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I know why people have those "hang in there" posters with the little kitten... This month I've managed to publish three pages of comic, plus the NSFW Deadpool/Valentines Day bonus for patrons. And I got all that done by the 15th, so I'd already produced almost as much content by mid-month as in the entire month of January. So I'm feeling pretty good about where I am on my goals (we've got one or two more patrons now btw).

About that time I got a call from my mom. She's been living in a rough neighborhood in Dallas for a number of years now. To be honest when I first saw her apartment a few years ago, I was thinking to myself, "uh... you CHOSE this neighborhood?" Apparently around the holidays she was mugged at gunpoint (a tiny 63yr old woman - stellar job there, kid, beating up on retirees... planning to hit the nursing home next?), and then someone shot and killed her neighbor's son... So obviously we all want her out of there, and we've agreed she'll move in with us here in Dayton (my sister wants her out of there too and is physically closer, but I can just imagine the apocalypse from the two of them living together again).

This is the same month my oldest daughter moved out with very little warning, and although she and her boyfriend promised to give us half their rent for the month (since they moved out around the 15th), we still haven't seen any of it. But despite not really having the extra to spend, we went ahead and bought a $100 bus ticket for me to be down there on the 26th to help mom pack and move in with us up here in Ohio. We rescheduled the bus for another $20 because she didn't feel like she could get everything packed by then, so now it's the 26th of next month... and a few days ago, just as I was pulling in to a friend's house for a game night, I got a speeding ticket for 11miles over... they're more expensive here than they were in Dallas, at $135. So far we're down abut $635 this month. :faint:

I put comics on hold so I could log some extra hours of software engineering work this past week, to help us make those ends meet. I really wish I didn't have to. That's what the goal for this year is about and I'm not giving up. I had a table at the local Independent Creators' Expo (ICE) here in Dayton on Saturday. It was fun, although with 54 booths, I would be surprised if there were more than twelve attendees in the room at a given time. I bet the attendees felt special. ;P Though this was only the third year for ICE and despite the fact that their hotel closed and told them about closing all of FOUR days before the event, BJ said the turnout was still better than the previous two years. So all in all, I still think it was good and I'm looking forward to next year. :nod:

I've also put in a few days already on a 4-page comic strip for Black History Month. I'm the lily-whitest mofo you'll ever meet. Family surnames are Dealey and Fitzgerald. Mostly of British descent, some Irish, some German, a tiny fraction of Indian on my mom's side. Regardless, I feel like I can't just stand around and do nothing while my neighbors are struggling with police mistreatment among other things.

If you guys could give me a hand building my audience, by sharing my goals page, I'd really appreciate it! :hug:

Here's the link: www.woohooligan.com/2016/da



:new: Friday, Feb 26: I've finished at least half of the inks on my Black History Month comic and some of the colors. I'm hoping to finish it today. :nod:
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Holy crap.
Best of luck with everything. I'll do what I can here.
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Thanks, Josh! :hug: I really value your friendship. Learning more about education with you has been really cool. :nod:
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No worries Sam! And thanks, I value yours too. Hope everything goes well getting your mum up to Ohio.
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Wow, I can already imagine how horrible the neighborhood she was living in would be. :fear:

But yeah...I would freak out too if it happened to my mom. At least we live in a (somewhat) quiet neighborhood.
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Thanks, Jordann. :hug:
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"Hang in there" is really all I can say aside from good luck!
It's just one of those tough months 
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Thanks, Ricky! It's okay, I get that same way when other people talk about having a tough time with things and I never know what to say. :nod:

I appreciate you taking the time to respond. :hug:
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Good to know she's getting out of that area. :fear:

Here in SoCal, cops have all but given up catching people speeding (unless it's like going 90, and even then I always see douches getting away with that) but they pay you back by charging $100 if you missed putting a dime in your meter by even a minute. :P It's gotten so bad there might be a vote on it this November.

Looking forward to more comics when you're able...!
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Ha! Yeah, there've been some crazy traffic laws in Dallas recently too... I was glad when we were still down there that we didn't drive near downtown very often because the city decided to offload their entire parking process to the towing companies... So... car in the wrong spot? No problem, the towing company has the authority to pull your car away at any moment, no matter what's going on. Car towed despite being parked legally? No problem! Just pay the towing company -- because they're in charge of deciding whether they were correct or not... they're always correct obviously. Obviously! And so since the city refuses to do anything all the tow companies are now in the habit of just towing as many random cars as they can, including legally parked ones if they don't immediately see any that are parked illegally. Apparently it's mostly people parked at restaurants downtown. I'm surprised the restaurants haven't put more pressure on the city to stop it, given that it's been bad enough to be on the news a few times.

Anyway, I've got a little more time now to get this Black History Month comic done. :D Working on that today.

Thanks, Al! :hug:
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'Obviously I'm right! I wear a collar shirt with my name embroidered on it! Embroidered, I say!' Eye Roll 

Cool! Good thing we get an extra day this month. :B Hopefully I can post something on the 29th.

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*hugs* Seriously it's been that kind of month. I'm so sorry. Good luck!
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*hugs* Thanks, Angel. Love ya!
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Sorry to hear about the chaos.  Keep sane, man.
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Thanks, C. You've always been a good friend. :hug:
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I'm sorry things have been troubling and I hope your Mom's move goes well
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