of my deafness/Hard of hearing, no matter how loud the TV is turned, I still can't hear certain tones, and thus would need the Captions on.
He left! Out the back door, hurry!
would be
H left out the back hurry!
Obviously it's not like that on all shows, but a good number of things I watch with the captions on are like that. Its almost more annoying than not being able to hear whats going on.

This time it's a real life scenario! I was in a store with my mom and dad, pushing the shopping cart while mom and dad were ahead of me looking at the labels of some stuff. There were two girls talking near me (on the side of my 'hearing' ear that has better hearing). One will be Pasty, the other, Palor (for good reason, they looked like twilight movie rejects trying to be goth at the same time)

Pasty: Man, I wish this place was opened at night. I'd never go out in the sun if it was.
Palor: I swapped to night school so that I wouldn't have to be out in the day unless I had to.
Pasty: Really? I should do that. I'm also trying to go nocturnal, but my mom wont let me.
Palor: That sucks. I'm almost totally nocturnal now except for when I have to go out in the day.
Pasty: I wish we could drink blood for real and not get in trouble.
Palor: That would be so awesome

(No I am not making this up, and yes they are that wierd. Wierdest people I've come across in my whole life I think)

I notice mom and dad start moving, so I look over at them, give a massive retarded grin, cross my eyes and say in a very stupid voice:
"I'm a UNICORN!"

I wish so much I had a camera for their reactions. It took a lot of willpower to not bust out laughing at them, though I had a hell of a laugh afterwards.
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Zazu75's avatar
those girls are...pretty idiotic, huh?

and im glad you and Veg are getting along. it's awesome. Px
Subzi's avatar
>_>'...^_^' Awww...Bless their little pale balmy hearts, haven't the hormone-crazed loons ever heard of AIDS? -headdesk-

I'm a UNICORN too! Shall we frolic along together to find candy mountain? XDD
Zazu75's avatar
wait, i thought you were a vegetable? or a superhero? =P
Subzi's avatar
Yup. A Veggie-Superhero who cosplays as a unicorn on her odd weekends off.

I'm just plain AWESOME honey. ;)
Zazu75's avatar
or plain delusional. =w=
Subzi's avatar
Shush now, you'll upset her.

Upset who?

No one dear, do you like your new cape?

Yup! ^____^ Its all like FOOSH!

*Lama reaches for his Sanity where did he put it...?*
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I know. I'm just that good. ;D

Zazu75's avatar
no, i just. you flabbergast me sometimes.
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We shall frolic over the candy mountain and the rainbows, and find an army of fellow unicorns to spread the sparkly love and rainbows to all the vampires. . .
Wait, twilight already did that. Drat.
Subzi's avatar
Woe be to us. We have lost our purpose. T^T

On the upside, FREE CANDY!
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