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Happy Holidays, Hooligans!

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First, if you'd like some Free Promotion in March, I'd like to remind everyone that I'll be doing a daily Artist Spotlight during my Kickstarter that will start March 6th. All you have to do is let me know what project(s) you'd like to promote and how best to contact you (note, email, Twitter, etc). I'll get you in our spreadsheet and follow up with more details closer to March.

:new: I just found out Lehmurix had a house fire and the family lost everything. Please help if you can. :heart:

Ive lost everything in a fireUpdate #3: I havent really had the heart to be active on DA and TH. All I did was read the comments and browse and what not. But Ive told myself that being depressed and just sitting around all day isnt going to bring my house and cats back. SOOO Im gonna try and reply to all of your comments (theres 43 btw holy cow Ive never had that many before!) and finish setting up my contest!
Also, for all of those who have donated please check out Kavaro's journal! She's hosting a small raffle and the winners will receive a chibi! ;v;<3
Staccatos has also made these super adorable adopts and all the funds will go towards the fundraiser! >>  
Update #2: Im totally speechless with all the people who have come forward to help donate and share my journal! ;; I already said this on TH but its at times like these that I love being apart of this community. I cant thank you all enough for the kind words and encouragem

:new: JA Meyers TheBrassGlass is compiling a list of comic creators on DA.…

:new: My friend SavvyRed is giving away a 1-month core membership, some points and some features in a Pay It Forward contest. You have to get in by Jan 1 to be eligible for the core membership.

Pass It On Giveaway - Giving Out Points + Feature:icondisney-heroines::iconcomicunderground::iconloveseesnogender:

UPDATE: I have chosen to give the Core membership to BudderMeow!

Yes, that's right!  This is a giveaway!  The first 20 people who enter will get 1 point each, and one awesome person will get a FREE 1 month Core Membership! (Core membership has been given away already to BudderMeow!, but we still have plenty of space for free points and a feature!)   The next 20 people will end up in a feature.  You don't have to advertise anything, write a journal, or anything like that.  However, you MUST follow the directions!
FIRST PRIZE (Given to one person chosen by me who properly enters the contest by January 1, 2017)
1 month FREE

This next subject is a bit personal and emotional for me. I spent most of this week working on a very specific blog on my Tumblr, about changing careers to comedy and how it forces me to wade through a lot of very disgusting marketing stuff in order to do this cool comedy for you that really is my passion. It took me most of the week and five revisions to feel ready to publish, and the last two days I spent uncontrollably sobbing over my keyboard. (Many of them happy tears.) I hope you enjoy it! :heart:

:star: :star: :star:… :star: :star: :star:

Happy Valentine's Day by sebreg Valentine 2014 by hjstory hand crafted quality by Bob-Rz Hamster Heartbreak by ursulav heartbreak by shecro Heartache by ThePsychoGoat deadpool... have a heart by m7781 a deadpool and harley quinn valentine by m7781

In funnier news, as I braved the zombie apocalypse we know as "holiday shopping" this year, I found a great many weird and wonderful and definitely stupid things! I posted a blog about that on my Tumblr, with photos of all the stupid things found at the store this year:…

Also mentioned in that blog, my friend ChibiCelina sent me this really cool hand-drawn picture of Lucifer and Amity from my Hellbent story. It was a thank-you for something, but I actually don't remember what. :B This is a lot more menacing than Lucifer ever looks when I draw him. ;P You can read Hellbent starting here:

2017-12-23 13.29.58 by woohooligan

:holly: :heart: :holly: :heart: :holly: :heart: :holly: 

Happy Holidays!

:holly: :heart: :holly: :heart: :holly: :heart: :holly: 
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