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:new: You guys are awesome! I've looked through all the contest entries and out of 259 entries, you guys helped get LOL Rat! to number 9! :la: If we're gonna win anything in this contest though, even 3rd place, I think we gotta keep at it. Have you rated it yet? Have you shared it with your friends? Everything helps! :nod:

Want to help a friend? I've entered the contest and it will take your help to win! I've created several all new comics that you can read right now, and while you're there, all I ask is that you rate my entry because you enjoy my comedy and want to help me to the top! :D I'll be adding a few more comics to the submission probably in the next week or so.

It's real simple, all you have to do is click twice to rate my comics as you can see in the handy info-mo-graphi-tron below, then read them!…

Thanks, and stay awesome, Hooligans!

p.s. I didn't name my submission Woohooligan, because I didn't want them to think I was submitting old, existing work. These are all brand-new comics, so I gave it a brand new name, LOL Rat! But you'll recognize my mascot pig. :nod:

The grand prize is $30k and a regular highlight spot on their site. Even at third place (which they have two of), the prize is $5k, which I don't have to tell you would be super-helpful!
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I rated.  Not sure it did anything (didn't get a 'thanks for voting' message or anything), but I did rate!  Hope it works out!  The terms for this contest, though, do seem a little frightening, though.  Not sure if what I've heard is true, but aren't they demanding three years of product afterwards and exclusive rights to that product?  Or something like that?  I ran in the other direction when I saw that part.
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Thanks, C!

I'm not sure about the three years part. I do know that they published a clarification of the contest rules primarily to let people know that copyright would stay with the author and not transfer to their company. So apparently there were some folks who thought the original text was describing a copyright grab that they never intended. I'm pretty sure the people who run this company are non-native English speakers, hence the confusion about submission rule #2 being "no previously published work (also we'll accept work previously published on your 'minisite' [whatever the hell that is])".
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Yeah, a little confusing.  Anyway, if the copyright stays with you, then it's less threatening.  Though smart to put a new name on the concept!
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Rated! Good luck! :D
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Thanks, Megan! :hug:
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