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Nickname meme

A meme about nicknames for anyone to do. Instead of drawing yourself, you draw the nickname itself.

Like for me, in my 'favourite nickname' part, I'd draw Duo Maxwell, since I was called Duo a lot because I looked like him, and I prefer that over all my other nicknames >.<
Or in the 'first nickname' part, I'd draw two cakes. I was called two-cakes when I was little since I proclaimed on my birthday I wanted two cakes.
On my 'most hated nickname' there would be a lot. . .Most probably Two-face (After the batman villian two-face, since one side of my face was different than the other)

No need to ask permission to do this, but please link back to this original in your artists comment so others can find it! Also, show me your finished meme!
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FaliusAren's avatar
Aww too bad I didn't have that much nicknames!
Wish I could fill it.
RainTheNeko's avatar
[link] It was very fun! ^^
Miss-Jazzmatazz's avatar
That looks very fun XD
Kabetchett's avatar
Lol, I have three first nicknames, one family-wise and two school-wise... And two nicknames I hate. :P
purple-skittles44's avatar
this is a hard- yet fun meme :DD
Coyoteclaw11's avatar
lolz 3 of those answers are Coyote Coyote and Coyote :D
Suhformagginovampire's avatar
I made this meme =D [link]
it's a good idea ^^ althought is difficult =)
bogside-girl's avatar
I want to do this but I can't download it T-T
Wookiesarebetter's avatar
It's fixed, you can now download it. Thanks for pointing that out!
bogside-girl's avatar
No problem, and thanks!
SasuNaruLUV47's avatar
lol I only have one nickname that I have had since I was born XD
Wookiesarebetter's avatar
Thats either very lucky or very unfortunate (depending on the name)
SasuNaruLUV47's avatar
well Katie, Katelyn I pefer Katie but all the teachers call me Katelyn so annoying
Zazu75's avatar
nughhh. drawinggggg. D8
why the drawing. we need memes with writingggg.
Wookiesarebetter's avatar
I actually thought about that (and you specifically >.< ) when I made it, but writing didn't fit the purpose of the meme. . .
I will be making a writing meme eventually, though it has nothing to do with nicknames ;p
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