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I'm drawing a speedpaint. . .basically it's just an excuse to draw some epic shiny bubbles. And the picture makes no sense.

I noticed that in pokemon stadium (nintendo 64 game, it's fuckin' awesome) the attack Bubble and Bubblebeam look really nicely animated compared to most other attacks.

A bottle of hypoalergenic bubble mix costs nearly twice as much as normal bubble mix here.

A bottle of baby-friendly bubble mix costs only a third as much as normal bubble mix, and it says on it that it's hypoalergenic, the only difference is that it's a pale yellow bottle and it has a baby face on it.

Baby shampoo+conditioner is hypoalergenic, has no sulfites and wierd crap in it, smells better, makes your hair softer, and is cheaper than normal hair shampoos.

More people get heart attacks around here from shoveling snow than any other cause. More even than the other top two causes COMBINED.
It snowed so much that I shoveled twice yesterday, and my bro shoveled once. Today I shoveled once again, and also made an army of mini snowmen (like 20 of them) that stood on our truck and beside our LONG driveway. We have a dirt driveway thats 100 feet long, and a yard just as long. I shoveled around the house, part of the yard for the dogs, and the whole driveway. DIFFICULT WITH TWO FEET OF WET SNOW.

(We kinda live out of town so the only people to admire my army is us >.<)

It'll be my Bro's birthday on the 17th. My birthday is in March (I'm getting Pokemon Black version ;p)

In my soulsilver game, I'm progressing decently and nearly at the E4. I have an all normal team (well, half of them is part flying).
Lord and Lady the Noctowls.
Slave the furret.
Prince the persian, Princess the raticate.
And Sunspot the togetic. . .
Susnpot is kinda the odd one out >.<

This journal has to be the most oddest collection of other stuff I've ever written.
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adskjfaksjdfjdska YOUR BDAY IS IN MARCH TOO?

and dood, snow man army. take pictures of that for me, would you? o wO

also, baby shampoo. HM. really that much better than reg. shampoo?

also, you can make your own bubble mix at home with shampoo or with liquid soap. your own bubble-blower thingie out of a straw. :3
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Yes. . ..Soon I will be 2 WHOLE DECADES OLD.
I did take some pictures, but only of half of them. . .
I think I may go make more since the snow didn't melt today, and I'll take pictures of them ;p
My family has now swapped over to using baby shampoo instead of the other stuff for all 4 of us. I have a really annoying skin condition where pretty much every substance on the planet makes it worse, and baby shampoo is the only thing that dosen't affect it.
I may try that bubble mix suggestion. . .If I can find a straw ;p
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...huh, im 3 years older than you then. i'll be turning 23. Px

eeee mini snowman army of DOOM. 8DDDDDDDDD

HM. that...i wonder if there's any merit to that. i should really look into it, lol.

sure thing, haha. i got the whole straw idea from Digimon, if you'd belive it. xD;;
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Oh hay I remember that digimon episode now! From 02, Ken and his brother.
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yeah, that's the one. xD;