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We have two little dogs, and one always nibbles her own tail and stuff, so now she has a cone. . .I now call her: Radar.

And the other seemed to want the cone >.< Wierdo dogs.

For once, I'll be abel to go to a pokemon event thing and get a Celebi! A store around here has the Celebi event going on, a total first for the entire area. I plan on getting Celebi on the 21st on my Soulsilver and Platinum. Then on the 6th is the last day of the event, and also the day that Black and White come out. . .I plan on getting Black. I kinda want white, since it has an area where you can catch a lot more pokemon than Black, but the version exclusives make me want Black more.

Soon I'll be trying to upload some of my coloured pencil drawings (of pokemon only, no original stuff to be uploaded on dA).
So expect some senseless and cute pokemon pictures.

To mah watchers, whats your favourite pokemon (or two)?
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Zazu75's avatar
im glad that you two are getting along, lol.

UHM, that event is gonna be cool. lucky you. o 3o

what pokemons i like...Ninetales and Haunter. I'm very old school about my faves. =P

also, the meaning of life is 42, lol.
Subzi's avatar
-_- oh man, Zazu is gonna explode into bite-size bits of Pokey-nerdness when she see this. XDD

Well, I adore Vulpix for no other reason than it's girly-cuteness.

That and Wobbuffet, its antics in the anime never ceased to amuse me. >_>..also it has buffet in its name. I could never say no to a buffet.
Wookiesarebetter's avatar
Wobbusset is awesome, too bad he hasn't stayed as a permanent part of Team Rocket. . .
Vulpix is cute, they look so huggable!
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'til you get to that flame thing. XD