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There was a freak rash of tornadoes here in the DFW metro area today between noon and about 6pm. Luckily there was no damage here at home! :D So in case you'd heard about it and were wondering, we're all fine here.

Calli's school had everyone leave between tornado warnings at around 4:00 which is their usual dismissal time, but didn't let any of the students collect any of their things, they just said "okay go now, hurry home!" :bucktooth: I think they were hoping the warnings were over, but also concerned about the possibility that the weather might change again suddenly, so they didn't want the kids to take any more time out to get their stuff.

At home we called the school to make sure the kids weren't being let out in the midst of the warnings and got the confirmation we expected... though it took a while to get through because the phones were out. Each time I called it seemed to alternate between a busy signal and an "your call cannot be completed at this time". Which wasn't particularly comforting in the midst of tornado warnings.

We also unplugged all our major electronics - both power and internet cables. On the one hand it meant I was without internet for several hours. On the other hand I finished reading How To Make Webcomics by the guys from  the Webcomics Weekly Podcast. It's a really good book and I plan to write a review of it pretty soon... as soon as I find the time. :bucktooth:

When Alex got home she mentioned that she'd been able to see some TV news clips of the storms today and apparently saw a funnel cloud that had touched down on Collins in north Arlington and very nearly demolished Lamar High School, which would have been ironic because the school has been under heavy construction for an expansion for well over a year. :bucktooth: Thankfully she's not there anymore -- she's going to Arlington High now that we moved. :faint:

And later this afternoon I had a great little pick-me-up when I got a note from EveryNextDream saying that she had plugged this MasterMind comic of mine on her Tumblr! Thanks, Tanya!

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My husband told me that we'd have some bad weather before I signed off for the night when I was talking to him on a instant messenger. It really freaked me out when my mother said that the stuff was forming right over their house and moving northwards.
I spent what seemed like the longest time in the Texas Woman's University library basement riding out the storm.
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:hug: Glad you're okay!
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We're fine. No damages in Denton that I can see either. My sister-in-law was frantically checking in with me over facebook during everything lol.
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Heh... yeah, I'm not surprised.
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It's good to see you're ok. The one that came down around Kennadale was about a mile from my house.
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Youch! Good to know you're okay! :manhug:
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I heard about the rash of tornadoes. I'm glad you're doing okay, though. Are tornadoes a usual occurrence in Texas? I don't associate that state with Tornado Alley.
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The Texas panhandle is part of tornado alley. Dallas is at the very end of Tornado Alley, so they're not unheard of here, but they happen infrequently enough that people are generally a little surprised when they get this far south. So a rash of them like this is kind of unusual.
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Well at least you're okay!

And funny comic xD
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Yikes. They had UTA on lockdown for a while, too. They suspended classes and mandated that everyone go to the basement of whatever building was nearest. I'm glad you guys are okay, though. I knew you were near where one of the tornadoes hit. That poor nursing home, though. :(
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Yeah, Tiff and I were just reading about the nursing home. Apparently Arlington got the worst of the storms and a lot of folks in the city were without power. We were lucky we weren't in the black-out. :nod:
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yay, you're ok!
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