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Un Deux Trois Quatre Cinq -01

Heres grumpycat and dumbcat again, this time in an ugly 4-panel strip! Isn't that just OMG TOTALLY AWESOME?!
I think I killed braincells typing like that O.o

Grumpycat and Dumbcat belong to me, no one else can use in any way!

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Haha That made me laugh.
I can't wait to get a front lawn so I can yell at people to get off of it :heart:
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Wow that is amazing.
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Ah, thank you very much!
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that's so funny!! :rofl:
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And it will remain funny. . .unless you get on Grumpycats lawn, then he'll attempt to tear you to pieces.
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hehahhahahahaha!! :rofl:
this is so win! i LOVE the last panel!
more please! Px
and btw, you are an amazing artist. xD
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The last panel was actually the first one I drew since I knew how I wanted it to play out >.<
Grumpycat is awesome like that ;p
Thank you very much!
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so you drew it backwards? niice.

i love your new icon, btw. ;D
and no problem!
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Grumbycats face was too nifty to not make an icon out of ;p
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i bet. xDDD
its a great icon, too! it makes me lol. x3;;
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