Plot to Steal Michael Jackson's Body LMAO

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A few weeks ago I posted this cartoon about public response to the news of Michael Jackson's death.

Thriller by woohooligan

At the time almost everything in the strip had already been reported by trustworthy news sources. It really had nearly wiped out the internet for several hours. It really did produce the largest sales spike in Amazon's history. And there really were rumors circulating that he'd been assassinated by Iranian spies to divert attention from the massacre going on there (and twitter had been virtually crippled by it), along with Jeff Goldblum and a couple others. When I created the strip, I was thinking "what's the most bizarre, over-the-top way I could end this comic?" And at the time I thought having someone steal his body to sell tickets for a new Thriller tour, ironic since Thriller was the album that made him famous AND it's about ZOMBIES! Little did I know, real life would outdo me. I walked into the grocery store the other day and in the check out stand I found this headline on the Globe:


The article itself is similarly bizarre. His father, Joe Jackson seems obsessed with finding some way to profit financially from his son's death and legacy. Although it wasn't mentioned in the article, the reporter referred to his kids as "the Jackson 3", which is the name Joe mentioned wanting to use before to send them on tour. Before I read the article I was wondering if I might have originated the rumor about his body being stolen (with my cartoon), but after reading it I realize that they were going to be worried about it anyway. Although now I'm also wondering how I managed to travel through time because I bought this a few days ago, but the cover says "July 27"... which is today. Do they print these in advance or something?

EDIT: In case you're wondering, the Globe reporters have NOT uncovered any actual plots to steal his body. What they talk about in the article is that the family is paranoid about the possibility of plots to steal his body by fans or other people, like those crazy, rich collector people who behave like comic book supervillains and pay through the nose to own endangered (protected) butterflies. Apparently they do actually exist. John Stewart had a guy on the Daily Show a few weeks ago talking about his book about the seedy underbelly of butterfly collecting. People who carry guns to collect butterflies, just in case they might have to shoot a police officer. That's the level of weird surrounding Jackson's death. I loved Stewarts comment tho, when he said "I bet you'd get your ass beat in prison if they asked 'what are you in for?' and you said 'I like butterflies'..." Dunno... maybe you have to see the show. :)
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No freaking way, I saw that article a good few days ago. I was all "no, they CAN'T be thinking to try that again."
No one's original anymore, I swear. XD
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Yeah, I just thought it was funny that I couldn't find a punch-line that was any more bizarre than real life. ;) Scott Adams who does Dilbert made that comment a while ago too, that the more he tries to find ways to make the strip increasingly strange and bizarre, the more he hopes to find some punch-line that will be so over the top that nobody can claim recognition, the more people email him and say "dude, that's EXACTLY like my job!" ;)
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That's reality for ya, stranger than fiction.