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Hey, Hooligans! I just put up a new satirical blog the other day titled, as you've obviously guessed, Punching Nazis: A Handy Guide!

I also got my 60 artists just at the end of the month and sent out the forms for the artist spotlights during my Kickstarter next month! I've already seen several responses, and, the google form doesn't work the way I thought it did! :P But the foul-up isn't so bad that I can't work with it.

I've been seeing a lot more engagement with people on Twitter lately, sharing my tweets about a couple of the strips and blogs I'm trying to promote, like my comedy manifesto and the trickle-down economics info-comic.

Oh, subscribers on our mailing list TRIPLED last month to 93! :D

I also created an AMA that launches the day of the Kickstarter: Sam Dealey Roasts Himself! An AMA on Comedy, Comics, Autism, Near Death Birthdays, Depression, and why Laughter is a Moral Imperative. The page says there are already 108 RSVPs who want to know when it's live, and 69 questions! :horny:

What were you up to last month?!

Thank you for sharing yourself!

p.s. My friend Angel is selling some things on Ebay to fund some things she needs like dental work. See if you can give her a hand!

Laylabelle97 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018
punching nazis is always a good cause
woohooligan Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
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