There's No Place Like Hell

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Hey, Hooligan! I haven't been around DA much lately, and I just noticed this pic my friend Adriana made of Amity from my Hellbent story. It's awesome! I didn't even know she was reading Hellbent. :D

The webcomic has been hanging for weeks and I feel a bit bad about the slow-down to be honest... but other parts of my life and work are going well. Well... my work... when I CAN work. Things at home have been crazy.

A few weeks ago we took in my ex's extended family until they get back on their feet. My former father-in-law let his taxes and 2-liens on his house go until the final notice to renegotiate had come and gone and they were about a month away from being physically yanked out of the house by the bank. So we took in him and my brother-in-law's family, along with my younger daughter who'd gone to stay with them a couple months earlier.

We're now up to 11 people, 6 dogs, 4 cats and a ferret in the house, and their animals keep shitting on my desk. All the things I have to do to accommodate them have been slowing down my work, although I will say that my YouTube channel is coming along nicely. :D

I'm at 48 subscribers with a lot of new ones in the last month and I recently put up this new video about the anonymous NYT Op-Ed from September. It also gets into gerrymandering, Bret Kavanaugh and stolen judicial seats.

I really want to hire someone to illustrate my comics, but there's no way I can afford it currently. Maybe if my YouTube channel gets popular and I get more patrons I'll be able to do that and then there wouldn't be so many slow-downs on the comics (presumably). :fingerscrossed:

How've you been?
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We are great! And we hope your life gets better soon! ^^