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Hey, All! I know I haven't been on DA much lately, I'm sorry. This past year my comic has been really on hiatus while I've been putting out fires around the house and working on my YouTube channel. Speaking of which, I have a video about Pride Month premiering tomorrow at 2pm EST. I hope to see some of you in the chat! :D

If I can help with any of your projects, please let me know. Lately it's easiest to get my attention with a DM on Twitter, in case I'm not responding here. twitter.com/datafaucet

Thanks for sharing yourself and stay awesome!

p.s. My friend Angel is going through a rough patch if you can help out.

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Hey, Hooligan! Sorry I've been absent recently. Things have been crazy around the house in the past 3 months since we took in some extended family from TX who lost a house. So there are now 11 people and 11 animals and it's super stressful at home.

Having said that, I finally completed a big video project I've been working on and it's premiering tomorrow! :D I'm excited and a little nervous. This video was long so I divided it into three parts.

Part 1 premieres tomorrow at 3PM EST.

Refine Print #1 Mindset - a comedy book review of Carol Dweck's cognitive science research about how to get the most out of life.

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Hey, Hooligan! I haven't been around DA much lately, and I just noticed this pic my friend Adriana made of Amity from my Hellbent story. It's awesome! I didn't even know she was reading Hellbent. :D

The webcomic has been hanging for weeks and I feel a bit bad about the slow-down to be honest... but other parts of my life and work are going well. Well... my work... when I CAN work. Things at home have been crazy.

A few weeks ago we took in my ex's extended family until they get back on their feet. My former father-in-law let his taxes and 2-liens on his house go until the final notice to renegotiate had come and gone and they were about a month away from being physically yanked out of the house by the bank. So we took in him and my brother-in-law's family, along with my younger daughter who'd gone to stay with them a couple months earlier.

We're now up to 11 people, 6 dogs, 4 cats and a ferret in the house, and their animals keep shitting on my desk. All the things I have to do to accommodate them have been slowing down my work, although I will say that my YouTube channel is coming along nicely. :D

I'm at 48 subscribers with a lot of new ones in the last month and I recently put up this new video about the anonymous NYT Op-Ed from September. It also gets into gerrymandering, Bret Kavanaugh and stolen judicial seats.

I really want to hire someone to illustrate my comics, but there's no way I can afford it currently. Maybe if my YouTube channel gets popular and I get more patrons I'll be able to do that and then there wouldn't be so many slow-downs on the comics (presumably). :fingerscrossed:

How've you been?
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Hey, Hooligan! Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

I published this comic review for a friend on YouTube:

I'm sorry I haven't been around DA much lately. Last month, Tiff and I had to take an emergency trip to Florida... I won't get into too much detail, but the short story is Tiff's sister is being held against her will by a couple she's been living with for a while who's gaslighting her, in part because she has some cognitive impairment (formerly known as "mental retardation") as a result of a high fever after her birth, which makes it easier for people to take advantage of her.

Tiff and I just weren't aware that this was a problem until we got a sudden phone call from her, unlike anything we'd heard before (and she calls here to talk to their mother daily), saying she was hiding out in the garage, hoping no one would catch her making the call, and could we come and get her because she couldn't stay there any more. I don't really know the details of what kind of abuse she's going through -- we're pretty sure the couple she's staying with is pocketing her SSI checks. And we couldn't really afford to drive down there (over 1k miles), but we did it anyway, and while I don't regret it, it all went sideways at the end and we weren't able to get to her.

Long story short, at this moment we can't really do anything more than file reports with Adult Protective Services, so it's a long, painful process now.

The trip knocked a couple weeks out of my work schedule (4-5 days for the trip and several more days of recovering at home, licking our wounds) and I've not been able to get another comic strip made, in part because I've been focused on another political satire video for YouTube. I'm really enjoying that work, though I do feel a little unhappy about the sluggishness of my comics. But I have to accept that sometimes life gets in the way and I've had plenty of reasons for delay the past month or so.

My birthday is on Nov 5, Guy Fawkes day -- named for a guy who tried and failed to blow up the English parliament. ;P He was also the inspiration for V for Vendetta. I try not to make a big deal about my birthday, but because it's always around election day, every couple years I'm always telling people "VOTE!" :|

I'm pretty happy with the election results. There's still a lot of work to be done, but it's movement in the right direction. :D I'm pretty encouraged to see better representation in our public offices -- two Muslim congresswomen, two Indian congresswomen, the first gay governor in Colorado, and a record number of women in congress, now over 100 :boogie: (out of 535, so again, still lots more work to do).

How are you doing? I hope you had an awesome week!

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Hey, Hooligan!

I'm leaving the house in a few hours to drive up to Grand Rapids MI where I'll be sharing a table at Grand Con with my friend Ryan Wellever! :D

It's my first time at Grand Con and Ryan's first time tabling anywhere. Wish us luck!

Otherwise I've got a lot of ideas for new comics and videos, I just don't seem to have the time to get them done as quickly as I'd like. The eternal struggle.  ;P

I'm thinking about doing a short, 10-15 minute video when I get back mocking the anonymous NYT Op-Ed "I'm Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration". That whole thing is just hysterical to me. ;P

How are you all doing? What projects are you working on?
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